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Sanji“What good is dying gonna do you? What about your ambition, you idiot?”
Sanji“Hey, big guy! Rather than this moss-head swordsman... take my life instead!”

ZoSan is the slash ship between Zoro and Sanji from the One Piece fandom.


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Zoro and Sanji didn't really like each other at the beginning. They fought and quarreled a lot, were annoyed by just each others personalities. But with time they grew closer and although they still don't agree in many things, they care about each other, even if they wouldn't say that out loud.

East Blue Saga

Baratie Arc

This is the arc, where Zoro and Sanji meet for the first time, though they don't share a longer conversation yet.

Sanji, back then, was an assistant chef in the Baratie, an ocean-going restaurant. Luffy, Zoro, Nami and Usopp needed to stay there for a while, because of an accidental, extensive damage Luffy caused to the restaurant's ship.

After some time there, Zoro and Sanji share their first, short conversation. Zoro states that his goal is Grand Line too from now on, since he just learned that Hawk Eyes - the strongest swordsman in the world - is there too (and Zoro aspires to become the strongest swordsman in the world himself). Sanji comments it saying that Luffy and his crew are a bunch of morons, which probably are the ones dying first. Zoro says that he's right, but he didn't have to say the part about 'morons'. He says that from the time he decided to become the strongest swordsman in the world his life and death doesn't really matter to him and that he himself is the only person who can call him a moron. Then their conversation ends.

Soon afterwards the Baratie is attacked by Don Krieg's crew, which was also chased by Hawk Eyes - the same person Zoro wanted to find and take him on. After Zoro is beaten by Hawk Eyes and lands in the sea, Sanji recalls his and Zoro's previous conversation. Sanji calls Zoro a 'shitty idiot' in his thoughts, claiming that 'he totally lost his mind and he could just give up his dreams, he didn't have to die for them'.

Arlong Park Arc

During the battle with Arlong's men, Zoro fights with an octopus fish-man called Hatchan. Seemingly defeated with one strike, Sanji looks over to Zoro. He is punched by a ray fish-man named Kuroobi as he was distracted by Zoro.

Some time later in the battle, after Zoro has defeated Hatchan, Kuroobi attempts to finish off Zoro. Sanji, who was also seemingly defeated, comes to Zoro's rescue and kicks Kuroobi away.

After both Hatchan and Kuroobi seem to be defeated, Arlong himself enters the scene. Zoro tells Sanji that he can give him 30 seconds to grab Luffy. Hatchan, who was apparently not defeated, dives after Sanji. Zoro doesn't seemed to be worried, as Hatchan is covered in wounds and moving will reopen them. Sure enough, Hatchan's wounds reopen and Sanji makes a successful rescue.

In the aftermath, Sanji and Zoro can be seen sitting across from each other in an alley as Cocoyashi village celebrates the downfall of Arlong. They make small talk about each others wounds.

Filler Episodes

In the filler arc, the Apis arc, Sanji and Zoro are seen washing the dishes together. Here, Sanji uses Zoro's name, and neither of them bicker.

Alabasta Saga

Reverse Mountain Arc

When the crew meets Crocus, Sanji attempts to communicate with him. Crocus ignores Sanji, causing him to get frustrated. Zoro calms him down and talks to Crocus instead.

Little Garden Arc

Upon arriving to “Little Garden”, Zoro announces he will take a walk after Luffy, Vivi and Karoo decide to explore the island. Sanji asks Zoro if he can bring back any edible meat, to which he responds with a smart remark challenging Sanji to see if he can get anything either. This annoys Sanji, and he enters the island exclaiming he’ll find kilos. Zoro declares they’ll compete in tons.

Eventually they re-meet with their catches. This ends in bickering and going back into the forest.

Filler Episodes

After the crew have left Alabasta and VIvi, they began sailing around the Grand Line again. While sailing, Nami spots an island. She yells for everyone to wake up. Sanji, hearing her voice, tries to ask for a morning kiss, but ends up nearly kissing Zoro as they are both half asleep. Before they wake up, it is shown that they had fallen asleep on a rug next to each other.

Sky Island Saga

Skypiea Arc

In Upper Yard near the Sacrificial Altar, the Straw Hats decide to make camp. While cooking, Sanji forces Zoro to use his swords to carry a boulder to make stew. During dinner, Sanji is seen tossing Zoro a bowl of food, then sitting next to him.

Later, when the crew decides to split up in Upper Yard, Zoro gets lost. He decides to eat lunch, and speeds up his eating as a southbird has eyed the meal, which was made by Sanji. The southbird continues attempting to eat it and Zoro decides to fight it.

During Enel's plan to return Upper Yard to the Blue Sea, Zoro is seen sitting next to and watching over Sanji, who had been electrocuted by Enel.

After Zoro tells Chopper to treat WIper's wounds instead of his own, Sanji asks him why they should do that since they don't owe him anything. Zoro responds saying he doesn't understand his choice either but Wiper was fighting to the death. Sanji asks if it's sympathy, to which Zoro doesn't have an answer. A little afterwards, Zoro, Usopp, and Sanji are seen talking about the City of Gold together.

