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“No matter what happens... I will always be your ally!”
— Historia to Ymir

YumiHisu is the femslash ship between Ymir and Historia Reiss from the Attack on Titan fandom.


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Before joining the military, Ymir lived in Wall Sina as a spy and thief, one day she overheard a conversation by the Church of The Walls and heard them speak about Krista. Eventually, Ymir began to gain interest in the girl named “Krista” which led her to join the 104th Training Corps as a cadet.

YumiHisu Anime 2.png

On the first day, Krista is spotted by Ymir as she sneaks out of the dining hall to give food and water to another classmate, named Sasha. Sasha was punished by the instructor and was told to run until she dropped. Ymir then approaches the two and asks Krista what were they doing, but Krista tells Ymir that she wanted to help Sasha until the brunette girl collapses onto Krista’s lap. Ymir and Krista both help Sasha into her sleeping bed which afterward Ymir tells Krista that she could take advantage of Sasha due to her being an idiot. Sometime later Ymir confronts Sasha for being too polite and tells her to be herself until she begins to criticize Sasha until Krista jumps in to defend Sasha. Krista begins to tell Ymir to leave Sasha alone and that she can be who she wants to be.

During their training, the two and the rest of the cadets have finished their training in the snowstorm, however, a cadet named Daz loses his conscious and Krista volunteered to pull the unconscious cadet, Ymir is shown to telling to give up on saving Daz after. As Krista listens to Ymir’s argument, she tells Ymir that it’ll be best if she went ahead which can mean the survival of the three of them.

YumiHisu Anime 3.jpg

Ymir begins to realize that Krista doesn’t care about saving Daz but instead is using their current situation as an excuse to die. Ymir begins to tell Krista that she knows who she is and by telling her that she knows she’s the King’s misteress’s daughter, she also says that she knows that by overhearing the conversation of the members of the Church of The Walls and tells Krista not to worry as she won’t spill out the information. Krista then asks Ymir if she joined the 104th Training Corps just to find her and why if she did. Ymir tells Krista that she joined because she felt some sort of connection with her, but then Krista tells Ymir if it was also because she wanted to befriend her until Ymir tells her it isn’t like that and that they’re nothing alike. Ymir explains to Krista that it was most likely due to having a second chance at life but at the same time she could never use a fake name like Krista was using at that time as it’ll defeat the purpose of avoiding defeat. She further explains to Krista by keeping her name she’ll and live her new life to get revenge just by staying alive, Ymir then scolds Krista for wanting to commit suicide and instead of wanting to kill her enemies.

YumiHisu Anime 4.png

Krista then realizes there is no way for them to survive until Ymir brings Krista to a cliff where the camp can be seen. Ymir brings up the idea of throwing Daz off the cliff so he can be found later and so the two of them can head to the camp with no problem, but Krista disagrees and thinks that Daz won’t survive the fall from a high cliff. Ymir tells Krista to shut up and tells her to get back to the camp herself as she’ll go down the cliff before throwing Krista into a tree, making a pile of snow falls on top of her, as Krista gets out from the pile of snow Ymir and Daz are nowhere to be seen.Krista heads back to the camp and finds Ymir, as they talk Krista notices the height of the cliff where they were and questions Ymir how did she do it and how did she keep Daz alive from such a height. Ymir then begins to tell Krista that’ll she share how she was able to save Daz but in one condition, that’s if Krista will promise her to take back her old name and live.

YumiHisu Anime 13.jpg

At present time Ymir once reminds her about their promise before jumping off Utgard Castle to fight off the titans in her Jaw Titan form as the titans were trying to eat Krista, Reiner, Bertolt, and Connie as their superiors had died from being decapitated and later eaten. Christa watches Ymir transform into her titan form and is seen to be visibly shocked. Ymir begins to get attacked by the titans until Christa begins to yell at Ymir to not die and not to be stupid to die for someone else as she should live for herself. She continues and tells her if she’s trying to die while protecting the tower then she should just let it fall. Ymir listens to Historia and begins to use the stone bricks of the castle before heading to Christa and the rest on the top telling them to get on her to live.

