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YoSora is the slash ship between Sora and Yozora from the Kingdom Hearts fandom.


Sora first discovers Yozora's existence in the Toy Story world, during which he believes the latter is merely a fictional character from a video game referred to as Verum Rex though he appears first in an advertisement for the game. The Nameless Star tells Sora more about Yozora in the Final World, that his heart has been replaced with that of another and that he is not quite himself but that if he was he'd dearly miss her.

Riku begins having dreams about traversing Shibuya in search of Sora and feeling that he's being watched by someone from afar atop a skyscraper (that someone being Yozora himself who in fact is real) after Master Xehanort's defeat, which he recounts a year later to the Radiant Garden group.

Sora comes to in a night-time version of the Final World, after checking that he's not fading away again he gets up to his feet and begins calling out to someone in a desperate attempt to get help. Yozora responds and begins inquiring as to Sora's whereabouts in said realm, when they meet face to face Sora recognizes him from Verum Rex and muses to himself that the Nameless Star mentioned him in a roundabout fashion without referring to him by name, adding that Yozora must be real after all. Yozora expresses confusion that Sora can recognize him with the fake body he's currently stuck in before brushing it off and proceeds to claim that he's been tasked with saving Sora, but suddenly questions whether the person standing before him is actually Sora at all before changing the Final World to Sora's Station first and then into Shibuya atop the 104th building as he summons his sword & crossbow while telling Sora he went through several trials while traversing the Final World. After a long, arduous and fearsome battle Sora manages to defeat Yozora. Yozora begins fading away into light particles while stating that his powers aren't needed yet, when Sora asks what does he mean Yozora smiles and replies with a "never mind" before fading away in a pillar of light as Sora awakens again in the daylight version of the Final World. Yozora awakens from his slumber in the backseat of a limo with the driver referring to him as Commander, Yozora and Sora both wonder if their encounter was merely a dream and state that nothing of what happened makes sense to either of them.


YoSora is a recent pairing, with an extremely small group of followers shipping the two together in an amorous fashion. There is also some overlap with members of the Soriku pairing sub-community.



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  • Should Sora lose to Yozora instead, Sora gets turned into a crystal statue while Yozora promises to save Sora.


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