Filler Episodes

In the filler arc, the G-8 arc, the marines launch tear gas at Sanji, Zoro, Luffy and Usopp. Sanji is hindered immensely however Zoro is unaffected. Zoro makes a witty comment about this. After Luffy uses his whip attack, snagging Sanji and Zoro in it, Sanji yells at Luffy asking what he's doing. Then he turns to Zoro, calling him a "natural treasure" (referring to Zoro's "marimo" nickname) and asking him angrily about what he said before. They fight, as usual.

Water 7 Saga

Long Ring Long Land Arc

Zoro and Sanji, surprisingly, hold conversations without arguing before the crew lands at a long vast plain for an island.

While discussing the Davy Back Fight, Zoro and Sanji both agree that the one thing they'd rather have than their life would be their pride.

In the Davy Back Fight rounds, Sanji and Zoro are grouped along with Chopper in the second round, Groggy Ring. They warn each other that either of them better not hinder the other.

During the Donut Race, when Zoro sees Sanji leaving the festival boat to go after Nami and Robin, Zoro leaves the boat as well to go after them. Upon seeing Sanji and Luffy race ahead, Zoro asks Chopper if their boat can go any faster.

After Chopper has been taken as a prize, Zoro and Sanji head out to complete the second round. They both insult each other while walking, and Nami wonders if they can actually work as a team or not. Zoro immediately points to Sanji when asked who will be the ball for the Groggy Ring game. Sanji protests against being the ball, so Zoro pretends to compliment him so he'll wear it. It doesn't work. Instead they seem to play rock-paper-scissors to decide, but that leads into an argument. Nami compliments Sanji to try and get them to work together, but Zoro responds by saying he looked like a prince, specifically the Prince of Idiots. They start physically fighting. Zoro is asked to remove his swords, as they aren't allowed in the game. He doesn't care that much, but Sanji asks if that's okay, because a swordsman with no swords would just be... a sand bag. They spar. Again.

The game finally starts, and Sanji aims for Botan. Botan was unfortunately a mudfish, so his skin was slippery. Zoro yells at him, calling him an idiot. Botan pushes him off, sending Sanji flying. Zoro chases after him, telling him that if he lands in the goal he'll kill him. Sanji yells back saying it was his fault for just standing there and talking. The game progresses even worse, and when it seems like Sanji will be scored, Zoro calls Sanji a "curly eyebrow idiot" and decides to throw Pickles, one of the players. Sanji, who is in the clutches of Bonbon, decides to counterattack, saying he can't keep letting Zoro get the best of him and he won't get his cutscene. He kicks away, letting Bonbon and Pickles collide. The enemy team fails to score.

Zoro and Sanji start arguing about who messed up over what, although they successfully stopped the other team from scoring. The game is still going, yet they decide to insult each other. Botan moves on his own, causing Zoro and Sanji to run as there were spikes on his shoes. The two finally decide to counterattack, however they both land on his arms. This causes the other team to create their counterattack to the counterattack, beating both of them badly. Lying on the playing field, battered and bloody, Zoro asks Sanji to give him 10 seconds. Sanji responds by saying that's just enough.

The opposing team brings out weapons, a clear violation of the rules. The referee, however, decides not to look. Sanji and Zoro don't seem to mind, as Sanji almost immediately attacks Bonbon, taking him out. Pickles rushes in to attack Sanji, but Zoro steps in his way and sends him flying into the giant-fishman. Botan is sent lurching backwards, letting Sanji kick him upwards. As Botan is dazed, Zoro aims for him. Pickles tries to stand in Zoro's way, but is easily kicked out by Sanji. Pickles lands on the referee. Zoro continues running to Botan and Sanji, and as he nears him, Sanji extends his leg, allowing Zoro to step on it. Once Zoro steps on, Sanji kicks him upwards, allowing Zoro to score Botan in the net.

Afterwards, when the Straw Hats are discussing about who to take back, Zoro and Sanji are asked about their injuries. Zoro says it's because a "certain idiot" was holding him back. Sanji takes offense, and they fight again.

During the third round of the Davy Back fight, Sanji decides who will play what rounds of the game. Zoro butts in, asking why Sanji gets to decide that. Sanji responds by stating he is the coach and Zoro is the manager. Zoro doesn't like that notion as he tells Sanji to not boss him around. Sanji retorts, saying he can't be the coach because of all the marimo seeping into his head. Zoro fights back, insulting Sanji by saying his eyebrows are funnier than he himself as they look like coiled feces. Sanji seems to be more sad than annoyed at the insult. They fight in the background as usual.

While Usopp is racing Chiqicheetah, Sanji and Zoro are on the sidelines. Zoro tells the "idiot coach" that if they don't do something about Chiqicheetah they'll lose. Sanji realizes something and yells for the "old man with the horse", asking where the kiwi is. The "old man with the horse" tells him the location, and Sanji asks "greenboy" to get it. Zoro retorts, asking if that was any way to ask for a favour. Sanji yells back by saying it could be the way to stop Chiqicheetah. Zoro raises an eyebrow to this, but agrees, taking Sherry the horse to the location. He realizes he won't be back with the kiwi in time, so instead Zoro cuts down the tree altogether.

In-between Filler Arcs

Since Luffy agreed to another Davy Back Fight with 3 rounds, the Straw Hats have to play a variation of dodgeball for the first round. Zoro and Sanji both knock out 9 players apiece, but Sanji seems displeased to have the same amount as Zoro.

