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Sokka“My first girlfriend turned into the moon.”
Zuko“That's rough buddy.”
— The Boiling Rock, Part 1

Zukka is the slash ship between Sokka and Zuko from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom.


Book 1


Upon the arrival of the fire nation ship, Sokka stands on the wall surrounding the Water Tribe village. He is pushed off the edge of it as the ship rams into it and destroys it. As Zuko exits the ship, Sokka readies himself and attacks Zuko. Zuko quickly disarms him and tosses him back into the snow.

Sokka gets out of the snow and picks up his weapon again. He runs towards Zuko, ready to attack, but Zuko just ducks out of the way. Zuko then uses his firebending against Sokka just as he dodges and is able to throw his boomerang. Zuko avoids is as another villager throws Sokka a spear. He attempts to attack Zuko again, but Zuko easily destroys it and knocks Sokka to the ground. The boomerang then comes back and hits Zuko. Zuko is about to firebend again, when Aang returns to the village.

As Sokka grabs Aang's staff, Zuko grabs it at the same time from the side of the ship. Sokka is able to knock him off and yells "That's from the water tribe!" before running back to join Katara and Aang.


Zuko is able to track down Katara using her necklace and corners her and Sokka. Zuko demands to know where Aang is, but Sokka says that they split up and that he'll be long gone by now. Zuko asks how stupid Sokka thinks he is. Sokka thinks he's pretty stupid, and grabs Katara's hand and runs.

Book 3


Sokka, Toph and Katara follow Aang to the top of the Western Air Temple, where Toph feels someone behind Appa. They all turn around and find that Zuko is there. They each get ready to attack, when Zuko starts to talk, very awkwardly. He says that it must be a surprise for them to see him there, which Sokka really isn't, given that he chased them all over the world. Zuko becomes awkward again, and tries to explain that he's changed. He wants to join them and teach firebending to Aang. Katara says that they can't trust him, and Sokka backs her up, given that all he's ever done is try and capture Aang. Zuko understands why they wouldn't trust him, given his past mistakes, including sending an assassin after them. Sokka realizes that Zuko was the one that sent Combustion Man after them. Zuko says that's not his name, and Sokka sarcastically says sorry for insulting his friend, but Zuko insists that he's not his friend. Aang says that Zuko needs to leave, but Zuko insists that he's not a bad person anymore. Sokka pulls out his boomerang and tells him that if he doesn't leave they'll attack. Zuko, very depressed, leaves.

When Toph returns, she tells them that she went to see Zuko, and he ended up bruning her feet. Sokka see's this and says that this is another reason not to trust him. He believes that Zuko is too dangerous to be left alone, and they need to find a way to capture him. Toph suggests inviting him there, and given that he already offered to be their prisoner, which Sokka thinks is a great idea.

Zuko comes back to the group after helping them defeat Combustion Man, and asks one more time to be Aang's teacher. Aang says that he has to asks the others. When he asks Sokka, Sokka says that he wants to end the war, and if Aang think that Zuko can help, he'll go with it.

Later, Sokka awkwardly takes Zuko to his room and tells him to unpack, since lunch is soon. Zuko gives him a smile, and Sokka steps out to join Aang. He then admits that this is all very weird.


Zuko comes over to bring Sokka some tea, when Sokka asks if he can talk to him. The two then start to go on a walk, and Sokka asks where someone who was captured by the fire nation would get taken. Zuko asks who was captured, and Sokka explains that most of their troops were taken after the invasion. Zuko says that he can't, since knowing will just make Sokka feel worse. He turns to walk away, but Sokka then places his hand on his shoulder to stop him, and admits that his dad was also captured. He needs to know. Zuko says that it's not good, but Sokka asks one more time. Zuko tells him that they were most likely take to the Boiling Rock, the fire nation's highest-security prison. Sokka asks where it is, and Zuko asks why he would need to know. Sokka says it's nothing and says that Zuko is very paranoid. Zuko tells him where it is, and Sokka thanks him. He says that knowing makes him feel better, but Zuko doesn't believe him.

When everyone is asleep, Sokka sneaks to Appa, only to find Zuko up there already. Sokka falls off Appa and admits that he's going to break out his dad. The invasion plan getting messed up was his fault, and he needs to fix it. He needs to regain his honor, and Zuko can't stop him. Zuko understands, and is coming with him. Sokka says no, but Zuko asks how he's supposed to get there, and hide Appa. He says that they'll take his war balloon and Sokka gives in.

