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Violenny is the Femslash ship between Penny Forrester and Violet Parr from the Disney fandom.


As Penny and Violet are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though a few Disney crossover games could have the two crossing paths or get added to the same team, by the player's choice.

Violet wishes that she was normal and didn't have powers, while Penny wanted an normal life for her and Bolt, as she was tired of her acting Currier keeping them apart. After Penny got out of acting and supers became legal again, both Violet and Penny were given the freedom to be their true selves. Just as Dash saved his big sister from fire, Bolt was the one who got Penny help from the rescue team outside. Both of their main colors are red.

During tough times in their lives, Violet and Penny turn to their mothers for support. In both the Bolt TV and video game, along with the Incredibles Lego game, both Penny and Violet are shown to have computer skills and know their way around technology. The video games of their films, also have both Violet and Penny sneaking past masked henchman while trying to not get caught by them. Penny is able to free herself and Bolt in the video game, while Violet is able to free her family from Syndrome.

Violet gets her little brothers to help her aid their parents, while Penny has to save her "father" in the TV series she stars in. The first Incredibles film and the Bolt game also has Violet and Penny spending time in jungle-like areas and the two of them traveling by rocket.


A rarepair, Violenny is the main femslash ship of The Modern Four crossover fandom, where the two are two of the main members. It is often shipped alongside Hirbur. One of the AU's where the two are paired together is a Descendants AU with Violet as Mal and Penny as Evie. There have even been times when fans compare Penny and Violet to Starfire and Raven for a Teen Titans AU. In a few Superhero AUs, fans give Penny her own superpowers, gives both Penny and Violet Big Hero 6 style armor, or have Penny as a Black Widow-like spy.

Both girls would bond over the pressure they have felt and how they long to be their true selves in the lives they long for. Since Helen Parr and Penny's mother look alike, a few fans like to headcanon their mothers as sisters. Making Violet and Penny cousins.



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