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“And he's the toughest guy in the crew...”
— Nami on Zoro after his injuries.

ZoNami is the het ship between Roronoa Zoro and Nami from the One Piece fandom.


Zoro and Nami are close friends and crew mates with the Straw Hat Pirates, together they are respectively the longest serving crew members under Luffy. The two get on, generally, well, however Nami is prone to violence when it comes to Zoro’s laidback and indifferent attitude, whilst Zoro can find Nami annoying and difficult. Even so, they have grown a strong bond that has allowed them to become good friends and comrades. Before their meeting, Zoro was amazed at Nami's navigation skills, even stating that she would be an excellent navigator and that she had to join them.

The pair first met shortly after Nami met Luffy on Orange Town. Nami formed a partnership with both Luffy and Zoro, after their victory over the Buggy Pirates, whereby they become crew mates. Following the events on Nami’s home island, Cocyashi Village, she became a fully-fledged member of the Straw Hat Pirates and Zoro’s crew mate. Whilst Nami occupies the role of navigator, Zoro unofficially occupies the role of first mate, making the pair the closest crew members to their captain, Luffy.

Nami tricks Zoro on Whiskey Peak.

Initially, Zoro did not care for Nami, instead just about tolerating her loud presence. Even so, he found great amusement in her heavy-handed approach in dealing with Luffy, such as when she tried to drown him shortly after they left Orange Town. He acknowledged her abilities as a navigator, and valued her for that reason, but found himself often on the receiving end of Nami’s deceptive and mischievous nature. One example was her successfully using him to climb over a slippery oil spill on a bank between two cliffs, allowing her to escape but leaving him trapped. When Nami’s betrayal was revealed, he advised Luffy to leave her behind, effectively proving he does not have any concern for her. Later, he only agreed to go after her because his captain ordered him to do so.

Zoro’s opinion of Nami gradually began to soften. When he was captured by the Arlong Pirates, the crew that Nami actually belongs to, he could see through her act very easily, deducing she was not truly like them. He proved his point by willingly diving into a pool of water whilst tied up, knowing full well she would save him. Even with this understanding, he still made the decision to go to sleep rather than listen to Nojiko tell the story of Nami’s past, explaining that he is only here because his captain wishes to save her. When it came to fighting the Arlong Pirates, Zoro waited on stand-by for Luffy’s orders after Nami finally asked for his help. He then stormed Arlong Park and fought against Hatchan despite being seriously wounded, and for a while he even fought Arlong. Once Nami returned to the crew, he had no objections over this, even though much later he demanded that Usopp apologise before he could come back to the crew after he, himself, had left.

Nami looks over Zoro as he recovers on Thriller Bark.

Since her return, the two found themselves on good terms. Whilst they are prone to argue, they see each other as valuable comrades and Zoro never suspects Nami will betray the crew again. After Luffy, Zoro is most often on the receiving end of Nami’s beatings, normally for being asleep or not helping out where he should. Although she can bemoan him, she acknowledges Zoro’s incredible strength and toughness, being amazed at his absurd tolerance for pain and determination for victory, and even his great skill in swordsmanship. Nami can also be seen caring for him from time-to-time, such as after he was put into a coma for three days after his encounter with Bartholomew Kuma, where she stayed by his bedside whilst everybody else partied. Later on, she even stopped Luffy pouring sake into his mouth so he could recover peacefully. Zoro has also shown kindness to Nami, being willing to carry her about Arabasta even though he knew full well she was not actually injured. On Punk Hazard, despite Zoro’s intense dislike for Sanji, he still instinctively caught Nami’s hand when she tripped and fell even though he knew it was actually Sanji in her body. He is also willing to follow Nami's orders to the letter when it comes to sailing the ship, showing complete faith in her skills as a navigator.

Nami orders Zoro to follow Sanji and Brook.

