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Xingjin is the het ship between Xingqiu and Yun Jin from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Xingqiu and YunJin are canonically friends in game. Despite not having any interactions, they are similar in many ways. Both are elegant in the way they act and in the way they dress. In Xingqiu’s voice line about Yun Jin, it is said that he keeps tea leaves under his bed at all times so she will never run out of ideas. In Yun Jin’s voice line about Opera Troupes, she mentions there is an opening for a skilled sword fighter, which Xingqiu happens to be. This leaves room to imagine them Xingqiu playing a romantic interest role with Yun Jin.

Xingqiu loves to write stories, and Yun Jin loves to act them out. Yun Jin, in her voice line about Xingqiu, says she thinks Xingqiu is “a clever one, with sharp wit”. She also doesn’t seem to mind his pranks, even thinking they’re amusing. Yun Jin says she always has to be mindful of what she eats. This is similar to Xingqiu, as he also has one type of diet at home.

Because the two of them have common interests and are friends, them having future in-game interactions isn’t far-fetched at all. Both are four-star playable characters. Aesthetic-wise, they are pleasing together given even their hair color and hair styles are similar. However, despite the fact that both are elegant, Xingqiu has a more mischievous side than Yun Jin. Though Yun Jin does not seem to mind that about him, making some fans think she wants to break free a bit as well.

Behind The Scenes

In "The World of Opera: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Creation of Yun Jin | Genshin Impact," the team at hoyoverse said "There are two social relationships we have constructed for Yun Jin. It is to create a connection with two already established characters, Xingqiu and Zhongli. These characters are very knowledgeable and have traveled to many places."[1]


“Oh, so you are also acquainted with Xingqiu? Haha, he is quite the clever one, and with a sharp wit as well. The moment you let your guard down, you're at risk of becoming the butt of one of his practical jokes... Don't say I didn't warn you.”
— Yun Jin about Xingqiu
“When Yun Jin drinks a beverage she is fond of, she will be inspired to write a new play. So, I keep a jar of tea leaves under my bed at all times, ready to deliver to her on the day that her inspiration dries up. This way, I shall never run out of heroic tales to listen to!”
— Xingqiu about Yun Jin


A reason that some fans ship Yun Jin and Xingqiu is because Yun Jin is an opera singer and Xingqiu is a young master, which matches the role of lovers in many period Chinese novels. Xingjin is overshadowed by many ships like Xingyun, which is Xingqiu's most popular ship, and Shenjin, which is Yun Jin's most popular ship. Despite this, the two do have a fan base, even if it is much smaller. Xingjin is not a very popular ship in the Genshin Impact fandom. On AO3, Xingjin currently has 10 works


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