During the last round of the rematch, Sanji is looking for Nami in the audience. As he is calling out to her, Zoro trips him to get his attention. When Sanji looks up, he sees that Nami and Zoro are together. Sanji gets annoyed at being tripped, and he and Zoro fight.

After Sanji's memory returns, Zoro (seemingly still controlled by the seahorse) walks up to the group. Sanji, thinking he wants to fight, attacks him. Zoro dodges, asking why he always had to get in the way. Sanji realizes Zoro's memory has returned and that he is going after the seahorse, not him. Luffy runs up behind them and launches all three of them across the water, and when Sanji and Zoro recover, they start bickering again. Zoro smacks Sanji using Luffy.

Zoro, still in the water after Luffy defeats the seahorse, is offered a helping hand by Sanji as he'll "catch a cold".

Up against Foxy, Zoro pushes Nami away from the Noro-noro beam. Sanji, enraged that Zoro pushed a girl, runs towards him. He and Zoro get caught in the beam, face to face. It is unclear if they kiss or come near to it.

Water 7 Arc

When Sanji and Usopp fight over Luffy's decision to fight Aokiji, Zoro sides with Sanji. He says it doesn't matter if Luffy was in a duel or it was a passing whim, as long as the crew are able to react to what happens next.

After bringing Nami her snack, Sanji accidentally wakes up Zoro. Zoro complains about them being too loud, and Sanji calls him a "cactus-head" in return. Zoro retorts with calling him a "dartboard" because of his eyebrows.

While docked at the back of Water 7, Robin and Chopper leave the ship, leaving only Sanji and Zoro. Sanji, realizing Robin isn't on the ship, asks Zoro if he knows where she went. He tells him that she and Chopper left a while ago. Both of them seem displeased that it'll be just the two of them on the ship as they can't seem to get along. Sanji announces that he'll go shopping instead, and that Zoro better do a good job of watching the ship. Zoro falls asleep in response. Sanji steps off the ship, telling him he'll leave it with him. He walks off.

Sanji gets lost in Water 7, commenting he's "like a certain swordsman".

Zoro tells Sanji and Chopper that the Merry can't be fixed when they return. The two seemed confused, but Zoro tells them that while humans get stronger on the sea, ship's wounds pile up and can't be fixed.

Standing on the ruins of the Franky House, Sanji and Zoro talk about how they really didn't know where the money was. Sanji tells him there's no point in just standing around and talking. They decide to go back to the ship. Back at the ship, Zoro tells Usopp to think before acting. Sanji yells at him saying that's not something he should tell others.

After Usopp decides to leave the crew, Sanji confronts Zoro, asking if the Franky Family came to the ship, and why he didn't deal with them then. Zoro fights back, saying Sanji should've beaten them instead of shopping. Sanji retorts by saying as a cook he needs to buy ingredients himself. Nami stops them, saying there's been enough yelling for today.

The day after Luffy defeats Usopp, Sanji is seen climbing a set of stairs to the roof of a building, presumably a hotel the Straw Hats checked into. Seeing Zoro and Chopper on the roof, he walks up to them and says they've rented a room, but nobody's in it. When everyone leaves to look for Robin and check on Iceburg, Sanji asks what Zoro will do. Zoro says he'll sit back and observe. Sanji's face of slight concern turns into confusion and surprise.

Luffy, Nami, Zoro and Chopper are on the Rocketman, on their way to catch up to Sanji, who is on the sea train. Zoro, using a Den Den Mushi, tells Sanji to stay put until they catch up. Luffy tells Zoro there's no use in telling him to stay put, and Sanji asks if Zoro's worried about him. Zoro responds by saying there's no way he is.

Enies Lobby Arc

As the Rocketman charges to the front, the main gate closes. Zoro tells Kokoro that there's a change in plan, and to let everyone know they should grab hold of something. Sanji sticks his head out of the train's window, asking the "stupid swordsman" why the plan has changed. Zoro answers him, saying the main gate has closed. When the train flies over the gate, they ask if Zoro had a plan to land. Zoro says to "leave it"—making Sanji smile—"to fate". As the Rocketman lands, Sanji and Zoro immediately takes out the enemies around them in sync. Zoro asks Sanji if they should've greeted them, to which Sanji says there's no need.

One of the marines recognizes Zoro, calling him Luffy's "underling". Sanji chuckles at Zoro being called an underling, so Zoro insults him back by saying he was worse off as "Pirate A". Sanji gets pissed, so Zoro asks if he prefers "B". Sanji retorts by saying if he had a bounty it'd be twice as much as Zoro's. Zoro decides on "C". After the marines attack the Rocketman, Sanji is about to rush in when Zoro, calling him "Pirate A", tells him Nami isn't going to die from it and that he's only "Pirate A" because he doesn't get it. This is a nod to the fact that Sanji serves women because he believes they are fragile and need it while Zoro treats women as equally as men, especially because of his childhood friend Kuina. Sanji calls Zoro a marimo and gets hit in the head by metal debris.

While running to Luffy, Zoro is in the lead. Sanji tells him it's not good if he's the one leading, and Zoro asks why. Nami says it's okay since they're just heading straight.

Heading to the courthouse, Gomorrah nearly hits a dead end. The Franky Family is about to despair when Zoro and Sanji ask each other if they see a dead end. Neither of them saw one as they destroyed it themselves.