As the castle begins to fall it Ymir takes them to a safe place from falling off the falling castle. The castle falls on top of the Titans but doesn’t manage to kill them, Ymir is then attacked by the hoard of titans and while she is being attacked Krista then runs to Ymir telling her that she still hasn’t told her real name yet to her. A titan appears in front of Krista and before being nearly eaten she is saved by Mikasa and the rest of the Survey Corps. As Ymir is saved from the scouts, Krista can be seen cradling Ymir who was heavily injured. Ymir begins to wake up and Krista then reveals her real name to Ymir, Historia Reiss.

Ymir is later taken by the Survey Corps due to being heavily injured, as Ymir is resting Historia and Hange are talking, Historia is telling Hange to believe her as Ymir fought in her titan form to save those in the castle. But then Historia further explains to them that she knows what Ymir did was wrong for holding useful information but at the same time says it was also most likely that Ymir wanted to protect her comrades and is on the side of humanity. Hange then agrees with Historia but tells her they hope that Ymir will most likely corporate with them. Moments later, Reiner and Bertolt reveal themselves as the Armored and Colossal Titan, as they transform into their Titan forms they kidnap Ymir, along with Eren. Historia is seen to be horrified and even yells out Ymir.

Hange plans out an operation to retrieve Eren and Ymir back, although they couldn't be present due to their injuries. Historia, and the rest of scouts, as well members from the Garrison and Military Police accompany the scouts in the operation. As Bertolt and Reiner find out that they're being followed they immediately leave their resting space, the forest. Reiner takes Eren while Bertolt takes Ymir, as she's clung onto Bertolt's back she notices that Historia is with the scouts. Ymir alerts Reiner that Historia is with the scouts as this can be his chance to take Historia with them as well, Reiner tells Ymir it's better off to wait after for Historia which upsets Ymir as she's soon to be eaten by a warrior in Marley. Ymir expresses that she wants to see Historia again, especially if she were to follow along Reiner and Bertolt's plan it'll be the last time she'll ever get to see Historia. A flashback is shown of Ymir's past as Ymir dialogues with the flashback explaining how she'll have to lie once more and she asks for one final chance for Ymir to be honest with herself. After the flashback Ymir blocks Bertolt's eyes as a way to make it more difficult while using the ODM gear, slowing him. Ymir comes up with an idea for her to turn into the Jaw Titan as it has more agility than the other titans. Ymir stays behind in her titan form as the Reiner with Eren and Bertolt can reach the end of the forest. As Ymir is spotted by the she is still and waits for Historia before "devouring" her and leaving the forest to alert the warriors.

Ymir retreats with the warriors before the scouts catch up. Ymir removes Historia from her titan's mouth and Historia regains conscious, Ymir then emerges from her titan. Ymir mistakenly calls Historia by her former name, Christa before correcting herself and apologizes for devouring her. Ymir mentions that Historia might be angry for that before Historia asks Ymir what was she doing as they came to rescue Ymir and Eren before Ymir yells that she didn't need anyone to rescue her. Ymir tells Historia to stay as she's leaving with Reiner and Bertolt, as well Ymir explains there is no future beyond the walls and talks about the outside world. Historia asks if Bertolt and Reiner threaten Ymir until Bertolt revealed Ymir threaten them instead. Historia tells Ymir that she'll help her fight them instead without needing to tell Historia the full truth, Historia then exclaims that no matter what happens she'll be by Ymir's side.

Historia asks Ymir to let her go until Ymir refuses and reveals the truth, Ymir tells Historia the reason why she grabbed her as a way to save herself as Ymir was formerly a pure titan until eating a former warrior, which they happened to be an inheritor of the Jaw Titan.


