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Wintersberg is the slash ship between Karl Heisenberg and Ethan Winters from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 8: Village

In February 2021, Ethan’s infant daughter, Rosemary, is kidnapped and taken to a remote village somewhere in Eastern Europe, where he fights endlessly to get her back. In his search and rescue of her, Ethan first encounters Karl when Ethan enters into Castle Dimitrescu. Karl initially believes Ethan is a “pretty tough” local of the village, however upon getting a better look at him, he sees that Ethan is not, commenting that’s “even better.” Karl uses his power to throw a sharp piece of metal into Ethan’s chest, impaling him. Moments later, Ethan’s body is surrounded by more flying scraps of metal, before his face is covered.

Ethan comes back into consciousness as he’s being dragged by Karl, his hands cuffed in front of him. Ethan groans in pain, leading Karl to tell him to “quit his whining” as they’re almost to Karl’s destination. Ethan blacks out once more. A short time later, still bound by his hands, Ethan wakes again to see Miranda and the Four Lords around him, discussing what will be of Ethan’s fate. Miranda ultimately decides to give Ethan to Karl. Karl crouches down to Ethan’s level, saying, “Let’s see what you’re really made of, Ethan Winters. Get ready!” Karl swings his large hammer down close to Ethan’s legs and begins to count down from ten. As Karl gets closer to one, Lycans, a mutant human species whom are noted for their canine-like characteristics, start to surround Ethan. When Karl hits one, Ethan has no choice but to jump into a hole in the ground and begin to run away. As Ethan runs for his life, Karl taunts him via a loud speaker, however commenting that he’s impressed by Ethan’s survival. In Karl’s spinning spike trap, Ethan manages to locate an area where he’s able to break the cuffs around his writs, as well as slip underneath the trap once it comes to a stop. From this, Ethan escapes and makes it back to where he first encountered Karl in Castle Dimitrescu.

Later in the day, Ethan has killed the other Lords of the village, leaving Karl the fourth and final. Following the death of Lord Moneau, Karl contacts Ethan via Moneau’s TV, claiming that Ethan is better off than he originally thought. At first Ethan doesn’t know who is speaking to him, however Karl informs him that they had “just met awhile back”. Ethan realizes that Karl is “the last asshole in his way”. Karl compliments Ethan, but soon questions what he’s going to do once he has all of the flasks of his daughter. Trying to understand, Ethan asks what he means, leading to Karl saying he could “lend Ethan a hand”. Seeing how Karl seemingly wants to ally themselves, Ethan comments if he’s “trying to get on his good side”. Telling him not to get cocky, Karl instructs Ethan to go to a stronghold outside of the village and get his Rose flask, before ending their communication. Once the call is over, Ethan calls Karl a “self-centered prick.”

As Ethan is making his way to Karl’s factory, he sees that Karl had left him painted on signs that tell him where to go. Before reaching the factory, Ethan goes through the stronghold, the Lycan’s homestead. Once Ethan emerges from the den, and picks up Rose’s torso flask, Karl uses the same TV commutation to reach Ethan. He’s convinced that Ethan is the “real deal”. Ethan is less impressed, telling Karl to “quit hiding,” and calling him an asshole, before letting him know that he’s not going to let Karl get out of this. Hearing Ethan get heated, Karl tells him to “cool his jets,” claiming that Ethan has a bit more to go. However he’ll need to come to Karl first. He instructs Ethan to place all four flasks of Rose into the Altar, commenting that he’s sure Ethan will “figure the rest out.” With that, he says he’ll see Ethan, before ending their call.

Ethan arrives to Karl’s factory, leaving Karl impressed as he believed Ethan wouldn’t survive against Donna or Moneau. Over a loud speaker, Karl admits he “likes” Ethan, and that he’d wish to talk with him about Rose and Mother Miranda. He continues to say that his factory is not a trap and for Ethan to come on in. Ethan, seeing no other choice, goes forward, though questions what Karl is planning.