Often the two can argue over petty matters and disagreements, with Zoro frequently losing these disputes. Their arguments tend to be comical in nature, even in serious situations. They are also the most highly sceptical ones within the crew, often having doubts about certain events. The pair tend to find too good to be true situations not believable. The only time this changes is if Nami finds out that treasure is somehow involved and leaves Zoro as the only person with any doubts. In the beginning, Zoro disliked being bossed around by Nami, but grows to occasionally accept her authority, if only to avoid being attacked by her. When she ordered him to go after Sanji, who was in her body, he agreed to do so. In this particular instance, Nami showed her complete trust in Zoro, as she knew he would not be perverted towards her body and would be able to distract Sanji enough for him to not commit any of his own perverted shenanigans. Zoro has shown concer for Nami, such as on Thriller Bark when he wondered if Sanji had saved Nami, and once again on Dressrosa when she, along with Sanji, Chopper and Brook were seperated from the crew whilst being chased by the Big Mom Pirates.

Differences between anime and manga

Sometimes the moments between Zoro and Nami in the canon material are changed in the anime at almost unreal moments.

  • Davy Back Fight saga: In the anime, Nami suffering insults from the Foxy gang for her nature, hits Zoro because he did not cover her up and only told the truth; in the manga, Nami accepts what he says, without attacking him.
  • Thriller Bark saga: Of Brook's entry of the crew, it does not excite all the components, in the anime Nami is stands up without hiding anywhere; in the manga, Nami is shown next to Zoro in terror.[1]
  • Wano saga: When Zoro tries the new sword entrusted to him (Enma), he cuts the cliff in front of him, in the anime Nami is shown with an astonished expression like everyone else; in the manga Nami is shown amazed and at the same time with a calm expression, moreover she bluss at what Zoro has done.[2]


“Amazing. She used the weather to her own advantage. She must really know the seas... She'd make a great navigator...”
— Zoro's impressions of Nami before meeting her.
Zoro“Just how many of you are charging on one girl... Did you get hurt?”
Nami“I'm... I'm okay”
— The first meeting of Zoro and Nami. Plus the first rescue by Zoro: Chapter 10.
“Nami! Look out! Duck!!”
— Zoro warns Nami of danger.
Zoro“Zzz... Zzz...”
Nami to Luffy“Let him sleep, he's still injured.”
Nami“That idiot... What was he thinking?”
Zoro“What were YOU thinking? What kind of cold-blooded witch woman... can't stand to see a man drown? Well, help me, stupid. I almost died just now!”
— Zoro asks Nami to save him, after she rescues him from the pool of water: Chapter 71.
Zoro“*Thumb down*”
— Zoro and the others help Nami in Arlong Park: Chapter 88.
Zoro“I do have something I want to buy too but...”
Nami“I'll happily lend you some money, at 300% interest.”
— Nami asks Zoro for 300% interest in Loguetown Arc.
“Don't worry. That guy just now is monstrously strong.”
— Nami admits Zoro's strength in Whiskey Peak arc.
“Oh, no! Nami!!”
— Zoro worries about Nami when Ener electrifies the snake in Skypiea Arc.
Zoro“Then just sit tight, and... Quietly watch the game!”
Nami“How could you say that? He must feel terrible right now.”
— Zoro scolds Chopper, and Nami only later doesn't argue with him.
“Moron cook bastard... Did you save Nami?”
— Zoro worried about Nami in Thriller Bark Arc.
Zoro“...that voice sounds familiar, and that silhouette... Nami, what do you think?”
Nami“Hhmmm... It definitely looks kinda... Suspicious.”
— Zoro asks Nami about Hatchan in Sabaody Arc.
“What kind of ridiculous power up is that?”
— Zoro asks Sanji what kind of power up is (Sanji palpates Nami's breast) in Punk Hazard Arc.
Zoro“Just so we're clear, I'm worth two thousand, got it?”
Nami“Yes, yes. We know.”
— Zoro says he is worth two thousand men, while Nami caresses his head and proves him right in Zou Arc.
“When did she get this picture taken?”
— Zoro comments on Nami's poster in Dressrosa Arc.
Nami“A smile is returned with another smile.”
Zoro“A debt is repaid absolutely.”
Nami“Sure! Money too!”
Zoro“Are you still saying that?”
— Dialogue between Zoro and Nami in the song "Jungle Fever".