On the rooftop of the courthouse, Zoro climbs his way up to the top after blasting a hole using Tatsumaki (tornado). Sanji kicks his way up immediately afterwards, thinking he's the first. After spotting Zoro, Sanji asks why he was there. Zoro tells him he's late and asks if he got lost. Sanji laughs and asks him where he learned the word "lost", a reference to how often Zoro gets lost.

After defeating Kaku, Sanji is seen running towards Zoro, asking if he got the key. Zoro tells him he just got it, and Sanji slows to a walk. He comments on how Zoro overdid it, making the tower slide again. Zoro says it doesn’t really matter and throws him the key. With that they have all the keys needed, so the two decide to head to Robin.

Later, fighting the marines on the bridge, Sanji disappears. Zoro says something along the lines of "The one time I want him around he isn't even here!".

Zoro tells the crew to stop with the sentimental stuff after Robin thanks them for saving her. Sanji and Chopper immediately pounce on him, telling him to apologize. Zoro notices Chopper can move again, and Chopper seems happy. He then transforms into his more muscular form and puts Zoro in a hold. Sanji, acting like a referee, asks Zoro if he gives up. Zoro says no. Later, as the Merry Go is being bombarded by cannonballs, Luffy complains about wanting to help, although he's heavily injured and can't move. Sanji and Zoro decide to stretch him out like a sheet and use him to reflect the cannonballs. Usopp, watching them, asks if they're monsters. Both Sanji and Zoro make a peace sign and say yes.

As Luffy talks with Koby, Sanji asks Zoro if it's really okay not to talk with Koby too. Zoro agrees and says it'd bring back memories, but the one Koby was indebted to was Luffy, not him. Later at the pool, Sanji makes barbecue snacks for Nami, but the rest of the crew takes them all. Sanji starts crying as they were meant for Nami. Zoro asks him why he's crying, and Sanji yells for him to shut up as he doesn't know how he feels.

Post Enies Lobby Arc (& Filler Episodes)

Zoro, who has been forced into a babysitting job and a very ugly crop top, spots Sanji on the streets. He ducks into an alleyway to hide from him. Sanji starts coming his way, so he runs off, inevitably getting lost. By the miracle of filler episodes, Zoro makes his way back to Auntie, who calls him a broccoli head. Zoro snaps back, saying it’s a marimo (a nod to Sanji’s nickname for him).

At dinner (in another standalone filler episode), Sanji makes spaghetti using the Aqua Laguna salt. Zoro finishes his portion and raises his plate, asking for seconds. Sanji yells back, telling him to do it himself.

Upon finding that the next island is Fishman Island, Luffy asks if Nami will be okay because of the events in Cocoyashi village. Zoro comments on how they were pirates, and Sanji, who is spinning in glee, says that he does somehow get it as stupid as he seems. Sanji’s voice is about as cheerful as he is when he sees young attractive women.

Sanji complains about how his wanted poster has a poorly drawn rendition of himself. Zoro comments on how it looks just like him. Sanji gets up in Zoro’s face and speaks incoherently. As the crew leaves, Sanji is kneeling on the floor. Chopper says to wait because he won’t move, so Zoro tells him to just leave him. Sanji asks for them to wait after hearing Zoro.

In the flashback of the crew discussing if they should let Usopp back or not, Zoro says that he won't let him back unless he gets on his knees, apologizes, and begs. Nami is against it, however Sanji agrees with Zoro. Up until then, Sanji has never disagreed with Nami.

Thriller Bark Saga

Thriller Bark Arc

After hearing Nami's scream, Sanji runs to the direction of the sound. Zoro walks behind him and comments how he can't see anything through the fog. Sanji, most likely surprised, whips his head at him. Later, when the crew is being poked at by ghosts, Sanji attempts to leave the ship. Instead, he’s thrown back and lands face first next to Zoro. He comments on how Sanji said “geh”. Sanji retorts, saying he should try the same thing. Later, Zoro tells “Geh” to raise the anchor. This obviously pisses off Sanji. Zoro continues to call Sanji "geh".

A surprising scene—both Sanji and Zoro are in agreement—is when Luffy captures the "old man tree" and the unicorn and nearly asks them to be his crewmates. Both of them are against the notion of them being in the crew.

Sanji teases Zoro about his dispiritedness after he recovers from the soul passing through his body. He pokes fun especially at Zoro apologizing for being born. This is the first time that Sanji's teasing has caused Zoro to explicitly turn red.

While heading to the mansion, Zoro warns the others to be on guard, as someone strong could appear. Sanji asks if the "octopus swordsman" is actually scared of the forest. Zoro tells Sanji to not put him on his level, calling him a "geh cook". Sanji retorts by calling him a "lost marimo". They butt heads and Zoro calls him a "curly kid".

In the mansion upon realizing Sanji is missing, Zoro says they've lost a pitiful man, as if he were at Sanji's funeral. He does so with a perfectly straight face. Later, when Zoro himself is taken, there is a shot of his and Sanji's unconscious bodies together.

Usopp encourages Sanji to save Nami by telling him about how the invisible man ogled her in the bath. Sanji literally lights on fire, so Zoro asks Usopp not to fire him up any more or he might transform into something. The next time Sanji lights on fire, he jumps from an extremely tall height. Zoro asks Franky if Sanji will be okay, since it was a far jump. Franky reassures Zoro and tells him that adrenaline kicks will cancel all sense of pain until later.