A couple minutes later, Ethan walks deeper in the factory and pulls back a curtain revealing photos of the other lords of the village, including a photo of what appears to be Ethan’s wife, Mia. As Ethan is looking around in shock and confusion, Karl surprises him by appearing. Forcing Ethan to sit down on a chair, Karl informs Ethan that he’s looking to form an alliance with him, stating how Miranda is testing Ethan to be a part of her family. Ethan proclaims that he doesn’t want to be a part of her family, with Karl stating that neither did he, which is why he wants Miranda dead and is proposing this alliance. Ethan shows no interest in partnering with Karl, only saying how he wants to fix his daughter. This leads to Karl agreeing, that so does he, explaining that Rose is powerful and that even Miranda is scared of her. He goes further by saying that they can “use” Rose to grind Miranda into paste. Ethan is furious, affirming that Rose is not a weapon, before cursing Karl out. Karl kicks the chair out from under Ethan, and the two hold onto each other as Ethan is dangled over a hole in the floor. Karl gives Ethan one last chance to accept his alliance, voicing that Ethan doesn’t want to find out what’s in that hole. Ethan claims that he’ll take his chances, moments before he is pushed down.

As Ethan is making his way around the factory, Karl speaks to him via loud speaker again, calling Ethan a “disappointment” and how he thought they could have joined forces to destroy Miranda. Karl goes on to say how Miranda “took him,” forcing him to serve her for decades, calling it all a “humiliation”. He goes off on a mini speech claiming how all he needs is more power to meet the goal of destroying her, ending with how Ethan shouldn’t have refused his offer of an alliance. Once finished, Ethan only calls him a “freak”.

A short time later, Karl speaks to Ethan again via loud speaker, commenting how Miranda views him and the other Four Lords has “children,” how she doesn’t care for them, and how she lost her humanity long ago. He finishes his statement, claiming that he must destroy her. In response, Ethan yells that he doesn’t give a shit about his family drama. Not long after, they have another loud speaker conversation with Karl saying how Miranda will begin her ceremony with Rose soon, and how if that happens “it’s all over”. Karl “assures” Ethan that he’ll stop her by taking Rose to do it, before saying how Ethan is the only one who doesn’t see his daughter’s own power. Ethan quips back that he’d like to see Karl try to take Rose.

Over loud speaker, Karl tells Ethan that he’s a “tough one,” however he’s now tired of their “chit-chat”. He tells Ethan it’s time for him to die, directing him to listen for the Sturm he’s about to fight. Ethan manages to destroy the Sturm, impressing Karl enough to show himself since their failed alliance. Karl manipulates the metal surrounding them both, causing Ethan to fall to over. He tells Ethan “not bad,” and that he’s persistent, but he’s got a rebellion to lead, so for Ethan to stay out of his way. Karl mutates into a large pile of metal and pushes Ethan over the edge, forcing him to fall several stories, not before telling him not to come back.

Ethan encounters Chris Redfield who has plans to blow up Karl’s factory. He also built a tank-like mech that Ethan drives to his final engagement with Karl. Upon taking a large elevator platform to ground level, Ethan is met by Karl in his mutated state. The two battle with Karl telling Ethan how he’s going murder Miranda and use Rose’s power against her. Ultimately, Ethan gains the upper hand and is able to destroy Karl.


