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Weskertine is the het ship between Albert and Jill from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil (2002)

Jill’s Campaign

On the night of July 24th 1998, the Special Tactics and Rescue Service (S.T.A.R.S.) have been assigned into the Arklay Mountains to investigate a series of cannibalistic homicides. Bravo Team had been sent out the previous night and has since ceased radio contact, forcing Alpha Team to investigate their disappearance on top of completing the mission. Upon being attacked by a pack of Cerberuses (mutant dogs), Alpha Team runs for the Spencer Mansion seen from a distance. Once inside the mansion, Jill makes for the front doors realizing team member Chris Redfield isn’t with them anymore. As she is, Wesker yells at her not to, claiming that she “doesn’t want to go back out there”. A gunshot rings out, leading to Wesker ordering Jill to go and investigate. Barry Burton ends up leaving with her, while Wesker stays back to secure the area. Before Jill and Barry leave, Wesker tells them to “stay sharp”.

After investigating the dining room and fighting off the Turning Around Zombie, Jill and Barry retrace their steps back to the foyer to report their findings to Wesker, only to discover him gone. The two soon split up to investigate on their own.

Over a period of the night, Jill and Barry and Barry and Wesker meet up. Upon hearing gunshots, Jill finds Wesker in a different area of the mansion. She’s surprised to see him, proclaiming his name in surprise. Wesker is mildly surprised to see Jill is safe. The two divulge into the topic of Barry as he’s been “flaky”. Jill assures Wesker that she’ll keep an eye on him. Knowing this isn’t S.T.A.R.S’s, “standard operations”, he figures it could be “natural under these circumstances”. There are still rooms within the mansion that Wesker has been having trouble getting into has they’re locked. Jill, being the lock pick of the team, volunteers herself to go and check those rooms. Wesker tells her that he’s counting on her, before leaving to continue with his own investigation.

Later into the night, Jill, along with Barry, find Wesker deep in the underground laboratory beneath the mansion. Jill yells out Wesker’s name as Barry pulls his gun on her, with Wesker thanking him. It’s revealed that Wesker has been blackmailing Barry into helping him by holding his wife and two young daughters hostage. In response, Jill calls Wesker pathetic. Jill asks why Wesker would want to eliminate S.T.A.R.S, to which Wesker tells her that’s just what “Umbrella wants”. Wesker holds her at gunpoint for a moment, before telling Barry to wait up top, leaving Jill alone with him. As Jill defends Barry’s actions, Wesker pistol whips her across the face. Jill asks what he’s planning, with Wesker revealing the Tyrant, the T-002 model. Wesker claims that he “hates goodbyes”, as he turns to face Jill, Barry shoots him multiple times in the chest. As Jill and Barry speak, Wesker pushes the button to the Tyrant’s tube, unleashing it. Barry and Jill get into position to fight the B.O.W, when the Tyrant turns its attention to Wesker, knocking him hard to the floor.

Having shot down the Tyant, Jill notices that Wesker is no longer there. Knowing that she and Barry need to get out of there, she focuses on that instead of Wesker. As she and Barry are running out, the self-destruct has been activated, Jill assumes by Wesker.

Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares

In 2006, the B.S.A.A receive intel to which Chris and Jill are ordered to apprehend Umbrella's founder, Oswell E. Spencer. They accept the mission in the hopes of discovering any information on the whereabouts of Albert Wesker. They make their way through out the mansion, after fighting off numerous enemies Chris and Jill make arrive to Spencer's main chamber, to discover Wesker standing over Spencer's deceased body. Wesker turns to them and grins. An intense fight breaks out with Chris and Jill on the losing end. Wesker holds Jill by her throat, as she struggles in his grip Chris comes to her aid and punches Wesker. Soon Chris and Wesker are engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Jill shoots Wesker, but misses due to his inhuman speed. Wesker then grabs Chris, throwing him across the room. He stands over him before picking him up by his throat, about to deliver a fatal blow when Jill screams, “No!” Without hesitation, she rushes Wesker, throwing them both out a window, down the cliff's edge.

The B.S.A.A conducted a three month search for Jill and Wesker's bodies, but they were never found.

Resident Evil 5

Chapter 5-3

Three yeas later, in 2009, Wesker is in Africa working along with TRICELL, a multi-industrial conglomerate, to unleash his plan of the Uroboros virus across the world. Chris and Sheva arrive at the Monarch Room and confront Excella Gionne, Wesker's partner, demanding to know where Jill is. Moments later a hooded figure jumps down and an intense fight breaks out, Chris managing to shoot off the figure's mask. The figure jumps back and lands at a safe distance away, with their hood still covering the top of their face. Wesker watches on for a few more moments before showing himself to Chris and Sheva. Wesker mocks Chris about this being a “family reunion,” to which he pulls the hood back, revealing the figure to be Jill. A short fight engages with Jill having Chris in a tight hold, Sheva holding a gun to her head, only for Wesker to elbow her out of the way. Jill manages to move back to Wesker. Soon a two-on-two battle forms, Wesker telling them he only has seven minutes to spare. Chris and Sheva keep their main focus on Wesker, avoiding his attacks. With the seven minutes over, Wesker leaves them to “watch Jill suffer.” Chris and Sheva manage to free Jill of Wesker's control over her by pulling the P30, a chemical compound known for its performance-enhancing effects on the human body, from her chest.


Resident Evil (2002)

Jill’s Campaign

  • Wesker warns Jill not to go back outside because it’s dangerous.
  • Wesker relies on Jill.
  • Wesker calls Jill a smart girl.


Resident Evil (2002)

Jill’s Campaign

“Jill, no! You don’t want to go back out there.”
— Wesker to Jill, as Jill is running for the front doors of the mansion, Resident Evil.
Wesker“Jill, so you’re safe.”
Jill“That’s what I was going to say!”
Wesker“I apologize. It was all I could do to protect myself against those strange creatures.”
Jill“I understand. Anyway, it’s good that you’re safe.”
— Upon briefly reuniting, Resident Evil.
Wesker“There are still rooms in that mansion we can’t get into because they’re locked up. I’ve been looking for ways to—”
Jill“Okay, if there’s anything, I’ll go back to the other mansion.”
Wesker“I’m counting on you.”
— Wesker relaying on Jill, Resident Evil.


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On AO3, Weskertine is the 14th most written ship within the Resident Evil - All Media Types tag; Wesker's third most written and Jill's second most written.



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Weskentinefield refers to the ship between Chris Redfield, Wesker and Jill



Resident Evil (2002)

Lost in Nightmares

Resident Evil 5


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