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WinterHawk is the slash ship between Bucky Barnes and Clint Barton from the Marvel fandom.



Captain America

After the death of Steve Rogers, Tony Stark offered Clint the opportunity to be the next Captain America. Clint tried it out for one evening, but he ran into some Young Avengers who talked him out of the idea and convinced him it was disrespectful to Steve. Later, Bucky stole Captain America's shield from Stark, and Stark decided that Bucky should be the new Captain America. Bucky agreed, and began to operate as Captain America. This angered Clint, who confronted Bucky about it. Bucky convinced Clint he was serious about living up to Steve's legacy, and Clint backed off but warned him that he would be watching.

New Avengers

After Secret Invasion, Bucky invited Clint, Clint's wife Bobbi Morse, and the rest of the unauthorized but heroic New Avengers team to live in his house while hiding from the authorities. During this time, Clint helped plan a birthday party for Bucky (his first birthday party after shaking off the Winter Soldier brainwashing).

Winter Soldier: Black Widow Hunt

When Bucky's girlfriend Natasha Romanoff was abducted by a former member of the Red Room, Steve brought in Clint and Logan to help find her. This was the first time Clint found out that Bucky was secretly alive after Bucky's near-death experience and subsequent faked public death in Fear Itself. When it turned out that Natasha's mind had been wiped of all memories of her relationship with Bucky, Clint comforted Bucky with a hand on the shoulder.

Tales of Suspense

After Natasha died in Secret Empire, Clint and Bucky each independently came to the conclusion that she, or someone like her, was still operating and killing targets that were relevant to her. They ran into each other during the investigation and teamed up until they discovered her. Afterwards, Clint invited Bucky to get breakfast, but Bucky turned him down.

Hawkeye: Freefall

When Clint secretly went back to his Ronin identity, Bucky and Sam Wilson confronted Clint over Ronin's actions. Clint lied and denied being Ronin, and Bucky believed him. Bucky later joined a group of heroes trying to track Ronin down and restore Clint's good name. When it turned out that Clint was actually Ronin, Bucky tried to call Clint, but Clint didn't answer.

Black Widow

Some time later, Natasha disappeared for three months, and Clint saw her in the background of a television news segment. He immediately called Bucky, and the two of them teamed up to find out where she was and if she needed their help.


Some fans of this ship are interested in the parallel relationships that each of these characters have with Steve Rogers, who has acted as a father figure and role model in the comics to both of them. After Tales of Suspense, this ship's popularity exploded. Fans are drawn to the banter between the two characters, the way that one of them will occasionally play straight-man to the other one's wackiness, although between them, they switch roles as to which one is serious and which is wacky. Also, Bucky is a spy, just like Clint's two most significant canon romantic partners: Bobbi Morse and Natasha Romanoff.



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