Within the rubble caused by Oars (the zombie holding Luffy's shadow), Sanji is struggling to get up. Zoro, on the roof, stares down at him commenting one what that "idiot-cook" is doing. As Oars grabs onto Sanji, Zoro openly expresses his worry of the possibility Sanji will die. He even yells out for Oars to stop his attack.

As the Straw Hats retaliate their captain's shadow, Zoro takes one of Franky's weapons as his own. He yells at "curly" to kick him up, but Sanji refuses to. Zoro taunts him in response, asking if he won't because he can't. Sanji kicks him up, saying he can. After, Sanji basks in the glory of Pirates Docking 3 in an Usopp like fashion. Zoro comments on it while he isn't listening.

Sanji kicks at Kuma’s face to get him away from Zoro, saying that’s how far Kuma will get. Zoro gets annoyed to have been saved by Sanji, but watches him fall and cradle his leg. Zoro’s face shifts from annoyance to concern.

Upon watching Zoro offer his life in exchange for Luffy’s, Sanji walks over to Zoro asking what dying would do for his ambition. In turn, he offers his own life instead of Zoro’s. Both Sanji and Zoro can barely move. Sanji tells Kuma to take his life already. He asks Zoro to tell everyone have a nice journey, and they unfortunately have to find another cook. Zoro knocks out Sanji instead, against Sanji’s wishes as he grabs his shoulder before blacking out, his hand sliding down Zoro’s arm. Zoro knocking out Sanji implies he’ll offer his life for both Luffy and Sanji.

After Sanji wakes up, he immediately looks around for Zoro, only finding his swords. He runs off, saying there’s no way he’d be in one piece. He finds Zoro standing upright, covered and surrounded in blood. Sanji frantically asks Zoro what happened, to which Zoro responds with “nothing”.

During their visit to Zoro, two of Lola’s pirates say they were awake when Zoro offered his life. Sanji brings both of them outside, telling them not to tell, and asking what happened after he fainted. The two pirates explain how Zoro took Luffy’s pain. Sanji comments on how reckless he was, and says he definitely didn’t do it for praise.

Summit War Saga

Sabaody Archipelago Arc

As Sanji twirls around thinking about mermaids, Zoro looks over. He looks overly annoyed and goes "tch". During the serpent currents, Zoro yells at Sanji to steer the ship. Sanji tells him that the wheel won't do what he wants it to. After spotting the Red Line, a huge serpent current appears in front of the Sunny. Zoro readies his sword and tells Sanji to properly steer, to which Sanji responds saying he doesn't want orders from him.

Zoro is reminded of the fishmen from Cocoyashi village upon learning about Hatchi, and voices his concern. Sanji says that if it that Hachi is the same one, they won't help.

Both Luffy and Zoro run to Sanji after he gets trapped underwater. Zoro tells Luffy he can't go in, and Hatchi tries to go instead as he is a fish-man. Caimie is the one who ends up saving him.

At Sabaody Archipelago, Zoro hops off the ship. Sanji and Usopp call out to Zoro, with Sanji calling him "Zoro-kun', asking where he's going. Zoro says he's going for a walk. Sanji yells for him not to because he'll get lost and they won't be able to find him. Zoro retorts with saying it's nearly impossible to get lost because the trees are numbered and he just has to remember the number. Sanji waves at him, telling him to be careful, most likely in a teasing way. Zoro says they're going overboard.

In Rayleigh's shop, Zoro suggests splitting up then meeting back at the shop. Sanji stares at him, saying he isn't the strategic type to say that.

Against one of the Pacifista, Zoro's physical trauma hasn't fully healed from Thriller Bark. His entire body starts to ache after seeing the Pacifista open its mouth, remembering what happened. Sanji yells for him to get out of the way, and Zoro just barely dodges. Luffy starts to run to him, but Sanji tells him to leave him alone. Sanji internally notes that there's "no way that Zoro's wounds are healed", and that just standing up against the pacifista is draining him. As the Pacifista starts to fall apart, Sanji uses his Diable Jamble to kick it towards Zoro. Zoro uses his Kyutoryu to finish it off with Luffy's Gear Third.

The appearance of Sentoumaru and PX-1 causes Sanji and Zoro to consider running, or one of the Straw Hats will die. Luffy agrees, and says to split up. Sanji asks Zoro if he'll be okay, most likely about his injury, but Zoro tells him to shut up, thinking he's talking about his sense of direction.

Noticing PX-1 is going after Zoro, Sanji tells Franky to take care of Nami, and runs off. He uses Diable Jamble to kick it away, but his leg cramps up from the side effects. Usopp warns him to run, but Sanji redirects the warning. Both get blown away, and Zoro is lying on the floor unconscious. PX-1 walks towards him, even when Sanji grabs onto his leg to stop him.

Fish-Man Island Saga

Return to Sabaody Arc

Sanji, while shopping, realizes that Zoro has somehow gotten lost again. He asks an old man by the docks about Zoro's whereabouts, and upon the old man asking if they were friends, Sanji deflects it by saying he "barely knows him". Sanji finds out Zoro has gotten on a pirate ship by accident, and runs to find him. He sees Zoro cut said ship, and takes him with him so he won't get lost. Walking in the streets of Grove 42, Sanji tells "marimo" to stay close to him so he doesn't get lost. Zoro retorts by asking who he thinks he's talking to. Sanji gets sidetracked by a nice smell, and Zoro walks off without him. At a food stand, Sanji realizes Zoro is gone after staring at a pretty lady.

