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Wandagatha is the femslash ship between Wanda Maximoff and Agatha Harkness from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.



Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience

In the 1950s, Wanda and Vision, a newlywed couple move into the town of Westview. Today seems to be a special day for them but they can’t figure out what it is. Later that day, a woman comes to her house and introduces herself as Agnes (later known as Agatha) - the neighbor to Wanda's left. Agnes says that she is charmed to know Wanda and then asks her about what a "single gal" like Wanda is doing around the big house. Wanda denies being single, which Agnes doubts as she doesn’t appear to wear any ring. Wanda assures Agnes that she is married to a man and that he will be home tonight for a special occasion.

Agnes questions her about what the special occasion is. Wanda seems to be confused herself and after Agnes takes a guess of "anniversary" she eventually confirms it. Agnes thinks it marvelous. She holds Wanda’s hands then offers to help her with her anniversary plan. They are reading magazines together when Agnes says that she will loan Wanda some records of music. So far they have gotten their music, decoration, and wardrobe covered; so lastly, Agnes teaches Wanda a couple of seduction tricks.

Eventually, it occurs to Wanda that she and Vision had a misunderstanding: that for Vision, instead of anniversary night, it is the time they will be hosting a dinner for Vision’s supervisor and his wife. Agnes tries to help her with preparing the dinner, but she is prevented by Wanda as Wanda plans to use her magic ability and can’t afford to have Agnes finding out.

Don’t Touch That Dial

The setting somehow shifts to the 1960s. Agnes stops by Wanda’s house to lend her a pet rabbit for her and Vision’s magic act in a neighborhood talent show that soon will be held that day. Wanda and Agnes then go together to socialize with the show’s planning committee led by Dottie.

On a Very Special Occasion

It has been revealed that Wanda has taken a city hostage and controls its people by creating an alternate reality. The  hex of alternate reality is somehow being broadcasted outside as a TV Series called WandaVision.

The setting of the series is now in the 1970s. Wanda and Vision are having a hard time stopping their babies from crying. Agnes is on her way to jazzercise when she decides to pay them a visit. Agnes offers her help to calm the babies. Vision considers Agnes as behaving weird after she hesitantly says that Wanda wants her to hold the babies although Wanda hasn’t told her anything. Wanda assures Vison that Agnes is fine.

Agnes sprays a bottle of lavender fragrance over the babies. She tells the couple that the lavender scent is supposed to have a calming effect, and that her husband sprays it on her every night; but it isn’t good enough to tame the tiger as her. Vision repeats his conclusion of Agnes being strange. Wanda thinks it is unfair and it is not Agnes fault that she has unusually high libido. When Wanda’s babies abruptly turn into a toddler, Agnes makes no big deal out of it.

The family adopts a puppy and Agnes suggests they name it “Sparky”. Wanda agrees and then uses her magic to make a collar dog appear. Vision reprimands her, telling her that she shouldn’t use her magic in front of Agnes. Wanda claims that Agnes doesn’t notice it and that she is tired of hiding her magic. Later, Agnes claims that she finds Sparky dead among her azalea bushes. This prompts Wanda’s children to beg their mom to bring the puppy back to life.

Breaking the Fourth Wall

The setting moves to the late 2000s. Agnes pays Wanda a visit and then offers to babysit Wanda’s children to give Wanda some time to relax. One of her children is hesitant to go as he thinks someone needs to take care of their mom. Wanda convinces the children that she is fine and that they should go with Agnes. For the second time, Wanda tells Agnes that she is a life-saver; and asks if she can help her with something in return. Agnes wants Wanda to take a look at a suspicious mole on her back, but stops herself when she thinks the she has crossed the boundaries.

When Monica - a SWORD operative - goes inside the alternate reality hex and tries to get Wanda on her good side, Agnes interrupts her and brings Wanda back into her house. Agnes is making her a cup of tea when Wanda is getting curious about her children's whereabouts. She goes to the basement to find her children, but instead she finds Agnes there. Agnes reveals herself to be Agatha Harkness - the witch who has been tampering with the alternate reality Wanda created.

Previously On

Wanda is struggling and isn’t able to use her power against Agatha. Agatha explains that she has casted runes which allow only its caster to use magic in the given space. Agatha realizes that Wanda doesn’t even know the fundamentals of magic and wants to learn how Wanda is able to create such alternate reality. She makes Wanda relive some of her past, including traumatic experiences, to find out about her “secrets”. At last, Agatha comes to the conclusion that Wanda is a Scarlet Witch.

The Series Final

Agatha tries to obtain Wanda’s ability by absorbing her power. During their fight, Wanda casts the runes that Agatha has taught her and finally bring herself a victory. She decides not to kill Agatha, claiming that she will know where to find her if she ever needs her help. Then she put Agatha under mind control, setting her back to the role of nosy neighbor.


The ship gains traction during the airing of "WandaVision" series. Fans think that there are some instances that they are flirting with each other throughout the series. They also think that the ship dynamics, both as neighbors and witches, are neat and interesting; and that it could make a good enemies to lovers trope with incredibly powerful witch characters. As Agatha isn't killed in the series, fans are hoping that she will reunite with Wanda in the future projects.

On AO3, Wandagatha is the most written ship for Agatha.



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  • While winning an award for "Best Fight" at MTV Movie Awards, Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda) jokingly said that she and Kathryn Hahn (Agatha) should have won the best kiss instead.[1]





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