Initially, ZoNami proved to be a very popular ship in the One Piece fandom. Its popularity began when they first met where Zoro saves Nami from the Buggy Pirates. Since then their popularity grew more and more and managed to rival LuNa, the most popular ship in the fandom. Due to few moments between them post time-skip[3], the ship's popularity began to drop and has since ranked 7th among the most popular het ships. Although it's no longer as popular as LuNa, SaNa or Zoyori, the ship between Zoro and Nami is still popular in its own right.

Compared to most One Piece pairings, it can be viewed as the most vanilla, in that both Zoro and Nami are relatively tamed individuals with no serious bizarre traits that puts a unique spin on their relationship. Rather, their relationship is the closest of two ordinary people that grow to trust each other. This contrasts with both LuNa and SaNa, as Luffy is exceedingly idiotic and completely indifferent with romance and lust, and Sanji is unhealthily obsessed with both. In this regard, ZoNa can be considered a middle ground for shippers. The ship is usually associated with VegeBul by the Dragon Ball fandom, because of the similarity that both have, and for their roles being somewhat similar to that of Vegeta and Bulma. Another ship very similar to ZoNami is SasuSaku from Naruto, the ship het between Sasuke Uchiha and Sakura Haruno.

Fans of the ship are somewhat tame. Since Zoro and Nami never really gather a significant amount of screen time as a notable pairing, any climatic moments, or a romantic interest in each other, fans have come to appreciate the smaller moments and details instead, be it Nami by Zoro’s bedside on Thriller Bark, or when she pats his head on Zou. When it comes to shipping wars in the One Piece fandom, fans often state ZoNa as a simple preference rather than believing it to be something that will happen by the end of the series. ZoNami fans are often criticized by other fans of different ships mocking even the couple, making them invisible in the fandom, for fear of being heavily beaten. However, there are plenty of ZoNami fans who argue that Zoro and Nami's relationship, as time goes on, could be explored, making it a possible endgame pair if the crew disbands. In addition, the fact that Zoro is the only crew member who has never received a hug from Nami or seen her naked could be a sign that Zoro is unique to Nami.

A theory, according to ZoNami shippers, is that Nami hoped to meet Zoro in a bar when the crew reunited on Sabaody. This is because Nami is in a bar waiting for "someone", that assumption is that, because Zoro loves to drink, he would go to a bar. However, Zoro instead went to Shakky and Rayleigh's bar. This is further supported by the fact that both Zoro and Nami are avid drinkers.

ZoNami has plenty of rivals, this is dominantly a result of how popular both characters are in regards to shipping. Zoro has been shipped with Kuina, Hiyori, Tashigi, Perona, and Nico Robin. Conversely, Nami has been shipped with Luffy, Sanji and Usopp. Although not often shipped, a popular perspective for One Piece fans is how Zoro and Nami were the first crew mates of Luffy’s. They have come to be seen as an iconic trio which has led to a poly ship to form for some fans as well. ZoNami fans tend to also ship LuHan and Frobin.

ZoNami "Holidays"

ZoNami Holiday calendar for 2017

ZoNami Day, Week and Month are holidays created by fans of the ship that can be celebrated during the holidays, without having any connection with the canonical material. During these holidays many can create calendars during the month ZoNami, with creative things to do, such as fanart, AMV and much more related to the ship. The day fans celebrate ZoNami is November 7th, a date that is celebrated mostly in Japan.[4]

  • The "ZoNami Day" takes place throughout the day of November 7th.
  • The "ZoNami Week" takes place throughout the week from June 1 to 7.
  • The "ZoNami month" takes place throughout the month.

