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“Turkish Delight, irresistible.”
— Helmut Zemo

Zemo x Turkish Delight is the cargo ship between Helmut Zemo and Turkish Delight from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


Zemo and Turkish Delight have a very little screen time together in the MCU, though the confection is common in Eastern European countries where Zemo came from.

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

The Whole World is Watching

In his Latvian residence, Zemo is rummaging around the cupboards, looking for Turkish Delights. He finds them and chews one while having a banter with Bucky. Zemo eventually discovers more Turkish Delights inside a sort of vase. He picks one of them, telling Sam that his aunt must have been proud of him and throws him one. He scatters even more Turkish Delights onto a table and calls it irresistible.

At the resettlement camp, Zemo approaches a group of kids who are playing outside the buildings. He is singing while taking a bag full with Turkish Delight out of his pocket. He sits down, shifting a stool, and scatters the Turkish Delights on it. Zemo looks up to one of a kid and quietly offers the confection. After a moment, he tells her that Turkish Delight was always his son's favorite.

As the girl takes one of the Turkish Delights, Zemo uses it as a bait for questioning Donya's funeral and successfully gains the information. Zemo eventually clutches some of the Turkish Delights, standing up and walking closer to the girl. While holding out the confections, he asks the girl to keep the information secrets and to not trust Sam and Bucky. After the girl agrees, Zemo finally puts the Turkish Delights on her palms and walks away.

Behind the Scenes

“[Turkish Delight]’s less common in Western countries than in Eastern and Southeastern Europe, where Zemo comes from. That gives it a personal connection: it was a confection of the wealthy in older days, which speaks to his aristocratic heritage. When he claims that it was his son’s favorite dessert, it adds a touch of both tragedy and revenge to the gesture.”
— Comic Book Resources[1]


"Turkish Delight, irresistible" is one of Zemo fans’ most favorite lines, as it is often mentioned in posts. The headcanon of Turkish Delight being Zemo's favorite confection is popular even though the series only states that the confection was his son's favorite.  This headcanon might have also contributed to some fans picturing Zemo as having a sweet tooth. Fanfictions with Zemo as the main character often include Turkish Delight in the contents and Fanart also have been depicting him with Turkish Delight. Zemo with Turkish Delight has been quite a meme with people making videos of Zemo bothering Bucky by keeps offering him Turkish Delight[2] and doing Turkish Delights advertisement.[3]

While some viewers find the way Zemo lures a group of kids with Turkish Delight creepy; some others find it clever and amusing, comparing him to the one of many well-crafted villains in children literature: the White Witch from Narnia who uses Turkish Delight to gain information from Edmund.[4] Zemo's relationship with Turkish Delight also inflicts sentiment in some fans, as the confection was Zemo's son's favorite.



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  • Zemo kept a box of Turkish Delight for every time he visited Riga with his son,[5].


Zemo x Turkish Delight x Cherry Blossom Tea refers to the ship between Cherry Blossom Tea, Helmut Zemo and Turkish Delight.



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