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Willumity is the poly ship between Willow Park, Luz Noceda and Amity Blight from The Owl House fandom.


Willow and Luz's Relationship

Luz and Willow easily became friends after Luz offers to be Willow's abomination for a class she's failing. Despite this leading Luz to be banned from Hexside, the two remain friends and Willow offers to teach Luz to learn magic. Willow later accompanies Luz to the Covention, a convention of the covens of The Boiling Isles, and they walk arm-in-arm while looking at the different coven booths.

During "Hooty's Moving Hassle", Willow is excited to take part of a moonlight conjuring with Luz and Gus as their newly formed friend group now has enough people to perform the ritual. After the ritual gets the group thrown of a cliff by beast hunters, Willow opens up slightly about how she and Amity used to be friends as children which fascinates Luz.

Willow waits for Luz to find a better outfit for attending a grudgby game in "Escape of the Palisman" despite the bus leaving as she did not want to go without Luz. To make up for missing the bus Luz takes Owlbert without permission from Eda so she can fly them to game.

When Luz is finally able to attend Hexside as a student she is happy to be in Willow's company again. After being put on the detention track Luz reaches through the barred windows of the classroom to pat Willow's cheeks as she missed her. Willow promises to find a way to get Luz out and later comes to free her.

In "Understanding Willow" Luz and Willow work together in class to magically develop photos of Willow's memories, which shows more of Willow's and Amity's childhood friendship. Luz is determined to help them become friends again though Willow is against it. After Amity accidentally sets fire to all of Willow's photo memories, causing her to loose the memories in her consciousness as well, Luz brings Willow to Eda in order to help her. She works together with Amity to repair the memories as well as Willow's relationship with Amity to a degree. Once Willow is better Luz rushes to hug telling her "I'm gonna hug you so hard you'll never forget me again!".

Amity and Luz's Relationship

After meeting Luz in 'I Was A Teenage Abomination' Amity takes a disliking to her, after Luz pretended to be Willow's abomination causing Amity to lose her top student badge.

In 'Covention', Luz challenges Amity to a witches' duel, and their agreements are sealed with an everlasting oath. Due to Luz not knowing many spells at the time, Eda decides to cheat. When it's revealed that Lilith also cheated, Amity runs away, causing Luz to go after her. Amity blames Luz for making her look like a fool in front of the Emperor's Coven, and demands that Luz confess she isn't a real witch. Luz shows Amity her light spell, and Amity makes the oath unbound, letting Luz continue learning magic.

When returning Eda's books in 'Lost in Language', Luz finds Amity reading to kids, and hopes that she can befriend Amity. When she tries to approach her Amity tells her to go away, because every time Luz is near her, she gets in trouble. When Luz is caught with Amity's diary, Amity takes it away and calls Luz a bully. After the two of them fight off Otabin, the character from a book that Amity loves, Luz lets Amity borrow her fifth Good Witch Azura book. Amity says that she hasn't been the friendliest witch and that she would think on that.

In 'Adventures In The Elements' Amity and Luz seem like great friends. Amity tries to make sure Luz doesn't get hurt by entrapping her in a pink barrier. After Luz and Amity save Emira, Edric, and Eda, Luz asks Amity to start a Good Witch Azura book club, and Amity blushes when asking if it could be a secret club between the two.

In 'First Day', Amity greets Luz when she arrives at school and gives her a high five. Later in the episode, Luz begins to explore the doors of the secret room of shortcuts and finds Amity talking to herself. Amity is visibly nervous about something, and then you can hear her say "so you two go to the same school now, that doesn't change anything" and sighs.

When Amity accidentally sets pictures of Willow's memories on fire in 'Understanding Willow', she and Luz go inside Willow's mind to fix them. Amity is seen blushing at Luz twice: once while Luz is motivating her to keep fixing Willow's memories, and again after receiving a hug from Luz.