VegeBul Parallels

Zoro and Nami; Vegeta and Bulma.jpg

The pairing is often paralleled with Vegeta and Bulma (VegeBul), from Dragon Ball, due to the similarities of the characters and moments. Nami is seen as a parallel of Bulma as they are both very intelligent, argumentative and tend to satisfy their needs with money. Zoro is similar to Vegeta as they are both distant and generally indifferent characters (although Vegeta is much colder), they also both share a deep love for fighting.

It is worth noting that Eiichiro Oda was heavily influenced by the work of Akira Toriyama, the creator of Dragon Ball, and cites at having a big impact on his development as a manga author. The two had the opportunity to make a crossover between their respective mangas. In this crossover Zoro and Nami were paralleled with Vegeta and Bulma, giving confirmation to fans of their similarities.

Fans frequently point out the numerous moments or similar characteristics of the two couples:

ZoNami and VegeBul moment.jpg

  • Their mindsets are very much identical: a proud man doesn't hold back and an intelligent woman always manages to make her own way.
  • Zoro and Vegeta both share the habit of grumbing when they complain about being bossed around by Nami and Bulma (respectively), yet always end up doing as they are told.
  • Both Vegeta and Bulma, as well as Zoro and Nami, are closest to the main characters of their series, Goku and Luffy.
  • Nami and Bulma have been seen sitting at the bedside of Zoro and Vegeta after they have been injured (Vegeta, after the explosion in the Gravity Room, and Zoro after facing Kuma in Thriller Bark).

Frobin Parallels

ZoNami and Frobin.jpg

A ship that is parallel to ZoNami in One Piece is Frobin. Both ships have a rather noisy component that often gets carried away by feelings, and an always serious and calm component that is usually irritated by the personality of the noisy component. A similar moment they share is when Nami tramples Zoro to get out of the slippery oil on the floor. Similar moment when Robin tramples Franky in the Saga of Thriller Bark to get up.



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  • The animal that represent Zoro is the tiger and Nami a cat, both of which are felines. Zoro has also been representated by a shark.[5]
  • Both Zoro and Nami hated pirates at first. Nami stole from them whilst Zoro hunted them.
  • Zoro and Nami are polar opposites when it comes to navigation. Whilst Nami is very skilled Zoro is hopeless and easily gets himself lost.
  • On numerous chapter covers there has been potentially a few ZoNami moments.[6]
    • On the cover of chapter 568, Zoro is looking for a lion who is hidding among the sunflowers. The lion in question has been seen on Nami's shirt on the cover of chapter 263.
    • For the color spread chapter 771, Nami and Zoro can be seen desperately trying to stop Luffy steering the carriage they are in; in addition there is Zoro's hand that can be glimpsed behind Nami touching the carriage.
    • In the color spread chapter 79 Zoro is sitting on a panther with a scar on it's left shoulder, exactly where Nami scarred herself with a knife. Nami is leaning against a panther who has three bottles of beer in it's mouth. Beyond this, they are both wearing very similar bracelets.
    • In the color spread chapter 422 Nami drives a shark-shaped vehicle.
    • For the color spread on chapter 692, Nami looks at Zoro whilst Brook's hands point to the numbers two and three (the 12 o'clock hand is tilted to the two) Zoro and Nami's specific numbers are 2 and 3 respectively.
    • On the cover art for chapter 481 Zoro is drawing calligraphics whilst near the door is his observing sensei in a form of a cat. In the background there are waves.
    • In chapter 426 color spread, a sleeping Zoro and Nami are on the same cloud with Usopp standing at the back.
    • In the color spread chapter 379, Usopp shows Zoro a photo of Nami.
    • On the chapter cover 1016, Zoro and a cat are dressed as ninjas hiding in an attic with swords piercing through the floor at them. This directly references Nami and Shinobu who, on a mission as ninjas, were hiding in the attic before swords came through the floor to attack them.
    • In color walk 3 volume 37, Zoro and Nami are seen talking to each other.
    • In color walk 9 volume number 82 Luffy, Zoro and Sanji have a contest, and there are Nami and Chopper underneath dressed as cheerleaders looking up at Zoro.
    • In the Color Walk Eagle "No brakes" there are Zoro and Nami who are on the front of the Going Merry; Nami also tries to say something to Zoro.
  • In some Shonen Jump magazine covers made by Oda, there are some moments between Zoro and Nami.
    • In the cover of the first volume Zoro and Nami are drawn behind Luffy next to each other.
    • In the cover 28 Zoro and Nami are drawn one above the other in the form of ice cream.
    • On the cover number 6 of Weekly Shonen Jump Zoro and Nami have an almost similar karate pose.
    • On cover 25 of 2011, Oda drew Nami looking in Zoro's direction.
    • In cover 43 for Weekly Shonen Jump, Zoro and Nami are drawn next to and behind Luffy.
    • In 2017 cover No. 6 of Weekly Shonen Jump, Zoro and Nami stand next to each other, with Nami wearing a flower on her left ear.
  • In the color spread chapter 449 Luffy, Zoro and Nami are seen. Luffy is seen sitting on the sidelines, and Zoro and Nami both stand up. But in an official One Piece secondary table for the calendar for the year 2015 there are only Zoro and Nami.

