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“You've put in so much effort, Yumemi...You had natural talent, but you never relied on it, honing and refining yourself on a daily basis. That's what made me so attracted to you, Yumemi!”
— Saori to Yumemi.[1]

Yumemisaori is the femslash ship between Yumemi Yumemite and Saori from the Kakegurui fandom.


Kakegurui - Compulsive Gambler

Yumemi and Saori are first shown together in episode 9. After Yumemi talked with the president of her fanclub, she goes back to the restroom and immediately washes her hands. Once Yumemi finished washing her hands, she completely loses it and screams that her fans make her sick. Seeing how desperate Yumemi is, Saori suggests that if her fans bother her that much, they could at least cancel the post-concert handshake event. Yet, Yumemi declines because she needs the event to get to know her fans on a personal level, so that she could get their support.

Next day, Yumeko shows up with Suzui to see Yumemi, but firstly they had to inform Saori about the meeting. After Saori allows the meeting, the three go to Yumemi's room, and meet Yumemi. Later, Yumeko eventually discovers that Saori has been recording her and Yumemi's entire conversation, including the part where Yumemi says that she hates her fans. Afterwards, Yumeko takes the recorder away from Saori and leaves the room with Suzui, which leaves Saori completely devastated, thinking that Yumemi's career is now over. However, Yumemi tells Saori that there's still a chance to win, so there's no need to panic.

When the gamble, the "Battle of the Stars" then finally begins, Saori does her best to help Yumemi to win. Deeply in fear about what would happen with Yumemi's dream after she lost the gamble against Yumeko, Saori begs Yumeko not to let the audience hear the audio. Yumeko ask's Yumemi in turn if that is really what she wants. However, Yumemi say's that Yumeko should just release the audio, because her luck so or so has ran out. Yumemi then finally says her fans the truth. At first her fans were shocked, but then still cheered for her and admired her honesty. Afterwards, Yumeko and Yumemi sing a duet together.

After the duet is over, Yumeko wants to reveal the "villain" who forced Yumemi in retirement, but Saori screams that she has an idea. Saori tells Yumemi that her dream is to make Yumemi's dreams come true, she further adds, "The one who trampled on our dreams... I want to make him pay!". At first Yumemi was sceptical of Saori's idea, because she has nothing to gain from revealing the villain, but then agrees, stating that the situation is now a matter of "pride". Thus, Saori reveals Kaede Manyuda as the villain.

Kakegurui XX

Yumemi and Saori make their first appearance together in the 2nd season of Kakegurui throughout episode 5. Saori informs Yumemi that she has a photo shooting, in which she needs to wear a bikini and suggests her not to attend the photo shooting, because it will ruin her innocent image. However, Yumemi declines.

Later, Yumemi and Yumeko gamble against Kawaru Natari. While the 3 are gambling, Saori sits in the audience hall and cheers for Yumemi, she also desperately wishes for Yumemi to win the gamble. In the second round of the gamble, Saori immediately notices that Yumemi must have broken her finger to fake a reaction, which makes her sad, but she is then relieved when the second round ends in a tie.

In the third round of the gamble, Saori almost cries when she realizes that Yumeko isn't working with Yumemi anymore. After, Yumemi sees in the audience hall, she realizes how much Saori wishes for her to win. Yumemi then recalls some moments of the beginning of her idol career, and Saori is always together with Yumemi in these moments. Saori eventually tells Yumemi that she wants to be at her side and that she will always support her.

When Yumemi then wins the gamble against Kawaru, Saori is very happy for Yumemi, and not only because she won, but also because she finally accepted herself as an idol.


Saori's memory of Yumemi

In chapter 50 of the manga we see one of Saori's memories of Yumemi, and we see Yumemi standing in front of her in nothing but her underwear with her school shirt unbuttoned and wrinkled and hanging off of her shoulders. Yumemi is also blushing heavily and sweating in this memory. The text we see alongside the memory has Saori saying "Is this a dream?" and pinching herself to see if it is, and Yumemi responding with "touch me and find out". Saori also recalls how warm Yumemi's skin felt in that moment.

Other Kakegurui Media

In an omake, Saori is seen getting visibly protective of Yumemi when Sumika Warakubami gets too close. The two have also been seen getting very close in official art.


Saori“I'm sorry! I'm so sorry about this! This is all my fault...! Because of me...Yumemi's dream...our dream...!!”
Yumemi“There's no need to panic. As long as I win, everything's fine.”
— Saori and Yumemi, after Yumeko took Saori's recorder away.
“I know you're cute, Yumemi!”
— Saori to Yumemi.
“I've got to do something with you! When i'm with you, Yumemi...I think I'll get to see things I'll never see again otherwise...!”
— Saori to Yumemi.


Yumemisaori is the most popular ship for both, Saori and Yumemi. Fans were drawn in by Saori's loyalty to Yumemi, as well her will to make Yumemi's wish come true. Although it's the most popular ship for both characters, the ship didn't gain that much attention in the Kakegurui fandom, since Saori is a minor character that only appeared for 3 episodes. Many fans love the trope of the "plain" girl and the flashy cheerful girl. It's main rival ship is, Yumemimeko.

Separately, a short scene in chapter 50 can also be noted, which is very easy to read as something that happened between the two. Therefore, due to the lack of specific context, many of the ship's fans use this as a headcanon that the two might be in a sexual relationship.

Yumemisaori currently has 23 fanfictions on it's AO3 tag.



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