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Waynino is the non-binary ship between Nino Lahiffe and Wayzz from the Miraculous Ladybug fandom.


When the two met for the first time, Nino had mistake Wayzz for a genie before Wayzz explains that while he isn't a genie who grants wishes, he is able to grant Nino powers. Wayzz is impressed by Nino as he used the power of the Turtle Miraculous wisely and didn't hesitated to hand it back to Ladybug once the battle is over.

When Wayzz's was once again entrusted to Nino in "Catalyst", the he is shown to have become closer with Nino. They do a special handshake, and Wayzz had catched onto the way Nino talks. Once the battle was over in "Mayura" and Carapace de-transforms back into Nino, he smiles at the Kwami before handing his Miraculous back to Ladybug.


Nino Lahiffe“Whoa, dude!”
Wayzz“Hello, my name is Wayzz.”
Nino Lahiffe“Hey little guy, what are you, a genie like in those fairy tales?”
Wayzz“I am a kwami. I can't grant wishes, but I can give you super powers.”
— Nino and Wayzz meet


Even though their times together are very short some fans like to imagine Wayzz becoming Nino's fulltime Kwami. Some see them having the similar kind of relationship that Marinette and Adrien have with their Kwamis. Some view their relationship only as a friendship. Before season two aired, many fans had came up with the idea of Wayzz and his Miraculous somehow finding their way to Nino as Fu's successor, or have Nino stumbling across Wayzz after he was taken away from Fu and lent Nino his power for protection.

Some even have Nino sharing his fondness for music with the Kwami, since Wayzz probably wouldn't mind resting himself in Nino's headphones. Along with fanfics and art have Wayzz care for Nino and being the person/Kwami who would hear what Nino has to say, whenever he needs someone to talk to. There have even been fanart of the two referencing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, for fun. Wayzz is main reason why fans depict a turtle as Nino's spirit animal and have partnered him up with a turtle-like Pokémon in a Pokémon AU. A small group of fans have even compared their handshake to the one from Finding Nemo, believing that it is based on it [1]. The bond Nino forms with Wayzz and the ships DjWifi and Adrino has inspired a few fans to ship Wayzz with either Plagg or Trixx, whenever they ship one of those two Kwami ships beside one of the two Nino ships.

On AO3, they have 20 fanfics, while only has three fanfics. Tumblr also has a descent amount of fanart images and gifs of the two together, while Deviantart has a few less images of Nino with Wayzz.



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  • A few Nino posters have the Turtle Kwami beside him.



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