One Piece calendar for the year 2015

  • Zoro and Nami are the only ones among the crew to wear earrings. The number of Nami's earrings is two and Zoro's is three.
  • Despite Zoro having known Nami the longest, alongside Luffy, he is one of very few crew members to not have seen her naked.
  • In chapter 955 Nami can be seen blushing after Zoro cuts a cliff in half.
  • Nami and Zoro both have a great tolerance for alcohol and love to drink.
  • In a cover for the One Piece Jump special for spring 2013, Oda draws Zoro, Nami and Chopper in the front row.[7]
  • During the Thriller Bark saga, One Piece creator, Eiichiro Oda, designed Nami's wedding necklace to an identical style of Zoro's earrings.[8]
  • In a crossover with Dragon Ball, Zoro and Nami are paralleled to the married Vegeta and Bulma.

Zoro and Nami - Vegeta and Bulma

  • So far, Zoro is the only member of the crew not to receive a hug from Nami.
  • Zoro has often been the first to notice if something is irritating Nami or notes any changes:
    • Once when Nami was bitten by a spider in Little Garden Arc.
    • When he arrives on Zou with Luffy he is the first to notice Nami's distress.
    • He noticed Nami's change of weapon first on their way to Enies Lobby.
    • When Hody states he has succeeded in Arlong's will he takes note of Nami due to her personal history with Arlong.
  • In the movie "One Piece: Film Z" Nami uses a technique called "Gust Sword" which can be seen as a reference to Zoro's swordsmanship. In the same film, Zoro also uses a technique called "Water Stream" which can also be seen as a reference to Nami's fighting style with her clima-tact. Both of these moves were used on the same enemy, Ain.
  • According to the statistics of the most popular het ships in the One Piece fandom, ZoNami initially turned out to be most popular ship in the fandom, but has since dropped to seventh place.
  • In an SBS, Oda drew sketches of the Straw Hats when they are older. Zoro and Nami, at the age of 60, have similarities with the married Silvers Rayleigh and Shakky.

SBS sketch Zoro and Nami at the age of 60 (made by Oda)

  • Zoro's favorite season is autumn, where the theme color is orange, while Nami's favorite season is summer, where the theme color is green.
  • There is a theory among the ZoNami shippers, in case Zoro and Nami end up together, they will open a booze bar once the crew disband, like Shakky and Rayleigh did. Nami may be able to be Zoro's "GPS", as Nami is the navigator and Zoro the one who gets lost. (Fanon curiosity)
  • Nami has worn accessories similar to Zoro's earrings three times.
    • Once in the Thriller Bark saga when she wore the wedding dress.
    • Another time in the color spread chapter 796 around her waist.
    • In the color spread chapter 802 in her hair.
  • Zoro has saved Nami from danger 4 times whilst Nami has saved Zoro once.
  • Oda for volume 13 magazine drew Nami in the style of Zoro's three swords.

