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Zelalina is the femslash ship between Zelda and Rosalina from the Super Smash Bros. fandom.


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Depending on the version of Zelda, both she and Rosalina have blond colored hair, light blue eyes, have suffered their own kind of personal loss, are mature, wear blue colored clothing, are able to do magic and have their own kind of connections with gods. As Rosalina was chosen by the Lumas to become a goddess and the figure of the Lumas, in which gave Rosalina her princess title even though she isn't really a royal and is rarely addressed as Princess Rosalina, just as Zelda was entrusted to hold the Triforce of Wisdom by the Golden Goddesses and Skyward Sword reviling her to be the mortal incarnation of the Goddess Hylia; and it being one of the few The Legend of Zelda that doesn't have Zelda as a royal. Many of Zelda's clothes has the Triforce and the royal crest of Hyrule, just as Rosalina's star shaded earrings and the silver star with a yellow around jewel or circle on the caller of her blue dress references the Lumas. Rosalina main seen weapon is a star-headed wand, while in Hyrule Warriors Zelda wields both the Wind Waker and the Dominion Rod. In Ultimate, Zelda is able to summon and attack with the Phantom, just as Rosalina is commonly accompanied by a Luma and can attack with the star shaped creature.

While Rosalina is a playable character in a few Super Mario games, Zelda is hardly a playable character and has had served as a support character in a same number of battles in her own games. Apart from Hyrule Warriors, it has the latter as one of the optional choice playable characters like the former. In one the of the SSB games, Rosalina is seen wearing Hyrule Warriors clothes that belong to one of its original characters, Lana.


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There is a small community this of Zelalina shippers, who love this pairing. Since they have met in canon through the Smash Bros. series, in which gives the ship support. Even though there are quite a few YouTube videos of the two fighting each other in the SSB games.

On AO3, the ship only has 3 fanfics, while has 12 shared fics about the two in its Super Smash Bros. category. The fanfics commonly have the two with Peach and Daisy.



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