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Winterfield is the slash ship between Chris Redfield and Ethan Winters from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Chris and Ethan have very little interaction with each other for the most part. In July 2017, Blue Umbrella asks the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (B.S.A.A) to send Chris and his team for assistance on missions in Dulvey, Louisiana. The goal of the missions is to apprehend Lucas Baker, a suspected associate of the criminal organization The Connections, who was in possession of the Mold bioweapon.

Just as Chris and his unit arrive to the Baker residence, he witnesses Eveline, a B.O.W. in her mutation state erupt from the home. She’s in the process of attacking Ethan when Chris’ team assists Ethan by dropping him an Albert-01 handgun loaded with Ramrods to finish Eveline off once and for all. With Eveline dead and as Ethan lay on the ground, Chris and his men drop down from their helicopter. Chris is the one to walk up to Ethan, and help him up, telling him, “I’m Redfield. I’m glad we found you.”

After the battle, Chris has Ethan and Ethan’s wife, Mia, evacuated away via the helicopter.

Resident Evil: End of Zoe

At an undisclosed time, after the battle with Eveline, Ethan asks Chris to search for Zoe Baker in the hopes of saving her. Weeks pass and Chris responds to Umbrella forces calling for backup at a base they set up in front of the Baker residence. His team arrives to find that the unit was wiped out, but that Zoe was safe with her uncle, Joe Baker. Once moving everyone into a lab tent, Chris calls Ethan to inform him of Zoe’s rescue and handed over the phone to her.

Resident Evil 8: Village

Following the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, and Resident Evil: End of Zoe, three years later in February 2021, Ethan, Mia and their infant daughter, Rosemary, have been placed somewhere in Eastern Europe at the order of Chris. One night while Ethan and Mia are having another argument, suddenly, Mia is gunned down in rapid fire by unseen assailants. Stunned, Ethan makes a move for her when Chris enters their home and fires more bullets into Mia, apologizing to Ethan. As Ethan is being escorted out of his home, he sees Rosemary be handed to Chris and goes in for her aggressively. Chris tells him ‘no’ before Ethan is hit with the butt of an assailant’s gun, before being dragged out.

Ethan awakens at his overturned convoy, with the guards dead and Rosemary nowhere to be seen. He picks up a nearby ringing phone where he demands the caller to divulge Chris's and Rose's location, only to be denied an answer. Ethan then navigates his way around the reservoir and he eventually uses a boat to get across to a tent, where he finds out it is filled with tech equipment and that place has been use as a research outpost. He is soon ambushed by a member of the Houndwolf squad and finally meets Mia's killer Chris, who is surprised that he had made it this far. Ethan then angrily exclaims that he had killed Mia and he should just killed him to finish his job. A member comes out, informing Chris that they have been getting serious motion readings and suggests that they should move on, fearing that Miranda knows they're here. When Ethan hears her name, he demands Chris to tell him how they were involved but he rejects saying that he should leave it alone. Ethan overheards that they have also been doing sample analysis and it's related to the Mold. They then noticed the mutated fish was heading their way, Chris demands Ethan to stay out of their business but before he can answer, the creature attacks and Chris pushes Ethan to safety before separates the two.

After he crawls through a vent in Heisenberg Factory, he is alerted by noises and is subdued and disarmed by Chris, who has infiltrated in the factory and is in a middle of planting explosives beneath it. Chris told him to stay away but Ethan angrily exclaims that he killed Mia but Chris starts to explain that the Mia he shot back there was never been the real Mia but in fact Miranda the entire time, who is a bioweapon and has the ability to change her cells and mimic the person but doesn't have the former's memories. Ethan angrily demanded to know why he was never informed of this only for Chris to shout that Ethan would want to be involved. Ethan asks him to explain everything.

Chris explained that Miranda herself is insane and that the monsters and village was her life's work, her experimentations with the Mold itself. Ethan sulked realizing it's just like that of Dulvey, Louisiana and that he can't save his family nor he can do anything. Chris then tosses him his phone, asking him to look in the pictures. In one of the pictures, Ethan realizes that Miranda has the possession of all the 4 flasks and Chris's men are still monitoring the situation. Ethan wants to save Rose immediately but Chris tells him that he cant go up against Miranda herself . Chris advises him to take Heisenberg's self propelled artillery and meet him topside while he finishes in planting explosives, Chris promises Ethan that they will together get his daughter back. Chris then lastly asks him to stay under the radar.

Ethan is then called by Chris, who heard an intensive explosion from above, he informs him that he has killed Karl and that he is going take Rose back from Miranda, Chris tells him not to go without him and tells him to wait. Ethan is momentarily distracted by the sound of Rose's crying, he turns around to see "Mia" walking towards him and says that Rose is important to her and chastises him that he never knew that she had taken Mia's place. Ethan angrily tells her to come out and face him only for his heart to be ripped out by Miranda who appeared below him, she tells him that he will be a part of the Fungus Root's records.