At Grove 41, Zoro says he wants to go out to sea and fish. Sanji says no, so Zoro asks why he has to listen to him. Sanji says he doesn't even want to walk with Zoro, and if he didn't Zoro would just cause more trouble for Sanji. Zoro dramatically sighs and asks how Number 7 could talk so rudely to Number 1, ranking them based on arrival. Sanji gets pissed, so Zoro apologizes... to Number 7. Sanji challenges him to a fight, to which Zoro agrees to. Their fight only stops when Franky calls Sanji using the Baby Den Den Mushi. Zoro asks Sanji what it was about. Sanji dumbs it down to simple words, treating Zoro like a child. He asks if he understands, and Zoro gets pissed. He tells him that he'll kill him later in the same simple-word manner. Sanji just shakes his head.

After arriving at Grove 46, the two of them see Luffy again. They take down a Pacifista together, yelling out where they damaged it. Zoro tells Luffy that he's 9th, and Sanji tells him to shut up and stop bragging.

Fish-Man Island Arc

Under the water, Zoro says he's already seen the roots of the mangrove that makes Sabaody. Sanji yells at him to shut up since Zoro only saw them from getting on the wrong ship, and tells him to let them be in awe for once. After suffering from a soap-bubble-breaking nosebleed, Zoro is seen sitting next to Sanji, who is lying down in need of blood bags. Zoro is in shock of how many Sanji needs. After attempting to fish, Zoro is once again seen next to a passed out Sanji, implying he chose to be there. While eating and listening to Franky, Zoro is seen for the third time sitting next to Sanji.

As Hordy broadcasts his plan to Fish-Man Island, Nami comments on how it was mostly Zoro's problem. Sanji assured her that it was definitely his fault without knowing the story.

Facing off against Hordy, Sanji comments on how each of them have to beat 10 000 people since there are ten of them fighting. Zoro says that outnumbering them didn't mean they were stronger, and tells him to stop being scared. Sanji says that nobody was talking about being scared, and Zoro tells him to bring it on. They are stopped by Luffy.

During the battle, Sanji takes down a couple of fish-men. Zoro follows suit, then smirks at Sanji as if saying he took out more. Sanji tells "marimo" that their competition isn't over, and Zoro replies to "nosebleed", saying he won't lose to him. Both of them run off into the fray. Zoro tells Sanji that he's in the way, and Sanji says he should leave instead. A large fish-man attempts to take them down, but the both of them tell the fish-man to shut up while defeating him.

As the Straw Hats finally begin to set off for the New World, Sanji complains about how he'd like to live there for a year. Zoro puts his hand on his should and says that's a good idea for "nosebleed-kun". Sanji asks the "marimo" what he's calling him, and Zoro asks who he's calling "marimo".

Dressrosa Saga

Punk Hazard Arc

The crew decides to split up after receiving a call for help from Punk Hazard. Luffy decides to take the Mini-Merry, and Sanji decides he needs company, but not the "haramaki" (referring to the stomach band Zoro wears). Zoro says he'll cut him, calling Sanji an "ero-cook".

As the two groups reunite, Chopper (in Sanji's body) dances around in happiness. Zoro stares at him and wonders if he (Sanji) has gone mad from the cold. Sanji (in Nami's body) and Brook set off to find Kin'emon, the head-legs samurai. Brook asks to see Sanji's (Nami's) panties, and Sanji asks if Brook has a camera. Nami, in Franky's body, forces Zoro to go with them so Sanji and Zoro will keep fighting.

Zoro complains to Sanji that he shouldn't have to go because of Sanji's perverted ideas. Sanji tells him nobody wants him there either, saying he can't believe he's stuck with an idiot he can't share "this happiness" (probably about being in Nami's body) with. While looking for Kin'emon, Sanji slips, and Zoro catches him out of reflex. Brook comments on how it's a "romantic scene", and Zoro, realizing he just helped Sanji, drops him and says he doesn't care what happens to him. Sanji tells him to not hurt Nami's body.

Sanji, still in Nami's body, decides to go after Kin'emon's torso as he's the most adept swimmer and jumps into the frigid-cold waters. Later, dealing with the slime made by the super toxic SMILEY, Zoro remembers what Sanji did, and says that the "clumsy cook" is hard to handle. Seeing Sanji shoot out of the water makes Zoro smile and comment on how he has Kin'emon's torso.

On deciding how to deal with the slime, Sanji yells at Brook and Zoro for not getting rid of the slime earlier. Zoro and Brook tell him that nothing they tried worked, and Sanji says he can't let Nami's body be hurt. Zoro asks if he even wants to return it, and Sanji says no. While running away from the slimes, Kin'emon runs to the lab. Zoro says he'll follow him as he's interested in his sword style. Sanji yells at him saying that means they'll have to follow him too while calling him an idiot. His reasoning is that if somehow Zoro gets seperated from Kin'emon in the lab they'll have to search the whole island for him.

While running from SMILEY, Sanji fondles his (Nami's) breasts to speed himself up and catch the dragon. Zoro calls it a "stupid power".

Inside of the lab, Sanji waits for Zoro to cut open a path. When he notices Zoro yelling out to Luffy, Sanji wonders what he's doing.

