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Wickling quotes and conversations.


“A super-strong shape-shifter, Teddy Altman is the son of the Kree Captain Marvel. Like his late father, Teddy protects the planet as Hulkling. He is also my boyfriend.”
—Billy's introduction of Teddy
“I never could have imagined loving anyone like I love you.”
—Billy to Teddy, Young Avengers #14


Tommy Shepherd“...I know you. The Young Avengers. You're the shapeshifter, right?”
Cassie Lang“No, his boyfriend's the shapeshifter. He's the warlock.”
―Billy and Tommy meeting for the first time
Teddy“I'll be right back.”
Billy“No way, I'm not going to lose you again.”
Teddy“Then stay close and cover me.”
— Billy and Teddy fighting Kree
Billy“You can't. You're the reason they're here.”
Teddy“Which is why, when they see me...maybe they'll stop trying to kill us.”
Billy“Why do I bother? He doesn't listen.”
Teddy“I heard that.”
— Billy and Teddy bickering
Serpent“You'd risk millions of human lives for one alien invert?”
Billy“Try me.”
Serpent“Then let what happens here today serve as a warning that the wages of sin...are death.”
— Billy saving Teddy from a terrorist with a nuclear bomb
Teddy“I don't think the Avengers would approve.”
Billy“I don't think I care.”
Teddy“I don't think I've ever been more attracted to you.”
Billy“Try to hold onto that feeling in case this doesn't work.”
— Billy and Teddy escaping the scene
Billy“I'll be the best boyfriend in every reality.”
Teddy“It's all I ask.”
―Young Avengers #8
Billy“Are we about to make out in Avengers Headquarters?”
Teddy“The minute you stop talking.”
―Avengers: The Children's Crusade #1
Teddy“Sorry, Kaplan. You're stuck with me. Till death do us part.”
Billy“Teddy Altman...did you just propose to me?”
―Avengers: The Children's Crusade #9