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Molly“Did you just tell a joke?”
Molly“That's a shame, it was a very good one.”
— Fleeting Memories[1]

Widomauk is the non-binary ship between Caleb Widogast and Mollymauk Tealeaf from the Critical Role fandom.


Curious Beginnings

Caleb is siting in an inn with a few other people when two members of the carnival walk in. They eventually join the table and introduce themselves as Mollymauk and Yasha. Caleb watches Molly start to read Jester's fortune and detects him for magic but finds none. Jester invites Caleb and Nott to join them at the carnival, but Caleb is a little skeptical. Molly suggests that he could be buying drinks for the people who went, thus spending more money, prompting Caleb to say he'll join them. Molly calls them all charming and returns to the carnival.

At the carnival a man suddenly transforms and starts to attack the audience. Molly, Yasha, Jester, Fjord, Beauregard, Nott and Caleb team up to fight the creature.


Curious Beginnings

  • Molly calls the group that Caleb is a part of his favorites.
  • Molly overhears Caleb talk to Nott.
  • Caleb asks Molly about the status surrounding the attack.

A Show of Scrutiny

  • Molly asks Fjord about his "friends".
  • Caleb sits down next to Molly.
  • Caleb asks where Molly and Jester are from and point out that Molly is every color.
  • Molly tells Caleb that he's been with the circus as long as he can remember.
  • Molly suggests bathing Caleb to disguise him.
  • Caleb asks Molly about Gustav and what the group will do tomorrow.
  • Caleb asks how often Molly finds himself in similar situations.
  • Molly asks Caleb what Usta means.
  • Molly decides that they're going to use Frumpkin without asking Caleb.

Maritime Mysteries

  • Caleb asks if Yasha remembers Molly, but all she remembers is his coat.


“I don't have any wizards - well, I have one wizard.”
— Mollymauk; Lost and Found
“Yeah, the only thing magical here is you friend.”
— Tired Caleb to Molly; Divergent Paths[2]

Behind the Scenes

Brian“How do you feel about the Molly/Caleb ship?”
Taliesen“No hooking up till level 10.”
— Talks Machina[3]


The ship is one of the most popular ships from the second Critical Role campaign. Most started to ship the two after Molly snapped Caleb out of his PTSD attack and kissed him on the forehead.

Most fans of the pairing continued to make content post-Molly's death. Canon divergence fics will typically have Molly live, but there are also one's for Caleb dealing with Molly's death. One's that have Molly live will write how he fit into each arc, as well as when him and Caleb eventually get together. Fans of the ship, and fans of Molly in general, tend to hope that he will come back from the dead, and become happy at any mention of him. Especially from Caleb.

Detractors of the ship often feel that it overshadows many other critical role pairings, and don't really understand why it is as popular as it is. This mostly comes from there not being as many big canon moments between the two, and most of the shipping coming from a more fanon based perspective. It doesn't help that a majority of Widomauk art and fic didn't spring up till after Molly's death, leading to a more fandom perspective on the pairing, that many don't quite grasp.

On AO3, Widomauk is the most written ship for Molly and Caleb. It's also the second most written ship in the Critical Role tag.



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  • Widomauk week takes place between June 3rd and June 10th[4].




Shadowidowmauk refers to the ship between Caleb, Molly and Essek Thelyss
Widofjordmauk refers to the ship between Caleb, Molly and Fjord



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