A member of the Houndwolf squad confirms Ethan's death to Chris, he then tells the others that he and his team were careless in disposing the fake Mia and that they didn't actually kill her as Miranda plays dead as a corpse, he also orders the men to take Ethan and Rose in fear that Miranda could have infected him with mold. The vehicle they were transported on was attacked and when he got there both of the Winters were gone. When he last contacted Ethan, he had heard Miranda's voice and Chris is determined to avenge Ethan.

Chris then heads off to destroy the Mold Root and orders everyone to eliminate hostile bioweapons, he manages to reach the target with the use of support fire from Lobo, he attaches an N2 bomb with a knife, throws it up to the Mold Root. Chris then orders his men to have eyes on Miranda but keep their distances as he heads to Miranda's lab, Chris is told that they should have informed Ethan of their plan sooner but he responds that there wasn't any time and that he didn't expect Miranda to act so soon.

Ethan confronts Miranda as much to her surprise that his body isn't normal. Ethan demands to give back Rose, with Miranda threatening him, only for Chris to intervene and shoot her in the head, giving Ethan an opportunity to take back Rose. Miranda however, grabs hold of Rose with her before the Fungus Root spreads around the area, mutating her further.

After a long battle, Ethan puts a killing blow to Miranda, causing her to yell her daughter's name before calcifying as the barrier around them starts to dissipates as well. Ethan took her daughter back, only to fall into his knees in weakness after his right hand calcifies. Chris finds a frail Ethan, assisting them to their safety. Chris informs Ethan of a bomb that will obliterate the entire village and how Mia is actually alive waiting for him. After leaving some tearful parting words to both Rose and Chris, along with his bloodied jacket to cover his daughter, Ethan then gives Rose to Chris before stealing the bomb's trigger as he pushes them when tree root-like Mold grows to surround the area.

As a one final moment to destroy the Fungus Root, Ethan activates the trigger, eventually sacrificing himself as the bomb destroys both the Fungus Root and the entire village.

While in their helicopter ride back, Chris painfully revealed to Mia that Ethan had sacrificed himself for them. Shortly after, one of the Hound Wolf Squad discovered that the body of the BSAA soldier in their aircraft was a BOW, a mutant sent by the very organization founded to fight biological weapons of mass destruction. Because of the disturbing implications of this, Chris decided for their helicopter to change course straight for the BSAA's headquarters in Europe to get to the bottom of things.

Resident Evil: Shadows of Rose

2037, Chris kept his promise to Ethan, giving Rose her father's yellow jacket and ring and helping raise her to be strong of heart and train her in using her powers, though Rose kept some abilities secretly from him.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

  • Chris assists Ethan by dropping him an Albert-01 handgun loaded with Ramrods to finish the mutated Eveline off.
  • Chris and his unit drop down from their helicopter, but only Chris takes off his helmet when he introduces himself to Ethan, smiling, grabbing Ethan’s hand and helping him walk.

Resident Evil: Not A Hero

  • Chris mentions Ethan before going into the mines.

Resident Evil: End of Zoe

  • Ethan asks Chris to search for Zoe Baker and Chris does that for him.
  • Chris calls Ethan to inform him of Zoe’s rescue.

Resident Evil 8: Village

  • Ethan and Chris becomes close friend.
  • Chris and Ethan shares same symptoms, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).
  • Ethan takes part in military training with Chris and settled into a peaceful life and moved to Europe courtesy of Chris with Mia.
  • Chris and Ethan call each other by their first names.
  • Chris apologizes to Ethan for shooting Mia.
  • Chris forcefully tooks Ethan and Rose from Winters's house.
  • Ethan writes Chris in his diary with questions about Chris’ action.
  • Chris is surprised that Ethan had made it this far.
  • Chris pushes Ethan to safety from an attacking mutated fish.
  • Chris try to keep Ethan out of his business because he's afraid that he will lose Ethan like people around him.
  • Chris calm Ethan for being sad after the truth about Miranda, tosses Ethan his phone for information to give him a hope.
  • Chris tells Ethan he can’t go up against Miranda himself.
  • Chris promises Ethan that together they will get Rosemary back.
  • Chris smiles at Ethan's determination, a big smile and Ethan smiles back.
  • Ethan fight to Heisenberg while he declare that he's going to kill Chris after kill Ethan but Ethan can defeat him.
  • After Heisenberg is defeated, Chris tells Ethan not to go confront Miranda without him and tells him to wait.
  • Chris hangs his head in silence and meditate about he want to end everything, after his men told him that they found Ethan's body,
  • Chris revealed to his men, he tried to protect Ethan and Rose from Miranda but the vehicle they were riding in was attacked.
  • Chris got the wreck to help them, but Ethan was gone, and he hoped Ethan won't be involved.
  • Chris is the last one, who was able to contact Ethan.
  • Chris is determined to avenge Ethan after knowing Ethan is killed by Mother Miranda.
  • Chris feels regretful when he is told by Houndwolf Squad that they should have informed Ethan of their plan sooner.
  • Chris tries to help Ethan, however Ethan knows it’s too late for him and instead has Chris promise to help raise Rosemary to be strong before sacrificing himself. Chris grieves Ethan’s sacrifice.
  • Chris is determined to avenge Ethan, where he decides for their helicopter to change course straight for the BSAA’s headquarters in Europe to get to the bottom of things.
  • In 2037, Chris keeps his promise to Ethan, giving Rose her father’s yellow jacket and ring, even helping raise her to be strong of heart and train her in using her powers.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Chris“I’m Redfield. I’m glad we found you.”
Ethan“The fuck took you guys so long?”
— First encounter, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Resident Evil 8: Village