Against Monet in the Biscuits Room, Zoro yells at Sanji and asks why he's the one leading the G-5 marines. Sanji instructs the marines to stick out their tongues and make fun of him. Zoro wishes them a death by slipping on snow. He turns to Sanji and tells him Nami and Robin already went ahead, to which Sanji says it's good information, even from an idiot. Sanji starts running to them, then sees Monet, causing a nosebleed. Zoro yells at him to just go already.

As G-5 and Sanji head towards the children, one of the marines comments that Zoro looked like he'd cut up anyone. Sanji smirks and says Zoro's surprisingly has a soft side as well, and he'll find a way out too. He also says they can count on him, and that because he's there, Tashigi will be fine too.

Dressrosa Arc

After realizing Shusui has been stolen in the commotion caused by Fujitora, Zoro goes after it. Sanji goes after Zoro, saying they don't have the time to let Zoro wander around. Zoro chases after Shusui, which is moving on its own with other stolen items, while Sanji dashes after him. While chasing after him, Sanji tells Zoro to just give up on the katana, to which he says no way. Sanji notices Violet dancing and catches the rose she throws, and immediately calls her beautiful. Zoro tells him that women stab men in Dressrosa and he's exactly the type who'd get stabbed. Violet winks at Sanji, who gets distracted and realizes Zoro has become a "stray marimo". He gives up and decides to leave Zoro alone on Dressrosa.

Sanji, after cooking a meal for Violet, hears Zoro running after Shusui. He looks outside and wonders if that was the "marimo" who just went by, followed by Kin'emon. Sanji decides to ignore them both.

After finally regrouping, Sanji, Zoro and Kin'emon decide to split up, with Sanji going after the ship and Zoro going after Luffy with Kin'emon.

As Viola plans out how to help Luffy, Kin'emon and Zoro, Zoro suddenly remembers Violet as "the one who took our cook away". Viola explains that he left to help their ship.

While Bartolomeo is showing Luffy, Zoro, Robin, Franky and Usopp their new bounties, Luffy notices that Sanji's photo is no longer a drawing. Zoro comments it was funnier before.

Four Emperors Saga

Zou Arc

As Usopp scouts the area using his goggles, Zoro asks if "eyebrow" is there (referring to Sanji). Usopp tells him that he can't see anyone from his height.

After the mink Wanda informs the remaining crew where the corpse of the rest of them were, Usopp panics and says they've been killed. Zoro tells him to knock it off since Sanji is with them, and he won't let any of them get killed.

While reuniting with Nami and Chopper, Zoro notices that Sanji isn't with them before Nami cries that he's gone.

When Luffy complains that Brook said Sanji wouldn't be back because Sanji said he'd be, Zoro says he feels better without the cook around. Luffy yells at him that Sanji is their friend. After hearing what Sanji did, Zoro says that if he was leaving for good he should've said "Thank you for everything" and "I'm sorry for causing so much trouble", like how Sanji parted with Zeff. Chopper says that's not the point, but Zoro retorts and says that it is. He then goes on to explain that Kaidou isn't a distant threat anymore, and that it was stupid of Sanji to get involved with another Yonko. Zoro calls Sanji's marriage a "small deal", so Nami yells at him saying he can't decide the size of someone else's problem. Zoro seems annoyed at Sanji's "desertion".

Seemingly uninterested in visiting Pekoms, Zoro quietly listens to him tell Luffy and Nami about Sanji's origins. As Luffy decides to crash the wedding, he runs outside to see Zoro listening in. Luffy smiles and says that Zoro's worried too. Zoro says there's no way he is and to forget about him.

After the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance is made, Luffy requests to at least retrieve Sanji before they fight Kaidou since getting him back would be like getting a thousand people to help. Zoro says he's worth two thousand, and Nami pats him on the head out of pity.

Before Luffy's group sets out to retrieve Sanji, Zoro warns him that Sanji might actually be happy about the marriage. Luffy tells him it's okay.

Levely Arc

After Sanji receives his new bounty of 330 million berry, he immediately tries to remember Zoro’s to compete with him. Brook tells him Zoro’s is 320 million, and Sanji yells in excitement from beating him.

Wano Arc

Act II

Rushing in to save Otoko from Orochi's bullets, Zoro and Sanji both save her. Upon realizing they made the same move, they stare at each other. Their attention is diverted to Otoko laugh-crying. Orochi orders the samurai to get rid of anyone in the way of Otoko's execution, and they are forced to fight. Zoro tells Sanji he has no time for him, and Sanji agrees he has no time for Zoro either. Zoro shoos him away, calling him "Mayugoro". Sanji yells at him, correcting it as "Sangoro", then calls him "Mossjuro". They start fighting as always, but stop when Otoko starts laugh-crying again.

Overhearing Hawkin's and X-Drake's conversation, Zoro and Sanji instigate a fight between them. After X-Drake transforms, a ninja of the Oniwabanshu orders the samurai to open fire. Sanji tells Zoro to take Otoko and run, but he refuses and points his sword at Orochi. Instead, he pushes Otoko into Sanji's arms and tells him to take care of her. Orochi realizes Zoro will attempt to murder him, so he orders the samurai to protect him. Zoro tells "Mayugoro" to run. He declares he's the only one who should cut him, but Sanji tells him not to run into a fight, and asks him for what reason Tonoyasu sacrificed himself for. Zoro frowns and remembers his interactions with Tonoyasu, but attacks anyways. His attack is repelled by Kyoshiro, and Sanji yells that he should cool his head.

