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WonderCat is the femslash ship between Diana of Themyscira and Selina Kyle from the DC Comics fandom.


Morning Coffee

Diana is called in when Selina breaks into the British museum. Selina sees Diana on the security feed, but thinks she's going to get a clean getaway, only for Diana to quickly catch her. Diana thinks Selina is loosing her touch, but Selina thinks that everything is going to plan. Diana brings her out to the police and says that she'll look after her till special powers arrive. Selina's probably up to something anyways.

Diana goes to a coffee shop, with Selina still in handcuffs, and orders a coffee. Selina comments that Diana looks like she could use it, and Diana says that she was fighting Cheetah all last night. Selina tells her to drink away, and Diana looks in the bag to see what Selina stole. Diana sees that it's the golden fleece when a creature fires on them. Selina asks what it is, and Diana says it's the fleece's guardian. Selina says it doesn't look happy, which Diana thinks is pretty obvious. Diana pushes Selina to the side, and tells her not to go anywhere, which Selina wouldn't dream of.

Diana fights it off, when she see's that Selina has slipped form the cuffs. She leaves a note saying she owes Diana coffee, but Diana quickly finds her. She decides she's going to take her back to Gotham to be Batman's problem, but she has to buy her coffee first.

The Amazonian Job

As Selina is about to hit a ventilation fan, Diana appears and pulls the fan apart. She says that they need to talk, and Selina can't believe they sent her. Selina tries to attack Diana, but Diana easily stops her. She tells her that she doesn't want to fight, but wants to hire Selina.

Back at Selina's, Selina says that Diana has two minutes to convince her and Diana suggests that it was a mistake for her to see her. Selina tells her that she does have her attention, it's just not the best time. Diana says that many lives depend on this, and Selina tells her to go find a cape to help her. If she wants her help, she'll have to pay. Diana says that Selina can give her price when she tells her what she needs, but Selina doesn't want to hand hold her through this. Selina lists a hypothetical list of demands, and Diana says she can get it done. Selina realizes that Diana is afraid, and asks what they're in for. Diana says it's a box with ability to destroy worlds, and Selina asks who they're stealing it from.

On Themyscira, Diana says that if Selina wants to, she can back out now. Diana would understand. Selina asks if Diana is kidding, since this is going to be fun. She then jumps off to steal the box.


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WonderCat is a rarepair in the DC Comics fandom, as well as in both the Wonder Woman and Catwoman fandoms. This is due to them not having many interactions in the comics, or adaptations. Since both are more often shipped with Batman, fans who dislike either WonderBat or BatCat, will typically ship the two together. Seeing removing the access as the best way to solve a love triangle.

On AO3, WonderCat has 27 works.



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  • WonderBatCat refers to the ship between Bruce Wayne, Diana and Selina


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