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ZeeKate is the femslash ship between Zatanna Zatara and Kate Kane from the DC Comics fandom.



Kate and Cass are fighting Azazel when Bruce and Zatanna show up. Zatanna knocks Azazel out, and Kate comments on how she couldn't arrive sooner. Zatanna says that they had private business to attend to, and Kate says if she finds out they were beating up vampires without her, she'll be pissed. She falls to the ground, and Zatanna goes to her side, asking if she doesn't mind her playing cleric. Kate asks if she's a vampire and Zatanna says that she isn't. Although she did date one, but so did Kate. She then heals her.


Detective Comics

Issue 961

  • Zatanna supports Kate as she walks.

Issue 962

  • Kate comments that she wants to marry Zatanna.


“I want to marry her.”
— Kate seeing Zatanna fight vampires; Detective Comics #962


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ZeeKate is an extremely rarepair in the DC Comics fandom. This is due to the two having extremely minimal canon interactions. Zatanna is also more often shipped with John Constantine and Batman, while Kate is more often ship with Maggie Sawyer and Renee Montoya. Some did start to ship the two after Kate made a one off comment about wanting to marry Zatanna.

Those that do ship it tend to joke about Zatanna having member of the Batfamily fall in love with her. This is due to her being Bruce Wayne's love interest most of the time, and her relationship with Dick Grayson in Young Justice. Some also bring up the parallel of Kate wanting to marry Zatanna, with the time Steph met her and her first thought was that she was hot. Shippers also making many jokes about Kate just falling for her in a few seconds. People got rather attached rather fast to the ship, although fanon works are still scarce. It currently has no works on AO3.

Some also ship it for aesthetic reasons. Kate's signature color of red, tends to work really well with Zatanna in black and white. Some also just ship it because they like the idea of badass women dating each other. As well as Kate dating all of her cousins love interests.



ZeeKate posts on Tumblr


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