VolleyPearl is the non-binary ship between Pearl and Pink Pearl from the Steven Universe fandom.


Although both pearls in the past were in the ownership of Pink Diamond, both had different takes on her. They both first met in the episode titled "Volleyball", where most of their interactions occurred.

Pink Pearl is given the nickname Volleyball, inspired by a game of volleyball that Pearl was coaching. Pearl blushes at Volleyball when the latter questioned about competing in the volleyball tournament. They get to know each other and bond over both of them being owned by Pink Diamond at one point. Pearl feels bad that Volleyball has a huge crack on her face.

Before heading to The Reef, Pearl mentions how she admires Volleyball's energy, saying that it reminds her of when she was younger.

When they arrive at The Reef to heal the crack on Volleyball's face, Pearl holds Volleyball's hand to protect her, and frowns when she lets it go.Pearl is concerned about how Volleyball is overly attached to Pink Diamond, especially having her own experience in mind

When the Reef Care Center is unable to fix the crack on Volleyball's face, Pearl becomes very concerned.

Pearl is angry at White Diamond for supposedly being so careless with Volleyball. Pearl and Volleyball get into an argument of whether Pink Diamond was a brat or not, since Volleyball says that Pink Diamond's temper tantrum caused the crack on her face.

Pearl protects Volleyball when Steven gets so mad he turns pink and starts breaking everything.After Pearl and Volleyball get trapped in the Clamshell Rejuvenator together,Pearl apologizes to Volleyball for not believing her. Pearl and Volleyball both realize they were both abused by Pink Diamond.When Volleyball asks how Pearl stopped hurting, Pearl hugs her and says she never stopped hurting.

After a short and impactful wait, they burst out of the Clamshell Rejuvenator, fused as Mega Pearl, and they save Steven.

At the end of the episode, Mega Pearl states that the two Pearls never had the whole picture, but now they finally get to have each other. As soon as Pearl and Volleyball unfuse, They hold hands. As the episode ends, Volleyball rests her head on Pearl's shoulder.


This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it. The Volleypearl ship exploded in popularity after the episode "Volleyball" aired. Fans were happy to finally see Pearl's issues with Pink Diamond being resolved and her forming a healthier relationship. Despite this, Spinearl still stood as the fandom's number one Pink Pearl ship. Furthermore, a future episode of Steven Universe Future revealed Bismuth's crush on Pearl which caused more fans to gravitate towards the Bispearl ship instead.



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