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Zaquel is the femslash ship between Zatanna Zatara and Raquel Ervin from the Young Justice fandom.


Season 1


After defeating members of The Light, Raquel lands beside Zatanna and asks if things are always this crazy. Zatanna says that they pretty much are and does a spell to stop the snowstorm. The two then head down to meet with the rest of the team.



After taking out several of Queen Bee's goons, Raquel says that Zatanna is going to have to tell her how she figures out how to say things backwards so fast. Zatanna suggests that backwards is her native tongue, much to Raquel's annoyance.



Zatanna and Raquel are walking side by side after Zatanna finished her spell on Artemis. Raquel can't believe that she summoned Wally's ghost for her, and Zatanna says that she didn't. She doesn't have that kind of power, and she meant it when she told Artemis. Raquel then looks to Artemis and M'gann and realizes that it was caused by M'gann. Zatanna explained that M'gann created a space where Artemis could work things out in her mind, but Artemis came to all the conclusions herself. They'll either tell her someday or they won't.


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Zaquel is a rarepair in the Young Justice Cartoon fandom. This is due to their extremely minor interactions. Although some got attached to those moments rather quickly, due to some of their shared dialogue being interpreted as flirting. Some also pointed out that the ending of season 3, had Zatanna and Raquel paired up like all the other couples, adding some fuel to the ship. That and the two sharing screentime together when they're in the background. The ship however is most overshadowed by Snaibsel, Zatanna's ship with Artemis, with Raquel mostly being forgotten by the larger Young Justice fandom.

On AO3, Zaquel is the second most written ship for Raquel. It currently has 10 works. Most of the fics though, don't have them as the focus and instead have them in the background for other YJ pairs.



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