Resident Evil 8: Village

Karl“ Well, well. Didn’t think anyone was left! You must be pretty tough, huh?”
Ethan“Who the fuck are you?”
Karl“Oh, you’re not local! Even better. Mother Miranda is gonna love you!”
— First encounter, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Let’s see what you’re really made of, Ethan Winters. Get ready!”
— Karl gets Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“That’s right! Run for your life!”
— Karl to Ethan, as Ethan runs from Karl’s traps, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Very nice, Ethan!”
— Karl to Ethan, as Ethan runs from Karl’s traps, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“You’re still alive? Impressive... ”
— Karl to Ethan, as Ethan runs from Karl’s traps, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Haha, my word, you truly are as strong as they say.”
— Karl to Ethan, as Ethan runs from Karl’s traps, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Oh, you didn’t think I’d let you get away, did you?”
— Karl to Ethan, as Ethan runs from Karl’s traps, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Nothing like fresh American ground beef!”
— Karl about Ethan, believing Ethan is dying to his spinning spike trap, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Karl“You’re better off than I thought.”
Ethan“Who’s that?”
Karl“Oh come on, we just met awhile back. Not that it really matters…”
Ethan“You’re the last asshole in my way, aren’t you?”
Karl“You’ve got fight, I’ll give you that, Ethan. But what’s the plan when you have all four flasks?”
Ethan“What are you trying to get at?”
Karl“I could lend you a hand.”
Ethan“Trying to get on my good side?”
Karl“Don’t get cocky. I’d kill you if you weren’t worth the trouble… there’s a stronghold not too far outside the village. Go there, and get my flask. Do that, and you pass. First, head back to the graveyard.”
Ethan“Self-centered prick.”
— After Ethan kills Salvatore Moreau, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Karl“You’re the real deal, Ethan well done.”
Ethan“Quit hiding, asshole. I’m not letting you get out of this.”
Karl“Cool your jets. Just a little bit more, and you’re all wrapped up. First of all, come to me. Put all the flasks into the Altar, and I’m sure you’ll figure the rest out. See you, Ethan.”
— After Ethan emerges from the stronghold, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Don’t worry about the kid, Ethan. It’ll be fine. Ha! Just get your ass across the bridge!”
— Karl to Ethan, as Ethan arrives to his factory, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Karl“Ah, Ethan Winters. Welcome. I didn’t think you’d make it past Donna or Moneau, but I suppose you survived worse back in America, hm? I like you. I’d like to speak to you about Rose, and Miranda. Oh come on in, don’t worry, it’s not a trap.”
Ethan“What’re you planning?”
— As Ethan arrives to Karl’s factory, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Truth hurts, don’t it? Let me guess. You’re thinking: take me out like the others, and then you’d get to go and save Rose, right?"”
— Karl to Ethan, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Look, y-you’ve got this all wrong–.”
— Karl to Ethan, stuttering over his words while attempting to explain the situation, Resident Evil 8: Village.
“Sorry about that.”
— Karl to Ethan, apologizing for losing his cool with a Sturm, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Karl“Listen, Ethan, you’re being played.”
Ethan“What are you talking about? You think this is a game?”
Karl“I said sit!”
Ethan“Lady super-sized bitch… Ugly-ass psycho doll… and that moronic freak. Don’t you get it? It’s a test, to see if you’re strong enough… to be part of Miranda’s family.”
Karl“I don’t WANT to be a part of Miranda’s family –!”
Ethan“Neither did I, but here we are! And I’m next in line, right? Kill me, move up the chain? Well fuck that!”
Karl“I don’t give a damn about your personal issues! I just want to fix my daughter!”
Ethan“So do I! Do you have any idea how powerful that kid is? Even Miranda’s scared of her–”
— Karl attempting to convince Ethan to join him, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Karl“You and me, Ethan. Together we go save Rose, and then we can use her to grind Miranda into paste!”
Ethan“My daughter is not a weapon! Fuck you!”
Karl“Last chance. You don’t want to find out what’s in that hole.”
Ethan“I’ll take my chances.”
Karl“Your funeral.”
— Ethan refuses Karl’s deal of alliance, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Karl“Oh Ethan, such a disappointment. I thought we could join forces against that bitch Miranda. Truly, truly disappointing. […] You shouldn’t have refused me, Ethan.”
Ethan“What a freak.”
— Karl upset at Ethan’s refusal at an alliance, Resident Evil 8: Village
Karl“Miranda thinks we’re nothing but children. Oh, she doesn’t care for us, no. She’s long lost all her humanity. I must destroy her…”
Ethan“I don’t give a shit about your family drama.”
— Ethan only has one goal, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Karl“Soon, she’ll start her ceremony with your Rose. If that happens, it’s all over. For your kid, and for the whole village. But don’t worry, I’ll stop it. I’ll use Rose to kill Miranda. Haha, poor papa. You’re the only one who doesn’t see your kid’s power.”
Ethan“Take Rose? Heh, I’d like to see you try.”
— Karl wants to use Rose to kill Miranda, Resident Evil 8: Village.
Karl“Not bad, not bad, Winters. You’re persistent, but I’ve got a rebellion to lead… so stay out of my way! [Karl mutates ] Don’t. Come. Back! [forces Ethan back, he falls down several stories]”
Ethan“That bastard!”
— After Ethan survives against the Sturm, Resident Evil 8: Village.


Since the release of Resident Evil 8: Village, Karl Heisenberg and Ethan Winters have been on the rise of popularity, their ship being no different. Wintersberg quickly rose to the heights of a few of the fandom’s older, more popular ships. Due to RE8’s main plot being of Ethan rescuing/searching for his daughter, Rosemary, Rose is often featured in Wintersberg fan works with Heisenberg co-parenting with Ethan.

On AO3, Wintersberg has 350+ ships in its tag, and 70+ in its general tag.



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Mithanberg refers to the ship between Mia Winters, Karl and Ethan




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