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VioletBeliever is the het ship between Henry Mills and Violet Morgan from the Once Upon A Time fandom.


Henry and Violet met in Camelot. The two quickly became friends and spent a lot of time together. They went on a date where Violet told Henry that she thought of him as just a friend, making Henry sad. However, it was later revealed that Emma Swan had taken control of Violet in an attempt to break Henry's heart and succeeded.

After the third curse, Henry and Violet had lost their memories of recent events, leading to them meeting for seemingly the first time again. Their relationship developed in a similar way again, except this time Emma didn't take Violet's heart to control her.

Approximately six months after Henry and Violet's first meeting, after Henry returned from the Underworld, Henry and Violet teamed up to get rid of magic for good, as Henry believed that would solve Storybrooke's problems. Henry told Violet about a secret in New York that his father Neal had previously told him, and the two went to New York together. Regina and Emma went after the two and eventually the four returned to Storybrooke. After this, Henry and Violet had their first kiss.

When the others from Camelot returned there, Violet and his father Sir Morgan decided to stay in Storybrooke as Morgan was originally from Earth. Violet started attending the same school as Henry.

Henry and Violet continued dating for a few years, but their relationship eventually ended before Henry left to the New Enchanted Forest and got into a relationship with Cinderella.


As Henry's first canon relationship, the ship quickly gained support from fans. At the beginning, there was a lot of discussion on what their ship name should be. Following Season 7, the ship has become less popular, as new characters became shippable with Henry. It still remains the by far most popular ship for Violet.

On AO3, the ship is not very popular, but it is the most common romantic ship for Violet. The friendship between Henry and Violet is more popular on the website, and it is the most popular ship of any type for Violet.



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