Historia“I'm so glad, really. You had me so worried...”
Ymir“I'm sorry, I made you worry. But I told you to believe in me, didn't I?”
Historia“I believed, I believed... but...”
Ymir“Hey, don't cry Krista. I came back as promised.”
Ymir“Haha, to cling onto me like this is so unlike you. I'm a bit happy.”
Historia“Saying something weird at a time like this... you really are the Ymir I know!”
Ymir“Haha, isn't it obvious? Don't be silly.”
— Historia worries over Ymir, Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death
“Well I can understand feeling awkward after seeing our passionate love, but well you are an exception.”
— Ymir about hers and Historia's love to the player, Attack on Titan: Escape from Certain Death
“That's my Krista! After this mission is over, marry me baby!”
— Ymir to "Krista".
“S-she said we'd live for our own sake... together... but now she's left me behind...”
— Historia about Ymir leaves her.
“Krista... I have no right to tell you how to live. So this is just... a wish of mine. Live your life with pride.”
— Ymir to "Krista", afore transforming into a Titan.
“Your true goal is... to protect Krista, right?”
— Reiner guesses Ymir's will to protect Historia.
Historia“Did you... did you want to be friends with me?”
Ymir“What? No, that's not it... I didn't.”
— Ymir and Historia in the snowy mountains.
“I have no regrets. Or at least that's what I'd like to say. But to be honest, I do have one, You and I still aren't married.”
— Ymir expresses regret over not marrying Historia.
“I can't just sit here and wait after Ymir was kidnapped.”
— Historia feels anxious to not go save Ymir.
“I don't know how to explain it... but when I'm with you, I don't feel scared. No matter where I am!”
— Historia explains her feelings to Ymir.
“Do you always want to live hiding behind the mask you put up for the sake of others? You're you, and there's nothing wrong with that.”
— Ymir scolding Historia for not being herself.


Call of Silence

It's Ymir's official theme song, the song is played during Ymir's flashbacks when she became a mindless titan, then ate the Jaw-Titan holder, and her view on Historia. Ymir is shown to be first learning about Historia during back when she was a thief and spy. More into the flashback Ymir then realizes how she and Historia are similar, lying to themselves.

Zero Eclipse

It's the official theme used for Historia. The song is played when Historia has to make a complicated decision to insert the syringe into her body that is filled with titan fluids in order to eat Eren and gain the powers of the Founding Titan. Historia then disobeys her father as she gets memories of Ymir. The flashback heads back to Utgard Castle before Ymir fights off the titans. Ymir tells Historia that she has no right to tell her how should she live her life, and to instead that Historia should live a life she's proud of. Ymir's words cause Historia to throw the syringe, and to reject becoming the Founding Titan. In one of the song lyrics it mentions how two people kissed, most likely implying Historia and Ymir have had shared a kiss before.


YumiHisu is one of the most popular ships in the Attack on Titan fandom. It's also the most popular femslash ship. Fans were drawn to it given the two's loyalty to each other, as well as Ymir's flirting. The ship being confirmed by the "Word of God" made many YumiHisu shippers very happy.

Ymir and Historia's attraction towards each other.

On AO3, YumiHisu is the most written ship for both Historia and Ymir. It is also the fourth most written relationship in the Attack on Titan tag.

Historia: "Feelings for Ymir" Ymir: "Feelings for Christa (Historia)"

After confirmation, some non-fans of this ship didn't approve of the confirmation and believed it was "one-sided" on Ymir's side, or that just because a director confirmed the relationship between the two didn't mean it was canon, as they believed it should be Isayama confirming the two, but it's known that Isayama works with the directors when the producing the anime on his wants and removals (ex: Levi choking Historia due to her thoughts on becoming Queen scene was removed in the anime by Isayama's request), especially when it comes to deadlines. However YumiHisu fans argued that even before their ship being canon it was in fact true that the two were in love before developing an official relationship, as the Attack on Titan Guidebook confirmed that the two felt some sort of attraction towards one another before Season 2. Confirming even more of this ship's canonical status.

YumiHisu fans applaud more for this ship as even official merchandise confirmed their feelings for one another (upper left of circle in Japanese). In Historia's card, her highest stat was "feelings for Ymir", meanwhile in Ymir's it states the same, "feelings for Christa (Historia)". Most animators from WIT and MAPPA Studio drew the two, one where Historia is holding Ymir. While the other Ymir is carrying a joyful Historia around the ruins of Utgard Castle.



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  • It's one out two of Historia's canon ships, the other one being FarmHisu.
  • Isayama has stated before that he only drew freckles on Ymir so she would look like a commoner, looking different from Historia. [2]
  • Ymir and Historia were nominated for Best Couple in the 2020 Crunchyroll Anime Awards. [3]
  • The two appear together in the second opening for the final season of Attack on Titan. [4]





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