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Violet Parr is a character from the The Incredibles fandom.


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Hiret — the ship between Violet and Hiro Hamada
Jacklet — the ship between Violet and Jack Frost
Synlet — the ship between Violet and Syndrome
Vicup — the ship between Violet and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
Viony — the ship between Violet and Tony Rydinger
Willet — the ship between Violet and Wilbur Robinson
Winstolet — the ship between Violet and Winston Deavor


Mirlet — the ship between Violet and Mirage
Violenny — the ship between Violet and Penny Forrester
Voydlet — the ship between Violet and Voyd


Boblet — the ship between Violet and Bob Parr
Dashlet — the ship between Violet and Dash Parr
Parr Family — the ship between Violet, Bob Parr, Helen Parr, Dash Parr and Jack-Jack Parr
Violen — the ship between Violet and Helen Parr


Tony Rydinger

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# portmanteau characters type
30 Viony Tony Rydinger het
20 Voydlet Voyd femslash
15 Synlet Syndrome het
9  ? Margo femslash
7 Willet Wilbur Robinson het


  • Because of the nature of Violet's powers, it's possible that are based on Marvel Comics' Invisible Woman, a member of the Fantastic Four who could also create force-fields and turn herself invisible.
  • Violet's name may been from the term of "shrinking violet": a person who does not wish to be noticed. Violet is very shy, and, even at home, stays in the background and does not speak too much. This would fit both her personality and powers.
  • In one of the earlier versions of The Incredibles, Supers weren't allowed to marry each or have children in which made Violet's existence a violation of the law.
    • The deleted scene that shows this earlier version and universe, that was also the original opening of the film had featured Violet as a baby with a spit up problem.


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