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WonderMera is the femslash ship between Diana Prince and Mera from the DC Comics fandom.


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DC Bombshells: Combat

While Diana is walking along the beach of Themyscira, she hears someone calls her name and is surprised to see Mera. Diana has much to tells her, but first apologizes for not visiting. She hasn't been like herself these days. Mera already knows, and Diana questions why the amazons have never joined the war. Mera questions if Diana would join, and Diana says that she would, since she believes it's what's right. Mera says it's a dangerous path and says that there's no path for her either, given that she can't inherit. Diana thinks that they could find Justice in the world, but Mera would rather find adventure and romance. But they can both find what they want together.

That night, Mera uses her magic to help Diana free Steve Trevor. Diana asks if she has to sing the spells, and Mera says that she doesn't. She just has a really great voice. Mera has her dolphins pull the three of them, and decides that it's now time to be heroines. Diana says they'd be no better than the amazons, while Mera comments on her crown and gauntlets. They're different, almost heavier. Diana says that they were responsibilities, and debts they must repay.


Femslash shippers typically don't like when other fans will pit Mera and Diana against each other. They also don't really understand why DC insists on having the two not like each other in the main canon. Like most characters pitted against each other, fans started to ship the two. The ship is extremly popular among Bombshells fans, given their closeness in that universe, as well as the later reveal that the two were previously in a relationship.

On AO3, WonderMera is the second most written ship for Mera. It's also the second most written ship in DC Bombshells (Comics) tag and the eighth most written in the Aquaman (2018) tag.



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  • In the DC Bombshells Universe, Diana and Mera shared their first kiss.
  • In the Flashpoint timeline, they're hated enemies due to Mera's husband Aquaman cheating on her with Queen Diana.



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