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YoshiMaru is the femslash ship between Yoshiko Tsushima and Hanamaru Kunikida from the Love Live! Sunshine!! fandom.


Yoshiko and Hanamaru have known each other and been close friends since kindergarten. The first episode of Love Live! Sunshine shows them reuniting in high school after many years, although Yoshiko is at first unwilling to acknowledge her due to being deep into her "fallen angel" chuuni persona. They resume their friendship after Yoshiko joins Aqours. 

Hanamaru acts as Yoshiko's "grounding", bringing her back to reality whenever she starts acting too chuuni and teasing her along Ruby. Yoshiko is also the only who calls Hanamaru by the nickname "Zuramaru" in reference to her verbal tic. Season 2 episode 3 has a scene with Hanamaru slapping Yoshiko's butt causing her to pick scissors against Dia, and in episode 5 she imitates Yohane's typical behavior.


Fans often ship them because they are friends even being opposites, such as demon (Yoshiko)/angel (Hanamaru), gamer/bookworm. Fans also write fanfics with a wide diverse of AU (alternate universe) like Yoshiko being a real fallen angel/demon and Hanamaru as an angel or human.



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