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Wesper is the slash ship between Wylan Van Eck and Jesper Fahey from the Six of Crows fandom.


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Six of Crows

Wylan and Jesper met at a tannery in Ketterdam about a week and a half after Wylan left his father's house. Wylan had been working at the tannery to earn money to survive, and Kaz Brekker sent Jesper to recruit Wylan for a job, which Wylan initially refused, only to accept the next day when the first of his father's letters, which Wylan could not read, arrived. When Wylan first meets Jesper (shown during a flashback), the first thing he notices about the other boy is his perfectly shaped lips. 

On the ship to Fjerda for the Ice Court job, Wylan and Jesper have a conversation in which they discover that they do not have many shared interests; Wylan turns away, his "disappointment obvious". Jesper notes that he feels disappointed as well, hinting at their mutual attraction. While in a jail cell in the Ice Court, Jesper tells Wylan to pull his shirt over his nose, which is part of the plan to escape. When Wylan asks why, Jesper tells him to stop being dense, and that "you're cuter when you're smart". When Wylan makes an intelligent remark a few paragraphs later, Jesper says "Definitly cuter when you're smart". Jesper remarks internally that flirting with Wylan might even be more fun than annoying him.

While waiting to disable the gate at the Ice Court, Jesper and Wylan talk, and Wylan reveals that he doesn't even like chemistry, instead opting for music and math, saying that "Numbers aren't like words. They don't get mixed up." Jesper remarks that it's "Too bad you can't talk to girls in equations", to which Wylan responds "Just girls?" Jesper restrains a grin as he answers, "No, not just girls", thinking that it was a shame they were all probably going to die. On the boat ride back to Kerch , Jesper wonders why he hasn't seen Wylan at all, unaware that Nina has tailored Wylan to look exactly like Kuwei Yul-Bo . Jesper is worried that Wylan doesn't want anything to do with him. He later realizes that who he thought was Kuwei standing with him every night was really Wylan. When Jan Van Eck reveals that Wylan cannot read, Jesper is infuriated at the man for being so cruel to his son; Van Eck had sent Wylan letters that all said variations of "if you are reading this, you know how much I wish to have you home". Jesper became extremely distressed when he thought Wylan had died when the ship blew up. He was relieved to find Wylan alive, but was not happy that his face had been tailored by Nina Zenik  in order to trick Wylan's father. When Wylan asks why, Jesper says "I don't know, maybe I liked your stupid face!" Wylan defends him when Kaz is angry at a mistake Jesper had made that nearly cost Inej Ghafa her life at the beginning of the job, and they sit together while Kaz tries to figure out what to do now that Inej has been kidnapped. 

Crooked Kingdom

During the Cornelius Smeet job, Wylan thinks about his reasons for sticking with Kaz and his crew, and reveals them to be Inej, who had risked her own life for his countless times over the last month and whom he wanted to help save. He also needs money desperately, and he internally remarks that "If there was another reason, a tall, lanky reason with a too-strong taste for games of chance, he wasn't going to think about that right now." This is a description of Jesper.

In Black Veil, Wylan asks Jesper why Kaz won't admit that he wants Inej back. When Jesper asks if Wylan has even met Kaz, Wylan remarks that "She's one of us." Jesper then says, "One of us? Does that mean she knows the secret handshake? Does that mean you're ready to get a tattoo?" He then runs a finger up Wylan's forearm, causing Wylan to turn pink as usual. When Jesper's father comes to Ketterdam, Wylan comes along to see him with Jesper, for which Jesper is very grateful. Jesper mentions the possibility of "naked orgies on the floor of the exchange". Wylan is flustered by this, and Jesper thinks to himself that the other boy is easy to rattle. When they are attatcked at the university, Wylan gets them out through a secret passage, and Jesper remarks that one day he's going to stop underestimating him. Wylan responds by saying that then Jesper will be a lot harder to surprise. Before the teams leave for the Sweet Reef/Van Eck seal job, Wylan asks Jesper if the life of a criminal is really the life he wants. Jesper responds by saying that yes, this is what he wants. He then reaches out to untwist the strap of Wylan's satchel, and he doesn't let go as he says "But it's not all that I want." When the night goes horribly wrong, Wylan is extremely scared for Jesper's fate. When he finds him safe, he states that he simply wants to stand as close to Jesper as possible.

Jesper and Wylan liked each other from the start, and Jesper stated that he had wanted to kiss Wylan, since he had seen him in "that gruesome tannery". After Jesper gets in a big fight with his father after he confesses as to what he's doing, and because he is distracted and rattled, Jesper accidentally kisses Kuwei. Wylan walks in to tell them about a meeting and sees them kissing, and is obviously hurt, but says nothing. During the meeting, Wylan blows up, saying that it does matter that his face was changed and he wants it tailored back, hinting that he likes Jesper. After the meeting, Jesper talks to Wylan and says there is nothing going on between him and Kuwei. He gives Wylan a portrait of him for when he'll get tailored by Genya Safin . When Wylan asks why he had taken the portrait, Jesper says "I told you, I like your stupid face." After it's done, Wylan looks like himself again. They go back to the rooms the crew is staying in, and Wylan presents his theory that Jesper's Grisha powers are the reason he shoots so well; this theory is disliked at first by Jesper, even though he realizes that his mother , who taught him to shoot, was also a Fabrikator, supporting Wylan's argument. During the conversation, Wylan says that he's thought about this, to which Jesper responds "Thought about me? Late at night? What was I wearing?" After the conversation, Jesper feels restless and in need of escaping, but Wylan puts a hand on his shoulder and tells him to breathe. Jesper can't look away from Wylan's "clear water blue gaze", so he breathes. When he opens his mouth to inhale for the second time, Wylan leans forward and kisses him. Jesper's mind goes blank except for the feel of Wylan's lips and his hair in Jesper's hand, and he describes it as being akin to prairie fire, the spin of Makker's Wheel, and fireworks. He looks into Wylan's eyes and says that he really hopes they don't die. Later, when Wylan has to get beaten up for the auction job, Jesper is alarmed by how many injuries he has. When they expose Van Eck as a criminal, and Wylan becomes heir to the company, Jesper says that he will stay with Wylan and read the papers to him. Jesper remarks that it's not a hard descicion, to be able to have servants, money, a large house, and to spend "quality time" with Wylan. He says that he "Charges a pretty steep fee", to which Wylan responds that he hopes the medik will get there soon to fix his ribs, because he'd "like to make a down payment".


Author Leigh Bardugo, in response to a fan's question on Tumblr, said that now, Wylan and Jesper are "Cuddling or blowing shit up. Possibly both. Probably both."[citation needed]


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On AO3, Wesper is the most written ship for Wylan and Jesper. It is also the second most written ship in the Six of Crows Series - Leigh Bardugo tag, the fifth most written in the Nikolai Series - Leigh Bardugo tag and the seventh most written in The Grish Trilogy - Leigh Bardugo tag.



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