On the war balloon, the two feel extremely awkward, when Sokka says that a friend of his actually invented war balloon's. Zuko says that the only thing his father is good at is war, and Sokka think that it must run in the family. Zuko says that not everyone in their family is like that, and Sokka knows that Zuko has changed. Zuko actually meant Iroh, who was like a father to him, and he still let him down. Sokka thinks that Iroh would be proud of him, leaving his home to help them is hard. Zuko says that it wasn't that hard, and Sokka asks if there was anyone he cared about back home. Zuko admits that he did have his girlfriend, Mai, and couldn't drag her into being a traitor with him. Sokka then tells him the his first girlfriend turned into the moon, and Zuko says that that's rough.

They reach the volcano, and attempt to land when the balloon starts to lower. Zuko tries to get it up again, but Sokka realizes that the air around the balloon is too hot and won't allow it to rise. Zuko asks what they're supposed to do, and Sokka suggests a crash landing. They crash and Zuko asks how they're going to get out without it. Sokka says that they'll figure something out, and figured that it was a one way ticked anyway. Zuko asks why Sokka would come then, and Sokka says that his dad was there, he had to know. Zuko says that this idea is crazy, and Sokka reminds him that he didn't want him there anyway. He normally thinks things through, but none of his plans have worked lately so he's winging it this time. He pushes what's left of the balloon into the lake and Zuko asks what he's doing. Sokka says that it doesn't work, and they wouldn't want anyone to find it. Zuko says that he hopes Sokka knows what he's doing since there's no turning back.

The two sneak in through the vents and are able to find some uniforms to disguise themselves. Zuko hopes that they'll work when a bunch of guards run down the hall by them. One of them notices them and tells them to follow, since there's a scuffle in the courtyard. The two follow and get in the same formation as the rest of the guards. As one of the guards pulls a fire whip on a prisoner, Zuko attempts to make his way forward, but Sokka grabs his arm to stop him. He tells him that they can't blow their cover, and Zuko steps back. One of the guards then tells Sokka to help him escort the prisoner, and Sokka tells Zuko to meet him back in the yard in an hour.

They meet in the yard, and Zuko tells Sokka that when he asked the other guards, they told him that there were no water tribe prisoners there. Hakoda's not there. Sokka asks if he's sure, but Zuko is sure. He tells Sokka's he's sorry, but Sokka is mad that they came there for nothing. Zuko tries to imitate Iroh and what he would say, when Sokka says that maybe they haven't failed. Zuko is glad that his spirits are higher and can't believe what he said worked, given that he was just making stuff up. Sokka says that what Zuko said made no sense, and Sokka points out Suki in the yard.

As Zuko fights the guard, Sokka is able to sneak out of the room, when the guard spots him. She tells Sokka to get Zuko off of her and arrest him. Sokka gives in and takes Zuko off of her. He whispers that he'll figure something out and walks him away.

Sokka finds Zuko and Suki again, and is glad that they've met. Suki tells him that they already met, when Zuko burned her village to the ground. Zuko says that he's sorry about that, and Sokka starts to tell them his plan. He explains that they can use the coolers as a boat to get through the boiling water. Zuko asks if he's sure, and Sokka is pretty sure, and already tested it. They're then interrupted by another prisoner, and agree to take him along to keep him from ratting them out.

Sokka opens the cooler cell and acts like a guard, asking if Zuko had learned his lesson. Zuko says that he has and shows all of the bolts that he took out. Sokka whispers that he got Suki and Chit Sang out of their cells. Zuko hears someone coming and pulls Sokka inside, and they overhear two guards saying that some war prisoners would be arriving tomorrow. Zuko says that could mean Hakoda, and asks what they should do. Sokka asks if it's right to risk getting out on the chance that his dad is there tomorrow, but Zuko says that's up to him.

They head out and get the cooler to edge of the lake. Zuko asks Sokka if he really wants to go, he knows that Sokka wants to restore his honor, and rescuing his dad is his chance. Sokka says that he should have left with the invasion, and that it might have been better to quit before he failed. Zuko says that it isn't, and that he's going to fail a lot before things work out. Sokka asks if that's meant to make him feel better, and Zuko explains that even if he does fail, he has to try every time. He can't quit just because he's afraid to fail. Sokka decides to stay, but tells Zuko and Suki to go. Both disagree and decide to stay with Sokka.