Nami swords style.jpg

  • Even though Zoro values his swords greatly and generally does not like others touching them, Nami has been seen touching or holding them numerous times:
    • The first time in the Syrup Village saga, while Zoro was sliding on the oil and Nami clings to his sword in order to reach the top.
    • When they disguised themselves as a marine and Zoro, not seeing her, received a blow on the head. Soon after she takes his swords.(non-canon filler)
    • Another time, in the movie "One Piece: Dead End", when Nami tries to impress a little boy with the sword of Zoro.(non-canon film)
    • In the color spread of the movie “One Piece: Z” made by Oda, Nami is seen touching Zoro's sword.(non-canon film)
    • Nami handed the swords back to him as they were facing Kuro, kicking them at Zoro and getting scolded for it.
    • Nami returned the Wado Ichimonji (Kuina's sword) to Zoro after he was thrown in Arlong's prison.
  • Oda occasionally draws Zoro and Nami wearing similar accessories across the various color spreads he creates.[9]
    • In the color spread of the movie “One Piece: Strong World” and in the color spread chapter 28 Zoro and Nami wear an identical red bandana with sunflowers on it.
    • In the color spread chapter 878 both Zoro and Nami have a yellow towel wrapped around them, and they are the only ones holding it.
    • In the color walk number 29 of Shonen Jump magazine, Zoro wears a leopard print shirt. Nami also wears leopard-print dresses featured in the color spread chapter 401 and in the color walk 4 Eagle.
    • Zoro wears a red striped scarf in the color spread chapter 156, similar to Nami's scarf from the color spread chapter 70.
    • In the color walk shark 5 page 21 and in the color spread chapter 622 Zoro wears a striped shirt; Nami wears a striped shirt in the color spread chapter 483.
    • In the color spread Walk 1, Zoro wears a bracelet similar to Nami's from the color spread chapter 45.
    • In the color spread chapter 198 Zoro wears a checkered shirt; Nami wears a checkered shirt in the color walk 3 Lion.
  • In a work created by Oda “One Piece Monster”[10] Ryuma is very reminiscent of Zoro, and Flare is reminiscent of Nami. Their relationship is similar to that of Zoro and Nami.
  • In the song "Jungle Fever", Zoro and Nami have a little conversation.[11]
  • In the specials where the mugiwara are mafia, Zoro calls Nami “Namiammore” which means "Nami-love".
  • For the film "One Piece Gold" there were some posters depicting the crew in white clothes and with Zoro and Nami who are far away. But in an original sketch created by Oda for the film, Zoro and Nami are next to each other. And even in the movie trailer Zoro and Nami are standing next to each other.

Zoro and Nami drawn close in a sketch made by Oda for the movie "One Piece Gold"

  • Nami has been the only woman to make Zoro smile/laugh when, as they left town, Nami tries to drown Luffy in the sea which prompts Zoro to laugh
  • Zoro, Nami and Chopper get up in the morning at the same time, 7am.[12]
  • In a One Piece comedy spin-off called "One Piece Party", there is a page where Nami can be seen grabbing Zoro's hand while Chopper stands on his head.[13]
  • Tangerine is the fruit that best represents them, as the base color is orange (for Nami) and a sprouting leaf that is green (for Zoro).
  • Both Zoro and Nami in the Wano saga received compliments from Shimotsuki Yasuie calling them beautiful guys, and they were also the only ones to receive them; Yasuie to Zoro: “You pretty boy! I bet the girls can barely keep their hands off you, young mister!” - Yasuie to Nami: “Hey there, a beautiful girl...”
  • Tashigi reminds both Zoro and Nami of someone who was very important to both of them. Tashigi reminds Zoro of her childhood friend, Kuina; reminds Nami of her mother Bellemere.


Namiko is the het ship between Namizo and Zoriko genderbend version.

  • Oda drew crewmembers with opposite sexes in an SBS, and from that some fanarts with ship genderbend started and their names were given by fans.[14]

Zoro and Nami genderbend SBS: Volume 56




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