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Willet is the het ship between Wilbur Robinson and Violet Parr from the Disney fandom.


As Wilbur and Violet are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though a few Disney crossover video games could have the dark haired teens crossing paths with each other or get them added in the same team, by the player's choice.

Both of their Disney films are about unique families, as Violet's are Supers in a super illegal time while Wilbur's is an odd group of people from the future, but it doesn't the two from loving them; and peaceful to chaotic family dinner scenes were featured in their films. Their films also have them becoming close with their fathers, as Wilbur becomes best friends with his dad's younger self while the Parrs saving the city together allowed them to embrace their super abilities. There were moments that the two shared with their mothers. Even though Violet comes from a family of superheroes, Wilbur's uncle Art does dresses and acts a bit like one; and his portrait was made to look like an image from a comic book. Violet's baby brother Jack-Jack can turn into a little monster, while Wilbur's family have a monster-like creature for a butler. The only difference in their family similarities is that Wilbur is an only child while Violet has two younger brothers. Their films also have main robotic antagonists, while Wilbur's friend Carl is a good robot, along with there being an animal vs. human battle scene even though Violet's wasn't involved in her film's version of that type of battle, as it was mainly about her baby brother.

Just as Wilbur knows how to use his father's inventions, both Incredibles 2 and its Lego video game show that Violet also knows her way around technology. Similar to how Violet cannot let any none-Supers know that she is one, Wilbur had tried to hide the fact that he is Lewis' future son when he met him. Since keeping those secrets are for their own protection, as well as the protection of others. Similar to how an upset Violet got her none-mask face seen by Tony, the prologue video game of Meet the Robinsons has a careless Wilbur set the stage of events that temporally changed his timeline. In the end the two were able to fix things by starting over, with Wilbur preventing the event from happening while Violet helps Tony to make new memories of her.


Willet is one of the main het ships of the Modern Four crossover fandom and it's sub-fandoms. It is often shipped alongside Penniro, as well as it commonly being rivalled with Hiret. On AO3, the ship only has 7 fanfics. Even though the ship has small support on a few fanbase websites, like Tumblr and Deviantart, Willet still has fans who support it.

In some Superhero AUs, Wilbur is sometimes given thunder or electrical related superpowers to reference the lightning bolt logo on both his shirt and the cap he lens Lewis, as well as it commonly being seen as his personal icon mark; while Violet's is the Incredible "I" are on her family's matching super suits and is also seen as the film's icon mark. The AU also has the two as a superhero team duo known as Team Future, that wear matching blue, black and grey outfits. Just as a Superhero AU relates to and references Violet and her world, Time Travel related AUs references Wilbur as they travel through time together; along with having Wilbur as a Doctor Who-like character while Violet serves as his time travel companion. There have even been a few AUs that have cast them as couples or friends from other fandoms, commonly from Disney related fandoms. Like The Nightmare Before Christmas with Wilbur and Violet as Jack and Sally, and Descendants where they are sometimes seen as Jay and Mal; while Penny and Hiro serve as Evie and Carlos beside them.

Wilbur's bad boy nature and Violet's mature nature could lead to conflict between the two. Even though Violet is known for noticing the suspicious actions of her parents and choosing to get involved in what every their doing so she and her brothers, mainly Dash, can help them. Just as Wilbur involves Carl in his self affairs and mistakes as he tries to fix them before anyone else notices. In which could have the two confiding in each other with their own problems or suspicions as they take action.



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  • They are two of the playable characters in Disney crossover games, like Disney INFINITY, Disney Emoji Blitz and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.



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