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WonderLois is the femslash ship between Diana of Themyscira and Lois Lane from the DC Comics fandom.


Reign of the Supermen

After Clark's death, Lois meets with Diana. Diana says she's glad Lois called, and Lois is glad Diana came. Lois says that she was hoping Diana could help her, and is about to explain when Diana interrupts and says that she never thought of the two of them as rivals. Lois is confused, and Diana says that she and Kal had a bond, but Lois was the love of Clark's life. She's relieved he told her everything, and Lois comments that he apparently didn't. Diana apologizes, and says that despite her upbringing, she has very few girl friends in man's world, and is pretty bad at this. Lois says that she doesn't have many either and the two share a smile.

Lois says that the reason she called Diana was that she's following the story on the new Supermen, and was hoping the League might have some idea on these guys. Diana realizes that Lois didn't call her to grieve as friends, and Diana thanks Hera for that. She has a reputation, but the reality is that she's not good at being touchy feely. She admits that they don't have anything on the Supermen, and they've been stretched thin since Clark died. The world didn't realize how much they depended on him, and Lois knows the feeling. Diana tries to apologize, but Lois says that it's good to talk to someone who understands. She says to forget about the new Supermen, and Diana says that between the two of them, she likes the brutal one the best. But she apparently has a type.

Diana orders them both ice cream, and says that Diana might not be so bad at the friend thing. Diana says that Lois has the heart of an amazon, and Lois asks if she wants to share a ride. Diana says that she has her own, and has Lois hold her ice cream, while she spins into her Wonder Woman outfit. She thinks they should hang out again sometime, and knows that if Lois wants to heal, she's going to need to solve the mystery of the Supermen. She just doesn't want her to lose herself in the process, before flying off.


Reign of the Supermen

  • Diana tells Clark to tell Lois she'll see her Friday.


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WonderLois is a smaller pair in the DC Comics fandom, and in both the Superman and Wonder Woman fandoms. Those who ship the two like the idea of Lois falling for Diana when she saves her. And just Lois being into super powered people.

On AO3, WonderLois is the sixth most written ship for Diana and the third most written for Lois. It is also the twelfth most written ship in the Wonder Woman (Comics) tag.



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