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WonderCroft is the femslash ship between Diana of Themyscira and Lara Croft from the DC Comics and Tomb Raider fandoms.


As the two are from different series, they've never met in any canon.


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Overall WonderCroft is a rarepair in both the DC and Tomb Raider fandoms. However it is a fairly popular crossover ship for both and the characters. It is fairly popular on tumblr, where a following started around 2018. This was most likely a jumping off point due to the release of the Tomb Raider film. Stjepan Sejic was one of the earliest to draw fan art of the two. Sejic became a common way for people to become interested in the two as they have created most of the earliest art and fan comics.

A popular things to do among fans of the pairing is to create manips of the two. This can range between video game models and comic panels, but is mostly popular with those using the live action movies. The Gal Gadot version of Dian from the DCEU, and the Alicia Vikander version from the 2018 Tomb Raider film. Although some have also used the Angelina Jolie version from the early 2000s films. There are some who have also fancasted Gal as Lara.

Some art will also depict Lara coming to Themyscira. The situations they're in can range. Some will depict Lara being welcomed, while other will depict the Amazons as being apprehensive towards Lara and Diana saving her. It's also common to depict the Lasso of Truth with the pair. Often with Diana grabbing Lara with it. Fans of the ship are also attracted to the irony or parallels between the two. Or at least things that tie them together. Lara searching for artifacts and Diana in a way being one herself.

There are also those the point the similarities between the pairing and the comic version of WonderCheetah. This is due to Barbara being an archeologist and adventurer in the comics like Lara.

On AO3, there are currently 42 works.



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