Wilclaire is the het ship between Claire Elford and Wilardo Adler from the Witch's Heart fandom.


Claire and Wilardo first meet in the mansion. They don't seem to have much interaction due to Wilardo's introversion, but Claire always insists on talking more with him. Wilardo usually tells her to stop talking or leave him alone, which Claire usually replies by either dismissing them or adding a silly comment like "Aw man..." before finishing their conversation.

Wilardo's job is to preserve flowers and sell them, which has gained the attention of the flower-loving Claire that adores anything cute. She is surprised to hear that he doesn't like flowers and only does this as a way to make money, but still tried her best to understand it.

Wilardo's motive in going to the mansion was to find the witch's heart, meaning that he had to kill Claire in order to achieve it. He has killed Claire in multiple timelines and has the second-highest kill count after Ashe. Despite this, however, he seems to hesitate in killing her. Her situation reminds him of his past. He has been used to free somebody of their own pain but in return, he had to burden a great pain himself. So taking away Claire's happiness for his own escape seemed wrong in his mind.

This personality trait has been used in Sirius's conclusion, where his hesitation had led him to join sides with Noel and Sirius in protecting Claire dying from the hands of Ashe and the mansion as a whole.


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This ship attracts people due to its fun dynamic. Wilardo's quiet nature and Claire's loud behaviour creates interesting chemistry between them.



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