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Zhongluc is the slash ship between Diluc Ragnvindr and Zhongli from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Diluc and Zhongli have never officially met in the game's story or lore. In the event Of Drink A-Dreaming, they were both in Diluc's tavern around the same time, but did not directly or indirectly interact in any way.

However, the two have a few similarities. Both protect their nations, with Diluc being the Darknight Hero and Zhongli working with the Traveller to help his. In addition to that, they both play personas. No one knows that Diluc is the Darknight Hero or that Zhongli is Rex Lapis aside from the Traveller and a select few others. Both lost their vision/gnosis for a while (though Diluc has recovered his while Zhongli has not). They have high emphasis on detail. Both have similar color schemes, too. Diluc's main defining color is red and Zhongli's is brown, but Zhongli has many hints of red throughout his outfit, with his gems and his eyeliner; they both wear many dark colors. Finally, both have lost someone important to them, Crepus and Guizhong. Furthermore, they were both there when their important person died. These losses affected both deeply; his loss helped Diluc start his journey to find out about the Fatui and Zhongli lost not only an advisor but a close friend.

They also have some differences. Or rather, they complement each other. Diluc owns a winery while disliking wine, and Zhongli is known to enjoy it, especially osmanthus wine. Zhongli is the God of Mora, while barely having any money on hand. Diluc, in contrast, runs a successful wine business, earning him enough mora to be the most desirable bachelor in Mondstadt. Even the way they act is mirrored. Zhongli is pretty openly friendly but can and will hurt others for Liyue, while Diluc is openly cold and distant but can secretly be relatively friendly.

Liyue itself is based off of China. In Chinese mythology, the Phoenix and the Dragon are married, and are said to bring wealth, happiness, and other good fortunes to married couples if they worship them. One of Diluc's idle animations shows a phoenix, possibly Vanessa, interacting with Diluc in a friendly way, before taking back off to the sky again. In addition, Diluc's burst has a giant phoenix flying out from his claymore, knocking over enemies before flying up to the sky. Because of this, Diluc himself is often represented with a phoenix in fan art. Zhongli, when an adeptus, is frequently depicted as a dragon in the canon lore. Therefore, many believe they represent the gods of the Chinese myths, and ship them as a result.


"If I were to choose between 'eating a Cryo Slime alive' or 'joining the Fatui'...I'd prefer to be crushed to death by a meteorite."

- Diluc quote from Prologue, Act II


Zhongluc is decently popular within the fandom, though still overshadowed in terms of popularity by ships such as Chili and Chiluc. Though a bit of a rarepair, it grew in fan numbers over the course of 2021. Many find them to be sweet together, loving each other through mutual understanding and through a slow but steady friendship that turns to love, while some like it because of the semi popular trope of Phoenix x Dragon. Some also find their contrasts fun to play around with, for example, Diluc paying for Zhongli when he forgets his mora, or Zhongli lightheartedly teasing Diluc for his dislike of wine.

Currently the ship has 560+ fics on AO3.



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