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Xiaoyu is the het ship between Xiao and Ganyu from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Xiao and Ganyu are both Adepti and immortal. They do not interact much in the canon timeline, but they somewhat still communicate. In Ganyu's voice lines about Xiao, it seems like Ganyu is wary of Xiao not wanting to team up, as before, the people he teamed up with are now dead. In the main story line they both gave most of their strength to the traveler when fighting the Fatui.

Sinae Unicornis

After finishing the Cloud Retainer's trial, Ganyu then went to the next trial, which was Xiao's. He informs Ganyu that she was half an hour late. Xiao also mentions that Ganyu still hasn't abandoned her habits relating to humankind. Ganyu then tries to explain why she was late due to a meeting with another adepti, Cloud Retainer. Xiao says that he doesn't need Ganyu's explanation and that he doesn't require any mutual understanding between them. Xiao then says he is just helping Ganyu with her training.

Xiao tells Ganyu that she is neither an adeptus or human, she's instead in between which he thinks it must create confusion towards Ganyu. Afterward he mentions to Ganyu that she should face her true self instead of explaining herself. However Ganyu tells Xiao she has nothing to hide. In the line of the traveler they seem to understand that Xiao understands Ganyu well. Xiao continues telling Ganyu that the body and mind are one, which is why he prepares a trial that will help Ganyu explore the true potential of her body. After finishing her trial she goes back and reports to Xiao, but Xiao tells her she didn't need to report back as other people's validation won't benefit her training. As well that she is the only one able to evaluate how she did in the trial as Ganyu will progress faster. Ganyu tells Xiao she understands and he tells Ganyu that tomorrow he'll raise the difficulty of her training.



“Ganyu is neither mortal nor illuminated beast. Wandering both the mortal and Adepti realms with duty as her sole guide, it was inevitable that she would become perplexed... What? Me? You believe a Yaksha who knows nothing more than how to massacre countless souls and emerge unscathed is a suitable mentor for such an individual? ...Your mind occupies a very different world from that which your body inhabits.”
— Xiao's Voiceline about Ganyu
“He seems like a bit of an outsider, socially. Probably just his personality... I can understand that, to be honest, but I'm not really about to try and get close to him. I mean... all the people he's ever agreed to team up with are no longer with us...”
— Ganyu's Voiceline about Xiao


Xiao“The trial I've prepared for you will explore the true potential of your body.”
Ganyu“Yes, I'm ready.”
— Xiao to Ganyu before the trial will start


This became a ship due to Ganyu's Story Quest and their interactions with each other. Xiaoyu is a rather small ship, and in AO3, it only has around 70+ fanfictions. Sometimes, fans of this ship like to refer to Qiqi as Xiao and Ganyu's child. Some non-shippers may few these two with a family type bond. Most of the fan content mainly includes soft and innocent concepts between the two due to Xiao's heavy burden.

The ship's main rival ship's are, XiaoVen and Ganqing.



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  • Xiao and Ganyu can be seen together in the Lantern Rite Fan Art



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