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Wise Dragon is the het ship between Yang Xiao Long and Sage Ayana from the RWBY fandom.


As of right now, Sage and Yang have not yet met in canon. With that being said, they are both probably at the very least aware of each other's existence. As Yang and the rest of team RWBY watched in the audience as Sage and the rest of team SSSN fought against team NDGO. Sage was then also later seen sitting in the audience during Yang's fight with Mercury. Lastly, Yang did participate with Sage (although not together) and with a group of other people during the attack on Beacon when the school was attacked by hordes of grimm and infilltrated by Cinder's group.


Wise Dragon is a rarepair within the RWBY fandom. Although Yang and Sage haven't interacted with one another yet, and although the ship is considered to be a crack ship by many and unlikely to happen in canon, Wise Dragon has gained a small but decent sized following within the RWBY fandom. It was most popular in volumes two and three of RWBY when Sage and the rest of team SSSN were first introduced. It was very common back then for fans to ship the various members of team RWBY with team SSSN from a purely aesthetic point of view. Examples being Blake with Sun, Weiss with Neptune, Ruby with Scarlet and then lastly, Yang with Sage. People who don't ship Wise Dragon usually ship more popular pairings like Bumbleby, Freezerburn, Baked Alaska, Dragonslayer, Combat Boots, Sunflowyr, Pink Lemonade and Cherry Tree.

Fans are still hopeful that they will meet in volume ten of RWBY, since Yang and the rest of team RWBY will eventually get to Shade Academy in Vacuo, where Sage is currently living in. Many people are attracted to this ship since they think that Yang and Sage's contrasting personalities would balance each other out. Yang being the outgoing extrovert would be able to get Sage to open up more and be more adventurous whereas Sage being the quiet introvert would be able to calm Yang down when she gets angry and get her to think before she acts. Wise Dragon might also remind some people of other couples in RWBY like Bumbleby and BlackSun.

A common trait that people give to Yang and Sage in some fanfictions is that they would be workout partners. Since Sage is a very fit man and Yang likes to train and workout a lot, people like to think they'd be great training partners if they ever got together. Along with having Yang as the one to approach Sage, as fans commonly draw her flirting/acting flitatious with him. There are also two Tumblr users, debythelazytree and artsynimbus, who have drawn the two cosplaying as Cloud and Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, for fun.

On AO3, there are currently only eight fanfics, while FanFiction.Net has three. Wise Dragon also has a small fanbase on both Tumblr and Deviantart.



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  • Their ship name derives from Sage being the wise as Sage's historically are viewed as very intelligent, wise beings and the dragon coming from Yang, Since Yang's surname means little dragon in chinese.


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