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Xingyun is the slash ship between Xingqiu and Chongyun from the Genshin Impact fandom.


They are one, if not the only ship that exhibit friendly, buddy-buddy interactions as stated by their stories/voicelines and Xiangling. They are often featured together in official arts, as they speak highly of each other in a fond manner, showing just how close of friends they are.

Xingqiu is known to endlessly tease and pull pranks on Chongyun (making him eat spicy food, tricking him onto fake leads, etc.) and tries his best to seem innocent. Despite all this, Chongyun still refers to Xingqiu as a fine and true friend.

In Chongyun's voiceover lines, he states that he admires Xingqiu for his devotion to chivalry and passion for reading, but has also seen the latter's mean side. He is a common victim of Xingqiu's pranks and antics. Chongyun's story also stated that Xingqiu gave him the idea that, instead of attempting to reduce the effectiveness of his congenital positivity, he should search for an evil spirit that is immune to it. Xingqiu often gives him fake intel of sightings of evil spirits, and they come home empty-handed. Chongyun has no idea and blames it on his bad luck. Surprisingly, Xingqiu will try to lift his spirits after his pranks, and doing things like getting him cold dishes.

In Xingqiu's voiceover lines, he says that he and Chongyun understand each other very well, implying they have been friends for a while. He also mentions that whenever you see Xiangling out and about searching for ingredients, she'll try to get you to try her newest recipe. He says that he'll usually get Chongyun to try it out. Xingqiu's story also stated that Chongyun is the one who usually bears the brunt of his bizarre humor, while Xiangling's voiceover lines have her stating that she always sees Xingqiu and Chongyun eating together at Wanmin Restaurant.

On the bulletin board present near Wangshu Inn, a guess message is written there, saying that Xingqiu payed for all damages caused by Chongyun after his overabundance yang-energy episode.

During Chongyun's hangout quest, he mentions that Xingqiu gave him many clues that he reads to the traveler. One of the clues involves a popular dating location where "two close friends" should go.

In the 1.5 trailer, at the timestamp of 2:26, Chongyun and Xingqiu was seen sitting together as Hu Tao chases Qiqi.

In-game, many users enjoy their elemental chemistry; as Xingqiu is a Hydro user and Chongyun is a Cryo user, both use elements that work very well with each other and are able to apply the "Frozen" debuff on enemies when working together.


“Chongyun has had the privilege of meeting a true friend in his long journey as an exorcist: Xingqiu...”
“If Xingqiu has time to spare when such an occasion arises, he will encourage Chongyun, treat him to some new cold dish that he has found and then set off to get Chongyun's swindled money back.”
“While quiet and unassuming in front of strangers, he is gregarious and chatty in the company of close friends and family. Though more restrained than his elder brother, he even has a playful and mischievous side.”
“A warm and reliable companion indeed! — So Chongyun thinks at such moments. Who could he possibly trust, if not his fine friend Xingqiu?”
— Chongyun's Story 4
“I do admire Xingqiu for his devotion to chivalry and his martial arts proficiency. However, I must warn you that he definitely has a mean side too. If you find that you fall foul of any of his antics, come to me and we'll form a "Victims of Xingqiu" alliance. There is strength in numbers.”
— Chongyun's voiceline about Xingqiu
“The one who usually bears the brunt of his bizarre sense of humor is someone named Chongyun, an exorcist usually found on one of the forest trails around Liyue.”
“Chongyun... I found a haunted house for you to practice in...”
“Chongyun... you have to believe me... It wasn't me who laid the traps inside that haunted house- What? It's not haunted? Well...I, uh, couldn't have known that, could I?”
“Chongyun... Don't glare at me like that... Look, you're injured. You'd better just lie there and get some rest.”
“Tell you what, Chongyun, we have a maid who learned the art of essential oil therapy in a nobleman's house in Sumeru... How about I ask her to tend to your wounds? You owe me for this, though...”
— Xingqiu's Story 4
“Ah, dear Chongyun. Though he understands me quite well, one has to exercise caution when teaming up with him to go on a quest. He is making good progress in the martial arts, but I would say he hasn't quite internalized the chivalric code yet... He needs more practice. Especially at eating spicy food.”
— Xingqiu's voiceline about Chongyun
“...I usually get Chongyun to handle these situations, hehe...”
— Xingqiu referring to Xiangling's new dishes
“Chongyun? I always see him on his way to eat at Wanmin Restaurant with Xingqiu... Ah... or perhaps I should say I see him being dragged there by Xingqiu? Chongyun doesn't eat hot food. Every time the hot food arrives, Xingqiu politely apologizes and proceeds to try every dish. I just wanna dig in with him! The look on Chongyun's face is priceless. They're quite interesting, those two.”
— Xiangling's voiceline about Chongyun
“My lack of caution in eating heaty foods led to my quite public buffoonery. I write this note to apologize to everyone, and I am willing to pay for all the damages caused - Chongyun”
“Don't be so formal, young lad! Your swordsman friend already paid for the damages. In fact, everyone was impressed by the skill displayed when you leaped onto the table and danced with greatsword in hand. We all eagerly await your next performance”
— Message Board outside Wangshu Inn
“Gaze up at the misty clouds weaving among the crags, oh how they gracefully waft to and fro. Piercing rainbows, slicing frost and snow, they jest at the sight of the battles down below”
“— Our story today begins with this passage. Everyone knows that all throughout the vast wilderness of Liyue, aspiring martial artists who hold tight to lofty ideals of chivalry can be found seeking the trail of the adepti — roaming the depths of the forests and traversing the towering karst peaks where the clouds linger. Away from the watchful gaze of the Qixing, they perform their chivalrous deeds in secret. We've already told the story of the anonymous young duo who pierce the rainbows and slice through the frost.”
— Wings of Golden Flight Long Description
“Oh, many of these are from my friend, Xingqiu. He's well-read and very knowledgeable... Not to mention he's always willing to extend a helping hand. He always provides me with lots of reliable information. If it weren't for my pure-yang spirit, I would have already vanquished numerous demons because of him, I'm sure of it.”
— Chongyun's hangout quest
“Yes, he always goes out of his way for me., but he never seems to mind and helps me all the same. Also, he often has something interesting to say. I'm quite glad that I get along with him.”
— Chongyun's hangout quest