Sokka finds Zuko's cell, and tells him that he and Hakoda came up with an escape plan, when two guards show up. They tell him that they need to take Zuko and Sokka asks if he can rough him up for a few minutes first. They allow him to go in and Zuko fakes yelling in pain as Sokka goes over the plan. He tells him they'll need a distraction for the plan to work and to be in the yard in an hour. The two guards then come in and Sokka quickly puts Zuko in a headlock before they break them up and take Zuko away.

Zuko gets to the yard and Sokka explains that they need to get the warden and escape on the gondola. Zuko asks how they're going to do that, but Sokka has no idea. Zuko gets frustrated, since he thought Sokka thought everything through. Sokka reminds him that Zuko was the one who told him not to think everything through. Zuko says that this is important and should have. Chit Sand then interrupts them, and points out that Suki has it covered.

They reach the gondola and all pile on. Zuko gets the thing moving a breaks the lever. He then jumps from the platform and Sokka is able to catch him and pull him inside. Sokka asks what he was doing and Zuko explains that he made it so they can't stop them. Sokka says that it was good to think ahead when Hakoda notices Ty Lee and Azula.

The girls chase after the gondola and Suki, Sokka and Zuko climb up on top. Suki then begins to fight Ty Lee, while Zuko and Sokka fight Azula. As the line gets stopped, the gondola gets shaken. Sokka starts to fall off the side, but Zuko is able to catch him and get him back up.

As they're able to get away, Zuko stops and Sokka asks why. Zuko says that Azula was on the island, and Sokka says that she's probably going to be after them. Zuko clarifies that Azula got here somehow and finds the airship that she arrived one, deciding to use it as a way out.


Zuko enters Sokka's tent, only to find him waiting for Suki in a seductive pose. Sokka instantly feels awkward the second he realizes that Zuko entered instead of Suki and ends up swallowing the rose in his mouth. He sits up and asks Zuko what's on his mind. Zuko explains that Katara hates him, and doesn't know why. Sokka tells him that Katara doesn't hate anyone, except some fire nation people, which is exactly what Zuko is. He tries to make is seem less bad, but Zuko just tells him to stop. He asks Sokka what happened to his and Katara's mother, and Sokka wants to know why. Zuko explains that Katara mentioned it in prison, and just before. She might be connecting her anger at him with their mother dying. Sokka says that it's not a day he likes to remember, and explains that they had lost their mother in a fire nation raid. Zuko asks if he remembers anything about the raiders, and Sokka tells him as much as he can. Zuko thanks him for telling him, and Sokka says no problem and pushes him out of the tent. He then pushes his head out of the tent and calls for Suki, but turns it into a whistle when he realizes that Zuko is still there.


Book 1

The Avatar Returns

  • Zuko and Sokka getting ready parallel each other.

The Warriors of Kyoshi

  • Sokka blocks Zuko's fire attack against Suki.
  • Zuko knocks out Sokka.

The Waterbending Scroll

  • Zuko tells the pirate's not to listen to Sokka.
  • Zuko tells Sokka to shut up.

Bato of the Water Tribe

  • Zuko holds Katara and Sokka on the back of the shirshu.

The Seige of the North: Part 1

  • Sokka asks where Zuko is and Katara tells him that Zuko took Aang.

The Seige of the North: Part 2

  • Sokka disagrees with Aang bringing Zuko back with them.

Book 2

The Chase

  • Sokka describes Zuko to Toph.
  • Zuko throws fire at Sokka and the others.

The Crossroads of Destiny

  • Sokka doesn't want to rescue Zuko.
  • Sokka tells Iroh that they'll rescue Zuko when he's good.
  • Sokka suggests that Aang go with Iroh to find Katara and the "angry jerk".

Book 3

The Western Air Temple

  • Sokka doesn't buy that Zuko was the one who set Appa free.
  • Sokka uses attacking the Southern Water Tribe as a reason not to trust Zuko.
  • Sokka thinks that Zuko coming to them was to lead them into a trap.
  • Sokka is offended that Toph went to go see Zuko.
  • Sokka believes that Zuko is crafty.

