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WonderMagic is the femslash ship between Diana of Themyscira and Zatanna Zatara from the DC Comics fandom.


The Last Age of Magic

While Zatanna is doing a show, something calls forth a creature from her hat. She has no way of controlling it when Diana appears and attacks it. Zatanna asks what she's doing there, and Diana says that Zatanna hasn't been returning her calls. Zatanna doesn't do calls for joining a magic Justice League, and Diana asks if all of her performances have gone this well. Zatanna fires on the creatures, but it turns her own magic against them. Diana goes for more direct approach while Zatanna grabs a lighter and burns it. When the creature turns to dust, Zatanna says that she's still not joining. Diana asks why she won't given that they're both looking for the same thing, but Zatanna thinks Diana wouldn't understand. Diana says that magic is broken and neither can fix it alone and asks for Zatanna to help her again.

Later, Diana is about to be attacked by bodies rising in the morgue, when suddenly Zatanna and Swamp Thing appear. Zatanna tells her that things are worse that they feared. Magic is going to be taken back by its original owner, killing humanity with it, and one of them will be the cause.

After the fight, Zatanna tries to apologize, but Diana holds her up by her coat and demands answers. Swamp Thing says that Zatanna came to give her answers, and Diana points out they all turned down her offer for help. Zatanna says that magic users don't like outside meddling, but they're going to need it. She explains the vision she got to her father, and how she won't let magic die. Diana points out that the last time Zatanna used magic, she had to save her life, and Swamp Thing points out that now Zatanna has come to do the same for Diana. Diana lets go of Zatanna and asks for forgiveness for lashing out. Diana needs to find a way to fix things, but she needs to know more. Zatanna only knows pieces, but there is someone who can tell them everything.

Fate picks Diana and Zatanna to speak, but they realize that they're not talking to the host, but Nabu. They start to fight him, but he quickly encases the two in darkness.


Justice League Dark

Issue 2

  • Fate points out how Zatanna is breaking the trust of the magic community to seek out Diana.


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WonderMagic is a rarepair in the DC Comics fandom. Most shipping comes from the most recent run of Justice League Dark.

On AO3, WonderMagic is the eighth most written ship in the Justice League Dark (Comics) tag. There are currently only 15 works.



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