Xingyun is currently one of the most popular ships in the fandom; they have over 1k posts on Instagram, searching Xingyun on Twitter will showcase many fanarts, and AO3 holds more than 500 works for them. The ship mainly sailed due to the popularity of the "Best Friends to Lovers" trope, and their dynamic.

They appears exceedingly similar, both being strong, coming from influential families, seemingly not much at first sight, but having a more wild underside. Even outside character, Xiangling, says she sees them dining together and as the official artworks suggest, they are often in each other's company. Many people are fond of this ship as, unlike others, they have a canon foundation as being best friends. The two are bonded enough to the point where Xingqiu feels comfortable enough to be himself around Chongyun, and vice versa. Xingqiu ususally lies to come up with leads, so that Chongyun stays hopeful.

Additionally, due to neither of them having any confirmed love interests, or much interactions with the other characters in general, this ship is very popular.

Their dynamic is a very enjoyable one to highlight in fanarts/fanfictions, as their roles can be switched in many plots and it would still make sense. They are both hardworking (with Xingqiu being more smart with his methods) and overall quiet near others, but expressive in the presence of each other. Basically, they both know, to an extent, the real nature of the other. They don't exactly fall into the molds of other popular ship dynamics either (the chaotic duo, huge flirt x oblivious/uninterested, rivals to lovers, sweet x scary), but are more so of a mixture, making them a fun couple to portray. Since the information on their relationship is limited, most of the ship and its content is fanon, whether that's a good or bad thing.



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  • Chongyun tries to form a "Victims of Xingqiu" alliance with the Traveler.
  • Xingqiu calls Chongyun by "dear Chongyun"
  • Xingqiu and Chongyun have matching friendship tassels, Xingqiu's being on his vision and Chongyun's on his pants.
  • Xingqiu's elemental burst is called "Rain Cutter" while Chongyun's constellation is called "Cloud Cutter".
  • On February 12th, the Genshin Impact official Twitter posted promo fan art of the two.[1]
  • In Chongyun's hangout quest, it is heavily implied that the clue about the "Test of Courage" on Wuwang Hill was a clue given to him by Xingqiu in an attempt to ask him on a date.
  • Xingqiu and Chongyun's namecards match, both having three swords as they are in their separate abilities.
  • Xingqiu's namecard is called "Rainbow", which is a sign of unity between yin and yang and therefore marriage. Xingqiu and Chongyun can be taken to represent yin and yang as well.
  • Common Symbols used for Xingyun includes; 📖🍦


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