The Firebending Masters

  • Sokka comes over to see if he can watch Zuko "jerk bend", but Zuko just yells at him to leave.
  • Sokka attempts to make Zuko angry.
  • Sokka suggest that Zuko jump into a volcano to get his bending back.
  • Zuko defends the new firebending form against Sokka and Katara's taunts.

The Boiling Rock, Part 1

  • Sokka asks if Zuko is happy, but Zuko is never happy.
  • Zuko and Sokka leave a note for the others to find.
  • Zuko knocks on the door to inform him that a guard is coming.
  • Zuko is annoyed by Zuko's week excuse.
  • Sokka hands Zuko a wrench to sneak into the cooler.
  • Sokka watches Zuko get taken away.
  • Zuko asks if one of the prisoner's is Hakoda.

The Boiling Rock, Part 2

  • Sokka tells Hakoda that Zuko is on their side now.
  • Zuko smiles as Sokka tells him his plan.
  • Zuko pushes Sokka out of the way and stops the fire benders from hitting them.
  • Zuko stands behind Sokka as he tells Katara where they went.

The Southern Raiders

  • Sokka gives a toast to Zuko.
  • Sokka asks what's with Zuko as he leaves.
  • Zuko tells Aang that Sokka told him what happened to their mother.

The Ember Island Players

  • Zuko asks if Jet died, and Sokka says that it was really unclear.

The Phoenix King

  • Sokka agrees with Zuko that lounging has made them lazy.
  • Sokka tells Katara that Zuko has gone crazy.
  • Sokka laughs at Zuko's joke.
  • Zuko reminds Sokka that Aang's body would still be there if he went to the spirit world.
  • Zuko tells Sokka to get out of Appa's mouth.
  • Sokka questions why Zuko is taking them to the Earth Kingdom.

The Old Masters

  • Sokka gets offended at Zuko saying him going after them was the good old days.
  • Sokka judges Zuko for keeping Iroh's sandle.
  • Zuko and Sokka share a look, and decide not to say what they did during the eclipse.
  • Sokka gives Zuko and Katara a nod goodbye.

Avatar Aang

  • Sokka tells Zuko to stop moving around the room so he can paint.
  • Zuko criticizes Sokka's artwork.


Toph“Who's Zuko?”
Sokka“Oh, just some angry freak with a ponytail who's tracked us all over the world.”
— The Chase
“We should split up. Aang, you go with Iroh to look for Katara and the angry jerk, no offense.”
— Sokka; The Crossroads of Destiny
Sokka“Hey, jerks! Mind if I watch you two jerks do your jerkbending?”
Zuko“Get out of here!”
Sokka“Okay, take it easy. I was just kiddin' around. Jerkbending, still got it.”
— The Firebending Masters
Zuko“Not up to anything, huh?”
Sokka“Fine, you caught me. I'm gonna rescue my dad. You happy now?”
Zuko“I'm never happy.”
— The Boiling Rock
“I know, I had the same reaction. After all [Zuko]'s done it was hard to trust him. But he's really proven himself and I never would have found you without his help.”
— Sokka to Hakoda; The Boiling Rock Part 2


Zukka is a popular ship in the Avatar fandom and one of the most popular slash ships. Many ship them together because of their "life-changing field trip" that they took to the Boiling Rock. The fact that Zuko refused to let Sokka go without him showed that Zuko really cared for him. A lot fans also joked about the moment when Zuko went into Sokka's tent and found him posing with a rose.

The ship had a revival in 2020 when The Last Airbender returned to Netflix, along with many other Avatar ships. Many fans who had watched the show previously found that they enjoyed the two's dynamic and started shipping them. A few also started shipping them to counter the Kataang vs Zutara ship war, claiming the ship as a more neutral option.

On AO3, Zukka is the second most written ship for Zuko and the most written for Sokka. It is the second most written ship in the Avatar: The Last Airbender tag.



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Sokka's relationship with Zuko
Zuko's relationship with Sokka


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Jetzukka refers to the ship between Jet, Zuko and Sokka
Zokkaang refers to the ship between Aang, Zuko and Sokka
Zukki refers to the ship between Suki, Zuko and Sokka
Zutokka refers to the ship between Toph, Zuko and Sokka




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