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YoshiDia is the femslash ship between Yoshiko Tsushima and Dia Kurosawa from the Love Live! fandom.


Love LIve! Sunshine!!

Dia feels honoured when Yoshiko offers her fallen angel feather.

Dia advises Yoshiko not to wear black clothes while practicing in summer time.

Love Live! School Idol Festival

In the SIF Event Story "Banquet of the Fallen Angel & Honour Student", Aqours receives a request to perform a Gothic-themed live show after the event planner came across one of Yoshiko's streams. Dia, having been the one who shared the news, offers to be Yoshiko's assistant. Yoshiko starts sharing her vision, but no one can understand the words she's using. Yoshiko then runs off, and Hanamaru is about to go after her, but Dia tells everyone to stay and finds Yoshiko herself. Dia finds Yoshiko in the library and correctly guesses that she was trying to use the dictionary to find other words that the others would understand. Dia says that Yoshiko should remain herself by continuing to use her fallen angel language. Yoshiko then suggests the opposite, that they should have everyone become fallen angels with her, but Dia says that wouldn't work either because then the rest of them wouldn't be themselves. Dia then has the idea that she will learn about Yohane and become her spokesperson.

At Dia's house, Yoshiko starts explaining her lore, and Dia patiently listens and takes notes. She also expresses interest in learning more. She completely fails Yohane's first test, but she continues to study. Finally, Dia is able to understand Yohane. The next day, Yoshiko dishes out the orders and Dia effectively relates them to the rest of Aqours and all goes smoothly. Yoshiko is incredibly pleased that everything is working out just as she envisioned. When it comes time for the performance, Yoshiko and Dia share the role of song center. After the show, Yoshiko and Dia meet just the two of them, on the roof. Dia congratulates Yoshiko on the live show and is impressed with the diverse range of ideas that only Yoshiko could have thought of. Yoshiko in turn compliments Dia, and thanks her for helping her to convey her ideas to everyone. Their performance was videotaped and shared online, and as a result, Yoshiko's number of followers increased dramatically. She also says that people were wondering who the girl with Yoshiko was, and declares that Dia will join her stream that night, despite Dia's protests.


YohaDia is only a somewhat popular ship in the Love Live! fandom, due to the third years and first years being less connected than they are to the second years and them not getting many moments. Yoshiko and Dia are sometimes shipped together for being seen as a kind of third wheel of their year trios. They are shipped together as best friends in Omoi yo Hitotsu ni Nare, as they are notably paired up together during the song. They are shipped together for both being caring and loving toward their group. Dia cares for her group, and especially for her sister Ruby. Yoshiko calles her group members "Little Demons" as a love and cares for them. This similarity in their personality make people like to ship them together.

Yoshiko seems to always be following Dia, but despite this, they are still not too close to each other. Some think that Dia and Yoshiko are much closer though, since Dia started adressing Yoshiko with "-chan" before the others. Dia also did this with You, so some like to group the three as best friends. Aqours sometimes is shipped with a combination of ChikaRiko, KanaMari, RubyMaru, and YouYoshiDia. YoshiDia is one of the most popular ships for Yoshiko. The ships that rival YoshiDia most are DiaRuby, KanaDiaMari, YohaRiko, and YoshiMaru.

Some fans headcanon Yoshiko as the troublemaker of the relationship, and Dia being responsible and scolding her. Yoshiko gets the two into trouble and Dia gets them out of it. Sometimes Yoshiko shares her antics with an unimpressed Dia. This ship shares a similar dynamic to NicoEli in in a few regards, for example, that one of the members of the ship is playful and dramatic, while the other is strict but caring. Some fans of NicoEli also like to ship YoshiDia, and vice versa, for this reason. The ship currently has 174 works on A03.



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  • Early on in the Sunshine!! project, Dia and Yoshiko were both originally 2nd years, before they were changed to be a 3rd year and 1st year respectively.



Aqours refers to the ship between Dia, Yoshiko, Chika Takami, You Watanabe, Riko Sakurauchi, Ruby Kurosawa, Hanamaru Kunikida, Mari Ohara, and Kanan Matsuura
GuuRinPa refers to the ship between Dia, Yoshiko, and Chika Takami
YoshiRikoDia refers to the ship between Dia, Yoshiko, and Riko Sakurauchi
YouYoshiDia refers to the ship between Dia, Yoshiko, and You Watanabe


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