In 'Enchanting Grom Fright' Amity is selected to be Grom Queen, the Boiling Isle's equivalent of Prom Queen, meaning she'll have to fight Grometheus the Fear Bringer, also known as Grom, a demon that shape shifts into someone's worst fears. Amity tells Luz that she doesn't want her fear to be known, as it's too embarrassing. Luz feels bad that Amity has to fight Grom, so she decides to take Amity's place as Grom Queen. Before the fight, Amity thanks Luz, telling her that she's amazed at how fearless she is, as Luz has done things Amity couldn't. Amity and Luz also flirt before Luz has to fight Grom, with Luz asking if Amity is going soft on her. When Luz runs away from the battle, Amity follows her into the forest and tries to protect Luz. Grom attacks her, and Amity's worst fear is seen as being romantically rejected by someone unspecified. Amity and Luz then waltz together, where they are portrayed to be extremely close while doing so. After their dance, it is revealed to the audience that it was Luz who Amity had been planning to ask out to Grom, but didn't out of her fear of rejection. At the end of the episode, many Hexside kids are shown in Grom photos, one including Luz hugging a very blushy Amity.

The intensity of Amity's feelings for Luz is seen in 'Wing it Like Witches'. Throughout her interactions with Luz in the episode, Amity is shown heavily blushing, and repeatedly fumbles over herself, verbally as well as physically, even when Luz does as little as calling her name. When Luz asks Amity if she wants to help her defeat Boscha at Grudgby, Amity panics picturing she and Luz on the same team, and Luz in a cute uniform, sweating. She admits later in the episode that she loves the dumb side of Luz, quickly taking back her statement a few seconds later in an attempt to hide her feelings from her peers. Luz, Willow, and Amity's final play to defeat Boscha's team results in Amity injuring her leg. Luz decides to help Amity by carrying her, causing Amity to nervously blush.

Willow and Amity's Relationship

At first, Amity initially appears rude to Willow, referring to her as "half-a-witch Willow" on multiple occasions.

Willow was formerly Amity's friend until Amity stopped hanging out with her when she received her witch powers before Willow. Due to their strained relationship, Amity often mocks Willow, often leaving her seething in anger. The relationship is strained even further when Willow is revealed to have cheated in the Abomination class.

In "Understanding Willow", Amity accidentally erases some of Willow's memories when she tries to burn part of a picture of the day she severed her friendship with Willow. Eda then sends her and Luz into Willow's mind in order to repair the damage. Later, Inner Willow tries to destroy Amity for damaging the memories and hurting Willow in the first place. She then shows Amity and Luz what happened the day Amity let her go as a friend, while also noting that Amity let her new friends pick on Willow after that. Amity then reveals that the reason she ended their friendship was that her parents made her do it in favor of those from affluent families. Amity was against the idea, stating that the other kids were mean to which her parents threatened to ruin Willow's future by never allowing her into Hexside unless Amity broke their friendship herself. Amity tells Inner Willow that she was always good enough and that while Amity can't take back what she did, she would stop her other friends from picking on Willow. After this, Inner Willow allowed Amity and Luz to fix the rest of the memories, and Eda brings them back. Willow tells Amity that she remembers what Amity did that day as well as what she did to Willow's memories. Willow says that while they still aren't friends, she is willing to try if Amity is too.

In "Wing it Like Witches", we see Amity stand up for Willow when Boscha starts picking on her at school. By the end of the episode, she all but renounces her former ties with Boscha and stands openly committed to her restored friendship with Willow, declaring that she "made [her social life] better". When Amity visits the Owl House after getting her injured leg bandaged, Willow greets her warmly with everybody else.


Willumity is a quite well-received ship. Though it is not very popular, as it has only 36 fanfictions on AO3. Some ship it because they enjoy Willow and Luz's friendship, while also appreciating Amity and Luz's too. Some fans had trouble choosing between Amillow, Lumity and Amillow. Some have drawn parallels between Willumity and Glitradora (from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom) or Sashannarcy (from the Amphibia fandom). Overall, Willumity is quite liked in its fandom.



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Amillow refers to the ship between Amity Blight and Willow Park
Lumity refers to the ship between Amity Blight and Luz Noceda
Willuz refers to the ship between Luz Noceda and Willow Park


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