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Diana“I can't believe you had this stuff in your closet.”
Dinah“Hey, no Amazon should be lecturing me about the closet.”
— Wonder Woman Vol #34

WonderCanary is the femslash ship between Diana and Dinah Laurel Lance from the DC Comics fandom.


Birds of Paradise

Diana is in need of help finding an underground fighting ring, and goes to Dinah. She explains what's going on and Dinah says that she's in. She says that it's most likely Roulette, and Diana thanks her for her help. Dinah says that it'll be fun, but if they go, they can't go as themselves. She starts pulling costumes out of her closet for disguises and start discussing outfits. They end up in their disguises, and Diana is unsure of how much skin she's exposing, but Dinah says it'll work. Diana has more complaints about the outfit, but Dinah just pulls her along and tells her to get the plane. Diana can't believe women are expected to wear impractical shoes, and Dinah says that while she has her lasso, everyone else has what god gave them.

As they fly, Dinah mentions that she loves Diana's Invisible Jet, and Diana asks if she wants to listen to music. Dinah isn't a fan of Themysciran Opera, and Diana says it gets better at the battles. Live performances always have someone getting injured. Dinah bring up that Diana rejected Zeus and asks what's up. Diana tells Dinah to imagine what would happen if her god came to her and gave her a direct order which Dinah says it's not the same thing. But Dinah does get it, she's in a tough positiion. Diana says that it's not ideal and flies her and Dinah out of the plane.

They get into the fighting ring easily, where Diana comments that she still can't believe Dinah had all this in her closet. Dinah says that no amazon should lecture her about the closet, when Director Steel shows up and says it's almost time for their fight. Dinah asks if that was Doctor Psycho, but Diana explains how they were body swapped. They enter the ring, where they both agree not to knock them out to quickly, or they'll raise suspicions. They fight till Dinah takes out her opponent, when Diana is pinned. She suddenly gets a burst of electricity through her that stops the android, much to her confusion. Dinah asks if Diana did that, but Diana doesn't know.

Where the Heart Is

After Diana returns to the watchtower, Dinah burst through the door, yelling the rumors are true. She hugs Diana and says she knew it was only a matter of time before she returned and Diana says she almost didn't. Dinah has a million questions, including if any of the gods are still mad at her. Diana didn't let them air their grievances, as she was busy saving them. But that's a long story.


Wonder Woman #34

  • Diana thinks that Athena should bless Dinah for her existence.
  • Diana says that despite their differences, Dinah is one of her most loyal friends.

Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #17

  • Diana says it's an honor to fight beside Diana, and Diana Gotham is lucky to have Dinah's team protecting it.

Wonder Woman #753

  • Diana keeps a picture of Dinah in her apartment.


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WonderCanary is a rarepair in the DC Comics fandom. Most shippers just appreciate when the two have any shared moments in either the comics or adaptations. The two are typically depicted in the background of other pairing, or are part of multi-prompt femslash fics. There are less that 30 fan fics for the pair on AO3.


Dinah/Diana tag on AO3


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