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Yoimine is the femslash ship between Naganohara Yoimiya and Lumine from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Lumine and Paimon first meet Yoimiya when they're about to attack the Vision Hunt Decree, Yoimiya whispers, trying to catch their attention and save their lives. Paimon notices and both of them walk up to Yoimiya, At first Paimon is quite mad at Yoimiya, but then Lumine and Paimon quickly understand what's going on. They discuss a few things, Yoimiya mentions that she's also going to rescue "Master Masakatsu" because of that, the three of them, Yoimiya, Lumine and Paimon decide to go rescue him. When they're at the Police Station, Yoimiya decides to spilt up. Paimon agrees. After they're out of the Police Station and have found Master Masakatsu, Yoimiya thanks Paimon and Lumine for helping her, She tells them that she'll get them a round of drinks.

Lumine and Paimon encounter kids talking about, the "Great Mujina Youkai". After discussing some stuff with the kids, Paimon decides to tell them it isn't real, the kids mention Yoimiya's name a few times, The kids go to look for Yoimiya, Lumine and Paimon decide to follow them to find out what's going on. Lumine and Paimon watch Yoimiya cheer up the kids, after the kids leave Lumine walks up to Yoimiya. Yoimiya tells Lumine and Paimon she doesn't blame them for what they did, Lumine says that it's a bad idea to keep the Great Mujina Youkai thing going, Yoimiya agrees but mentions she's not gonna be the one who reveals it, She also mentions that she still enjoys believing in legends that aren't fake. Yoimiya tells them it's about time she heads back, due to the fireworks show. Yoimiya asks Lumine if she's busy, telling her that she'll prepare an extra-pretty firework just for Lumine, Lumine accepts the offer.

Lumine, Yoimiya, and Paimon go to Naganohara fireworks. Yoimiya and the other two ask the firework-maker for the firework materials, the firework-maker tells them they haven't arrived yet, Yoimiya says it's no worries. She goes into her backstory a little, eventually Yoimiya says they need to think of a alternative, since the materials hasn't arrived yet. A man walks out of Yoimiya's house, Yoimiya explains what's going on, After a small chat, Lumine offers to help Yoimiya with the fireworks and boat, Yoimiya says that she doesn't have to join her if she doesn't want to, but Lumine still decides to help out. Yoimiya and Lumine talk a little while going to prepare the boat, When they arrive and when Kouichi is gone, Yoimiya starts talking about a few things. She gets mad at herself for changing the subject, Lumine, Paimon, and Yoimiya go to get the firework materials after, When they go back to meet Kouichi, Yoimiya says she's been hoping to have a long conversation with Lumine all day, she also apologizes for dragging Lumine and Paimon everywhere. Yoimiya and Lumine talk for a few minutes, Yoimiya asks her a lot of questions. After Kouichi returns, they go to confirm the boat's condition.

After they're done with everything, Yoimiya tells Lumine to follow her, saying she'll take them to the best place to watch the fireworks. Lumine and Paimon decide follow her, when the firework show is done, Yoimiya says it was beautiful. She asks them if they remember the gold one, mentioning it was the one she got for them, Paimon says she loved that one, Same with Lumine. Yoimiya is very happy when she hears that, She also says that Lumine is her customer now, so if she wants to see the golden firework again to come and see her.



“Welcome to Naganohara! My name is Yoimiya — just let me know if you need anything! We have Kushikatsu, Egg Roll... Wait, no, we're not a restaurant. We make fireworks! Like these, see? Sparkling, crackling, little fireworks~”
— Yoimiya's voiceline 'Hello'
“Fireworks are for now, but friends are forever.”
— Yoimiya's voiceline "Fireworks'
“Never fear, Yoimiya is here! Evil begone! Justice prevails! Think this is a good way to introduce the powers you've taught me to the children? Isn't it cool? Hehe! Hey, tell me if anyone picks on you, too. I'll stick up for you!”
— Yoimiya's voiceline 'Feelings About Ascension: Conclusion'
“Birthdays are never occasions for yourself alone. Those who send you cakes, light candles, applaud, and cheer... They are all truly thankful that you were born into this world. That's why it must be a lively occasion, so that everyone can get their chance to thank you! Well then — happy birthday! Are you ready? I'm about to ignite the fireworks!”
— Yoimiya's voiceline 'Birthday'


Yoimine is a small ship and considered as a rare-pair. They sadly don't have much fanart, and they don't interact that much. Some people may ship Ayamiya, or ChiLumi instead. Yoimine was mainly sailed due to Yoimiya's Quest. They don't have a lot of fan fiction of them made. There are currently has 15+ romantic works on AO3. They also have 6+ gen works.



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YoiLumimon is the ship between Paimon, Yoimiya and Lumine
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