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White Rose is the femslash ship between Weiss Schnee and Ruby Rose from the RWBY fandom.


Ruby and Weiss meet at becon when Ruby accidently knocks over Weiss' expensive luggage that happens to be full of Dust. This puts the two on bad terms to begin with. When they meet again in the Emerald Forest, Weiss' first instinct is to walk away, leaving Ruby behind, dispite the rules being that the first person you see it to be your partner. She only decides to partner with Ruby after seeing that her other option would be Jaune Arc. Their relationship improves over the first volume after Weiss sees how hard Ruby is trying with her school work and leadership duties. She start making coffee for Ruby as a way to support her.

By season 2, the two seem to have developed a better and closer relationship, as they both hug and "cry" together after losing a board game to Yang. Ruby also laughs at Weiss' small joke following their battle against Roman in his Atlesian Paladin.

While fighting in the Vytal Festival Tournament, Weiss saves Ruby from being attacked during a match, causing Ruby to excitingly call Weiss her "BFF". While Weiss refutes this label, Ruby nonetheless holds it to be true. Later in the volume, during the Battle of Beacon, Weiss follows Ruby to find Jaune and Pyrrha showing total faith in her. In the aftermath of the battle Ruby learns that Weiss was taken back home by her father, which leaves her visibly saddened.


White Rose is one of the most popular pairings in the RWBY fandom, alongside Bumbleby. People began shipping them as early as the first two character trailers, before the series had started and when little was known about their personalities. Part of its popularity comes from it being a partner pairing to Bumbleby. Those who don't like White Rose will often ship Rose Garden (Ruby x Oscar), Nuts and Dolts (Ruby x Penny), or Monochrome (Weiss x Blake) instead.



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  • The in-universe team attack of Ruby and Weiss is named Ice Flower.


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