Right after knocking out X-Drake, Sanji watches Hiyori get saved by Zoro and immediately becomes heartbroken and jealous.

After realizing that the "beautiful woman" Zoro saved at Yasuie's execution was Hiyori, Sanji immediately warms up to Momo in hopes of getting her hand. Zoro chides him and says not to warm up to her brother.


Watching Brook, Chopper, and Luffy in traditional samurai getup prompts Sanji to ask Zoro if he'd wear some too. Zoro tells him it'd only be a hindrance, but Sanji insists since his bounty is so low. Zoro becomes annoyed and cuts another part of the cliff along with Sanji's cigarette using Enma. Sanji takes it as a declaration to fight saying he'll kill him, and Zoro tells him to bring it on. They butt heads together as usual, but Nami stops them.

The night before the raid, Zoro gets up and begins to leave the fireside. Sanji, lying next to him, notices and asks where he's going. Zoro says he wants to break in Enma, so Sanji warns him not to get lost. Zoro gets interrupted by the bombing of the Sunny.

To welcome Jinbei, Luffy suggests a toast. Sanji says there's no alcohol, but Zoro contradicts him saying he can smell it from the direction of Onigashima. Sanji calls him a liar since he can only smell seawater.

While occupying the frontal Onigashima base, Zoro and Sanji both charge ahead to destroy the cannonballs launched at them. Once occupied, Zoro comments on how Sanji doesn’t have a good nose despite being a cook. Sanji retorts that he didn’t know marimos had noses. The two start insulting each other back and forth.

Later, Sanji notices Zoro carrying a barrel of booze and asks where he got it from. Zoro says he’s already told him that he can tell from smell alone, and Sanji says that Zoro only has booze and swords in his mind.


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ZoSan is the one of the most popular ships in the One Piece fandom and at the same time the most popular slash ship in the fandom. It's a rival ship to SaNa, ZoRobin, Zoyori, and many others. A big part of the One Piece fandom that enjoys Zoro x Sanji pairing usually ships ZoSan alongside with other ships such as LuNa, LawLu, NamiVivi, KidLaw, and Frobin. ZoSan fans on Tumblr are alive and well, still creating content for other fans.

There are many memes that make ironic jokes about ZoSan, such as saying those who ship them are superior to those who compare them. There is also a large amount of the fandom that ironically ships the two together.


  • Zoro has never called Sanji by name in the manga, and has only called him by name in the anime fillers.
  • Sanji starts calling Zoro “marimo” after episode 111.
  • Zoro often insults Sanji only when he is swooning over women.
  • Although they seem to hate each other, they do have a sense of camaraderie and often fight alongside each other perfectly with little to no communication beforehand. This is also shown in their "idiotic" moments together, despite their composed impressions.
  • Oda has stated that if Sanji were to die, Zoro would pick up Sanji's smoking habit out of commemoration to him.
  • Zoro and Sanji both share a favourite dish to cook. Sanji's favourite is seafood while Zoro is more specifically sashimi.
    • Notably, both Zoro and Sanji favour seafood dishes as well.
    • On a stranger note, they (along with Nami and Franky) are the Straw Hats that do not eat ice cubes.
  • Zoro's colour and number are green and 02, while Sanji's are blue and 05.
  • Sanji's Onigashima eyecatcher seems to be the only one with only two strawhats, him and Zoro.
  • Even without memories, the two simply can't get along, as shown in the Thriller Bark arc.
  • In the One Piece spinoff, One Piece Party, Zoro is seen beating up Sanji's brothers and trying to get him to make up with Reiju.
  • In the special filler episode 303, Sanji and Zoro can be seen sharing a meal together, much more peaceful than their canon counterparts.
  • The chapter 107 colour spread has Sanji sitting on a bench with his foot on a sleeping Zoro.
  • The chapter 221 colour spread has Sanji and Zoro sitting next to each other on a bench, asleep.
  • The chapter 269 colour spread has Zoro pushing Sanji away from the zither and Sanji laughing
  • The chapter 274 colour spread has Sanji and Zoro in the back of a carriage together.
  • The chapter 287 colour spread has Zoro holding his bowl out to Sanji for seconds.
  • The chapter 357 colour spread has Sanji and Zoro sitting next to each other, with what seems like Sanji talking to Zoro.
  • The chapter 364 colour spread has Sanji and Zoro in a small boat together, holding the weapons of their original designs.
  • The chapter 391 colour spread has Sanji yelling at Usopp and Zoro to make a fire for his cooking.
  • The chapter 878 colour spread has Zoro spitting watermelon seeds at Sanji while Sanji uses a cat as a shield against the seeds.
  • The chapter 949 colour spread has Zoro floating while in an awkward position, his arm is outstretched to where Sanji is looking at fish. There are fan edits of them holding hands because of this.
  • The chapter 1011 colour spread has Sanji holding a cinnamon stick while yelling at Zoro, who is eating a cinnamon stick.
  • The chapter 1019 colour spread has Sanji jumping up to Nami and Robin, however one should note that he is jumping from a whale shark with Zoro and their meals on it.



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