Ethan“Chris! What the hell!?”
Chris“Sorry Ethan.”
— Chris shoots Mia, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Ethan, no.”
— Chris to Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“What are you talking about? Where’s Chris Redfield, and Rose?”
— Ethan on a phone call, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Chris“Ethan, I gotta say I’m surprised you made it this far. It’d be a shame if something happened to you now.”
Ethan“Sure Chris, why not? You killed Mia, now do me and finish the job!”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
Chris“You stay out of our business, Ethan.”
Ethan“What business? I don’t--”
Chris“Watch out!”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
Chris“I told you to leave it alone, Ethan, you are in the way.”
Ethan“What do you care? Chris, you killed my wife, you son of a bitch.”
Chris“You think I’d kill Mia? That wasn’t her! It was Miranda.”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
Ethan“Bullshit! Why didn’t you fucking tell me right away!”
Chris“Because I knew you would want to be involved! And this job is hard enough without civilians getting in the way!”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
Ethan“Why us, Chris? What the hell is going on?”
Chris“Alright, Ethan, alright, I guess I own you an explanation- hand me that wrench.”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
“You don’t get it, Ethan. You don’t stand a chance against Miranda by yourself.”
— Chris to Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Chris“I will stay down here, and finish planting explosives, you take that elevator and I’ll meet you topside, I promise, we will get your daughter back… together.”
Ethan“Damn straight we will!”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
Chris“Ethan, I heard explosions. What the hell happened?”
Ethan“I dealt with Heisenberg, Now I'm going to find Miranda and get Rose back.”
Chris“Not without me, it’s too dangerous, wait there, you hear me?”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Ethan! Ethan, respond!”
— Chris to Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Since Miranda could’ve infected Ethan, I forcefully took him and Rose with us, but the vehicle they were riding in was attacked, when I got to the wreck, Ethan and Rose were gone, the last time I was able to contact Ethan… I heard Miranda’s voice, she murdered him, and she is not gonna get away with it. Goddamnit, when does it end.”
— Chris is determined to avenge Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Umber Eyes (Rolando Elba)“I know it’s too late now, but… we really should have told Ethan the plan.”
Chris“There wasn’t time, and we didn’t expected Miranda to act so soon.”
Umber Eyes (Rolando Elba)“Even so, you should have told him.”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Get her! Now!”
— Chris to Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Chris“Ethan! Ethan! Come on, Ethan, Come on, Ethan, wake up!”
Chris“Ethan, you did it! It’s finished.”
Ethan“I think we finished each other…”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
Ethan“I’m so sorry… I love you… keep Rose safe.”
Chris“Hey, hey!”
Ethan“Watch over her. Teach her to be strong…”
— Ethan’s final words to Chris, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Mia“Where is he? Chris? What have you done?”
Chris in a shaking voice“He’s gone! I tried, he stayed so we could all escape. I’m sorry.”
Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Someone’s gotta pay.”
— Chris is determined to avenge Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.


Winterfield is an incredibly small ship within the Resident Evil fandom. This can mainly be in part to how Chris and Ethan don’t interact enough, as Ethan has only appeared in two games, whereas Chris has been a major character through the series’ 20+ years, with multiple more prominent ships with him. Following the release of Resident Evil 8: Village, the ship has slightly grown in popularity, gaining a small handful of dedicated shippers.



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Mithanfield refers to the ship between Mia Winters, Chris and Ethan


  • Chris and Ethan’s relationship is told by Chris’ perspective in the song "UNBOWED" from Biohazard 7 Pachislot’s OST.[1]
  • Ethan is the first (and only) civilian partner Chris has had; Ethan is not a trained soldier unlike Chris’ pervious partners: Jill Valentine, Jessica Sherawat, Sheva Alomar, Piers Nivans and Leon Kennedy.
  • Samurai Edge AWM01 Archives, a web page on Tokyo Marui's "BIOHAZARD" section of their website made to promote Resident Evil 7: Biohazard and canon to universe, revealed Chris's so worried about Ethan, he had no room to think about it and hurry to take him to helicopter, He was staring at Ethan who successfully "lived", as if reflecting his own younger days.[2]
  • 20 July 2017 is the first day Chris and Ethan meet.[3]
  • "Remembering Resident Evil 7" flashback in Resident Evil 8: Village take place, Ethan mentioned about Chris Rescued him from Baker Ranch.[4]
  • Chris and Ethan appear together with Rose on Resident Evil 8: Village poster.[5]



Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

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